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Friday, 20 July 2012

Hunter Mistakes Three Men for Boars and Shoots Them



Getting shot in place of wild game isn’t a prime concern for outdoor vacationers, but local investigators said that’s what happened to three men camping out in Sverdlovsk Oblast. The Oblast SKP said that four men were in a group hanging out near a local forest, but three of them were hit with bullets early on Friday. Without releasing the victims’ names, the SKP said that one of the victims, a high-ranking private security guard, died, whilst the other two had to be rushed to hospital in unspecified condition. Reports say that the shooter, who fled the scene in an off-road vehicle, was some 70 metres away from the picnic when he fired a hunting rifle. The perpetrator possibly mistook the men for boars in the dark, without elaborating on what exactly could prompt the hunter to confuse vacationers with wild swine. Police are looking for the hunter, who faces up to two years in prison for involuntary manslaughter. This wouldn’t be the first instance of such an incident, last September, an elderly poacher in Tyumen Oblast shot his son-in-law dead during a hunting expedition. The victim, seemingly bored of waiting for the game, played a prank on his relative by imitating boar noises, prompting the man to take a wild shot in the dark that hit the target.

20 July 2012



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