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Friday, 19 September 2014

Russian Border Guard Killed on the Ukrainian Border



Nikolai Sinitsyn, spokesman for the FSB Border Guard Service (FSB PSR) in Rostov Oblast, said, ”In the course of carrying out duties connected with protecting the state border of the Russian Federation, a border guard who belonged to the Dozor (Watch) command died after being wounded by an unknown munition in the border zone”.

20 September 2014




Wednesday, 27 August 2014

FSB: 62 Junta Soldiers Sought Asylum in Russia

00 Evil to Triumph. Oleg Tyagnibok. 09.02.14


Today, 62 junta soldiers crossed the border in Rostov Oblast, asking for asylum. They abandoned their weapons in the Ukraine, after which Russian border guards provided them with a safe-conduct corridor for secure movement in the Russian Federation. Nikolai Sinitsyn, a spokesman of the Rostov Oblast FSB Border Guard Directorate, said, “Today, 62 VV MVDU troops approached the Russian border near Shramko Matveyev in Kurgan Raion, asking Russian officials to grant them asylum on the territory of the Russian Federation. We provided them with every necessity… water, food, and clean clothes”.

27 August 2014

Russkaya Vesna



VV MVDU means “Internal Forces of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs”… that is, soldiers in formed units used for internal security duties. These are long-term sloggers, not recent draftees. For these guys to “give up” means that the junta’s truly in the deep kimchi… all the blather in the Western media is utter bullshit. None of the real pros in the Ukrainian forces wants anything to do with the present repression in Novorossiya. Their heart isn’t in it. There are enough Galician Uniate fanatics to keep the junta attack going for the moment. However, they’re running out of provisions, munitions, and supplies… and there’s nothing to replace them, as the crapitalist oligarchs steal all the money meant for the forces. The junta is going south… no one knows when the idol is going to fall, but we all know that it shall. The sooner it does, the less blood spilt. However, I fear that we must empty the chalice of wrath to its dregs… God do have mercy on the people of Novorossiya, Malorossiya, the Lvovshchina, and Podkarpatskaya Rus… their Golgotha isn’t over yet.


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