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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

25 June 2014. Four Maps to Help You Understand Why “The Ukraine” is the Most Disgusting Fiction of Our Time

00 ukraine map 04. 11.06.14


Our first map shows the election results of 2010. You can see the clear divide in the country. This isn’t only a political divide… some of the other maps will show it as well, but all the areas that went for Yanukovich were predominantly Russian-speaking. Only the dark blue areas speak “Ukrainian” (actually, the heavily-Polonised Lvov dialect). The light blue areas (except the isolated region in the southwest, which speaks Rusin) are Surzhik-speaking. The Galician Uniates hate Surzhik and count its speakers as “Ukrainian-speakers”, even though this dialect is closer to Russian than it is to the semi-Polish Lvov mishmash. The Galicians also hate the Rusins and claim that they’re “Ukrainian” and that there’s no such thing as Rusins. In short, there are four linguistic-cultural areas, there is no united “Ukraine”… that’s a Galician Uniate fairy tale (they call it “Consciousness”… I call it “The Galician Narrative”. Now, let’s look at a language map.


00 ukraine map 03. 11.06.14


Mirabile dictu! Russian predominates in Novorossiya! Another Galician Uniate canard bites the dust… there’s more to come, kids. The dark orange area is the “Surzhik heartland” of Malorossiya (Little Russia). Unlike the Lvovshchina, it didn’t suffer from Habsburg misrule… so, it’s far less Polonised and not Uniate at all. Let’s move on…


00 ukraine map 02. 11.06.14


We’re staying with language for the time being. NO Euromaidantsy terrorist filth arose in Russian-speaking areas. NONE. Mobs didn’t seize government buildings except in Galician dialect areas. Then, why did such violence erupt in Kiev? Firstly, as the capital of a centralised state, it attracted enough Galician Uniates to disrupt the equilibrium. Secondly, for 18 years(1992-2010), the state favoured Uniates and schismatic “Orthodox” and put legal barriers in front of the real canonical Orthodox, so, there was disproportionately more Uniates and schismatics in Kiev. Besides this, what few pro-Western Surzhik people there were, are found in Kiev… these people were mostly Western-educated, so, they’d been bowled over by the West (much like some of the Bolotnaya Square pukes in Russia). They bussed in most of the Euromaidantsy from Galicia (where did they did get the money for that? If you said the US Embassy, you might be right). Another reason for choosing Kiev is that’s where the Western media was… so, they brought in the mobs in from other parts. Let’s look at our last map…


00 ukraine map 01. 11.06.14


NONE of the areas that voted for Yanukovich had Euromaidantsy filth and outrages. NONE. Therefore, the Western-fomented coup had four main props:

  1. The Galician Uniates saw their power grab stymied by V F Yanukovich… they especially didn’t like his cracking down on their proselytisation of Orthodox. They HATED his granting of equal rights to the canonical Church. They also didn’t like his supporting the rights of Russian and Surzhik speakers over the Galician hillbilly pidgin-speaking minority.
  2. The schismatical Orthodox saw their position threatened by V F Yanukovich’s support of the canonical Church… that is, there was no more government favour for those who worshipped at schismatical temples. Their very existence was at stake.
  3. The oligarchs and political class didn’t like V F Yanukovich as he was more honest than they were, and that cramped their style. Yes, V F Yanukovich was corrupt… very much so. However, he was LESS corrupt than Yatsenyuk, Kolomoisky, and Turchinov were (let alone Darlin’ Yuliya the landshark, who’s in a class by herself).
  4. To provide “muscle” for the coup, the plotters enlisted the violent Galician Uniate Hard Right (a subset of the Galician Uniates, they’re the worst of a rather sorry crew).

I know that’s not the Western media narrative, but it’s the truth, and it’s why the present civil war is so bitter. It’s a war between rival nationalities, rival religions, rival cultures, and rival political ideologies. It’s as if the Democrats and Republicans had AKs and were going at each other. However, the greatest falsehood is on the side of the Uniates, and they’re the engine behind the junta. They see their last chance to “convert” the Ukraine going up in smoke, so, they’re using all means, including the foulest ones, to get Novorossiya back into their clutches. The locals resist that, and they’re fighting the only war worth fighting, defending hearth, home, and family from aggressor beasts bent on murder and rapine.

You can support the Uniate opium dream or you can back Orthodox sanity. By the way, the Uniates suck up to the oligarchs and crawl on their bellies to the West, the Orthodox set up the People’s Republics and stand tall with Russia… one of these things is NOT like the other! The Orthodox honour the VOV vets, the Red banner, and the Soviet legacy… the Uniates glorify Nazi collaborators, tear down monuments to heroes, and erect statues of terrorists. Those are the choices on offer… there are no others.



Wednesday, 26 February 2014

An Anti-Democratic Revolution

00 Lyudmila Tarasova. If Not Me and You, Then, Who. (English).1987

If Not Me and You, Then, Who?

Lyudimila Tarasova



Stand up for what’s right… do your part… we CAN do it!


All actions of the de facto Ukrainian authorities aim at suppressing democracy:

  • Seizing and confiscating foreign media material circulating in the Ukraine
  • Threats against journalists
  • Threats against political opponents
  • Abolishing the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages
  • Seizure and vandalism of opposing political factions’ headquarters
  • Threat to ban the all political organisations opposed to the Timoshenko junta
  • Physical violence and terrorism against  opponents
  • Voting in the Rada without printed bills, so that People’s Deputies don’t know what they’re voting for… the putschists enforce voting “on command”
  • Threats to regional autonomy
  • Glorification of Nazi ideology and Nazi leaders
  • Demonisation of federalism, attacking textbooks describing federalism as the regional dimension of democracy
  • Illegal armed posts on roads randomly checking documents and terrorising civilians
  • Threats against bloggers who express a POV not in sync with the junta’s positions

Why are people talking about a democratic revolution in the Ukraine? We must talk about an anti-democratic revolution in the Ukraine. Anyone who supports the Orange/Brown revolution in the Ukraine is the enemy of democracy. All those who supported the Bolotnaya Square protests and those who support Navalny’s ideology are, therefore, explicit opponents of democracy. That’s clear to everyone… those who claim to be in favour of democracy made a Red and Black Revolution.

26 February 2014

Sergei Markov



Editor’s Note:

The Timoshenko junta is a bunch of kleptocrats… however, American libertarians cream their jeans over them. After all, the putschists believe in a non-regulated feral economy… just as the Libertarian greedsters do. Things get MURKIER by the hour… yet, it’s clear that the junta may have as little as two weeks left. This news has driven out all other topics for Russian people. It’s historic… it’s another 12421612170918121941. 1991 brought the beginning of the Second Time of Troubles… shall 2014 end it (the First Time of Troubles began in 1598 and only ended in 1618)? I’ve done what I’ve could… I’m only one small person…


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Monday, 9 December 2013

BREAKING NEWS… Leaked: Amnesty to Free Pussy Riot and Greenpeace Activists

get out of jail free community chest


Editor’s Note:

Many thanks to the Cabineteer (you know who you are) who got to this to me tout suite. I can’t find everything on my own… I don’t deserve such good friends…



Media sources say that an amnesty dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Russian Constitution would free members of the Pussy Riot punk band, Greenpeace activists, and Bolotnaya Square demonstration protesters. The amnesty initialled by President Putin would free some 25,000 people. Interfax quoted Vladimir Vasilyev, deputy speaker of the RF Gosduma, “We’ll release around 1,300 people from prison, and relieve 17,500 people of non-custodial sentences. In addition, we’re terminating criminal proceedings against nearly 6,000 people”.

Several Russian media outlets, including Izvestiya and Vedomosti, obtained a copy of the draft amnesty, submitted to the Federal Assembly by President Vladimir Putin on Monday. They said that the participants in such high-profile cases as the Pussy Riot Cathedral protest, Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise boarding of an oil rig, and the Bolotnaya Square riots would all get amnesty. Vasilyev pointed up that the upcoming amnesty wouldn’t apply to those who committed crimes that posed a serious danger to society, adding that the amnesty would give preference to convicts in vulnerable social categories and people who’d served the country. Preference would go to all minors, mothers with small children, pregnant women, women over 55, men over 60, the disabled, Chernobyl cleanup workers, and military veterans.

According to Vedomosti, the draft amnesty covers three articles of the criminal code “as an exception”, which means that those convicted under them would be freed or relived from punishment regardless of age, sex, or social status. The first such is Article 213 “Hooliganism”, which means that two Pussy Riot members… Mariya Alekhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova… as well as the Greenpeace activists awaiting trial in Russia, would walk free. Three members of the Pussy Riot punk band each received a sentenced of two years in prison after staging a protest in Moscow‘s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in February 2012, although one member of the band later gained release on appeal. Currently, the 30 Greenpeace activists are on bail and awaiting trial after trying to board a Russian oil platform in the Prirazlomnaya oil field in the Barents Sea this September.

The second exception was for Article 2012 Part 2 and 3, “Participation in Riots and Incitement of Same”. This would allow nine participants of the Bolotnaya trial not accused of using force against police officers to avoid prosecution. The authorities detained the so-called Bolotnaya prisoners following riots on Bolotnaya Square in central Moscow in May 2012. The third exception deals with those convicted of violating traffic regulations with severe consequences to people’s health. Meanwhile, Izvestiya said that those who committed economic crimes wouldn’t receive pardons, as there’s already been an amnesty for this category of prisoners earlier this year, with 1,431 people released. This means that former oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his business partner, Platon Lebedev, would stay behind bars.

A high-ranking source in the Gosduma told Izvestiya that the government would adopt the amnesty before the end of the year and carry it out within the next six months. Russia celebrates the 20th anniversary of its Constitution on 12 December. Mikhail Fedotov, the head of the RF Presidential Council on Civil Society and Human Rights, expressed his satisfaction with the draft amnesty bill, expressing hope that it wouldn’t suffer excessive revision by the Gosduma. He told RIA-Novosti, “I’m sure that there’ll be some Deputies who’d try to widen the amnesty bill and those who’d push to narrow it. In the end, I hope that it’d remain as it was when the President submitted it”.

However, Oleg Orlov, one of the heads of Memorial human rights centre, called the draft amnesty bill a disappointment. He told Interfax, “Even in its current form, I welcome the document. At least, it’d release some people. However, the part of Russian society that advocated an amnesty understood it in a broader sense, so, of course, we’re disappointed”. President Putin tasked human rights activists with putting together a draft bill for an amnesty dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Russia’s current Constitution in late September. In mid-October, the Presidential Council for Human Rights approved a draft bill proposing to pardon around 100,000 prisoners.

 9 December 2013



Monday, 14 October 2013

14 October 2013. Only in Russia… Protesters Dressed as Veggies Nicked by the Coppers

00 Russian protesters. Moscow RUSSIA. 'Veggies'. 14.10.13


MVD troops (they both appear to be young conscripts) detain men dressed as a cucumber and a tomato during a rally held by opposition supporters in central Moscow, 6 April 2013. Protesters demanded the release of anti-government activists detained at Bolotnaya Square on 6 May 2012, the eve of Putin‘s inauguration. The signs read, “We aren’t vegetables” (right) and “Send ‘em all home” (left). The coppers seem to be getting a kick out of this… do note that the “veggies” aren’t brutalised. That’s why CNN wasn’t there…


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