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Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Ukraine Issues Bizarro World “Warning” About Travel to Russia

00 odessa profsoyuz 01, 05.09.14


On Thursday, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a bizarre statement on its website urging Ukrainians to beware the “risks” and “dangers” associated with travelling to Russia. It stated, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that Ukrainian citizens planning trips to the Russian Federation realistically assess the risks and dangers and carefully weigh the need for such travel. Cases of unjustified detention of Ukrainian citizens and a lack of humane treatment toward Ukrainians by Russian law enforcement agencies have become the norm. This includes behaviour incompatible with human dignity, including the use of unacceptable methods of physical and psychological pressure, including torture, on Ukrainians”. Independent Russian newspaper Vzglyad noted that this statement may have come about due to last week’s detention by Moscow police of Odessa Oblsoviet* head Aleksei Goncharenko during a march commemorating the death of Boris Nemtsov. Police detained Goncharenko for several hours before releasing him. Goncharenko later left Russia. Many think that he organised and actively participated in the Dom Profsoyuzov arson in Odessa on 2 May 2014, which killed dozens of anti-Maidan activists, including a Russian citizen. Konstantin Dolgov, RF MID Commissioner of Human Rights and organiser of the “White Book” on politically motivated crime and violence in the post-Maidan Ukraine, called for Goncharenko’s arrest and trial for his alleged involvement in the Dom Profsoyuzov arson.

Following the Maidan coup and the junta’s aggression against Novorossiya, thousands of Ukrainians fled east to neighbouring Russia in search of safety. Today, there are an estimated 906,000 refugees from war-torn Novorossiya in Russia. In total, the RF Federal Migration Service estimated that 2.5 million Ukrainians live and work in Russia, amongst them over 1.27 million men of draft age.

  • Oblsoviet: Oblast Soviet, state council of an oblast

6 March 2015

Sputnik International



Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Westerners Flock to Nemtsov’s Obsequities… Yank Ambassador and Brit John Major Amongst Mourners

00 evil uncle sam. 28.05.14

THIS is who mourned for Nemtsov… any questions?


Read this. The elephant groaned and gave birth to a mouse. Virtually no one showed for this scumbag zapdnik’s funeral. There were no huge demonstrations… there were no mass outcries of grief. The government sent two minor figures, Deputy Chairmen of the Government (what ignorant Westerners call “Deputy Prime Ministers”… they’re not that, but the Westerners refuse to see Russia and its institutions for what they are)… the grave is at a second-tier nomenklatura cemetery in the far outskirts by the MKAD. Oh, yes… the US Ambassador showed and cried crocodile tears, as did ex-British PM John Major… the common people were noticeable by their absence. Don’t make a fuss over Nemtsov… he died as he lived… a lawless grasping scumbag just like his Western backers. I gotta say, the Westerners had CHUTZPAH… they iced him and then they showed at his funeral lauding him to the skies (of course, they deny it… has Langley EVER fessed up to anything?). Even Don Vito never sank so low…


Monday, 2 March 2015

They Cry About Nemtsov? WHAT ABOUT THE DEAD KIDS?!?

00 little girl killed by the Uniates. DNR. 02.03.15


The death of Nemtsov equals the deaths of how many children in the Donbass? We’ve had enough whining and crying about this punk! Did they cry for the kids killed in the Donbass? Those scumbags supported those shootings! Forgive us for shortening your life. Mr Nemtsov supported those who killed this girl. Hey, McCain, any drop of care about this innocent baby? Or, is this just COLLATERAL DAMAGE? All of these phonies weep and whine about this scumbag! Who mourns for this child, killed in the Donbass by executioners supported by that bastard Nemtsov?


Aleksandr Averkov

This girl’s name was Sofiya. They killed her on 27 August 2014 in the Donbass. Nemtsov supported those who killed her. However, they raise a howl over Nemtsov’s death, but the death of this girl went unnoticed. The question arises… why was Sofiya’s life CHEAPER than Nemtsov’s life?


Michael Tereshko

It doesn’t surprise me that the people in the West, especially in the USA, are totally unaware of what a scumbag Boris Nemtsov was. He was part of Yeltsin’s rat pack that raped Russia during the 1990s. When his boss finally stepped down from the presidency under the threat of prosecution for crimes against the Russian people, Nemtsov moved away from politics, but kept on wheeling and dealing. You can be sure that he had major connections in organised crime circles. In any case, the 30,000-50,000 that crawled out from under their rocks to mourn this lowlife are just a drop in the bucket. The Russian people across the country know what he really was… a lowlife bloodsucker who lived high while pensioners scavenged in rubbish bins for their next meal. If I ever go back for a visit, I’ll be sure to take some time out to piss on his grave!

1 March 2015




This is why the sucking up to the Uniates by Freddie M-G, Paffhausen, and Vassa Larina is so obscene, beyond-the-pale, and blasphemous. Our children die at the hands of fanatic Galician Uniate/schismatic nationalists… those I named suck up to their Uniate murderers. I say, “The tree is known by the fruit thereof”… and we all know Who said that…

One last thing… the crowd that came out for the Nemtsov march wasn’t even one percent of Moscow’s population. That’s why Putin allowed it… he knows that he has the support of the majority of the people, so, he knows that these loud, posturing, and smarmy scumbags can’t hurt him. I say, “Expel these bastards to the West, so that they can experience the joys of a Free Market ‘recession’ at first hand”. Yes… that would be a PERFECT punishment for them! Paffso, Freddie, Potapov, and Vassa could run a soup kitchen for them!


Saturday, 28 February 2015

28 February 2015. Nemtsov Hit Caught on CCTV Footage

01 Boss Hogg Republicans


Read this. The Nemtsov hit just gets goofier and goofier. It appears that a CCTV camera caught everything. This proves that utter amateurs pulled off the hit. The first thing that all pros do, regardless of nationality, is to case the area for vidicams and to disable them, if need be. They didn’t do this. This is proof that no real intel asset or trained merc did the job. This is a screwed-up dumbed-down Rambo-wannabe clusterfuck from Dogpatch all the way around. I think that some idiot in Langley sat on somebody in the US Embassy, who tried to get pros to do the job, but got turned down. The Saker is dead wrong on this one. This was NOT a well-planned well-thought-out op… it was quite the opposite. This was such a Sad Sack affair that it made Boss Hogg n’ Enos look good… it was such a tits-up that it made Lil’ Abner look like Einstein. All that it did was to rally support behind VVP and make it look like the Anglo Americans are nutty fools bent on war. The fact that no one thought of consequence makes it clear to me that this mishmash came about because someone in the District was getting hell because the American running dogs in the Ukraine are going down. They sat on someone in Langley, who sat on someone in  the US Embassy in Moscow, who sat on someone in the US Embassy in Kiev. They wanted action NOW… it’s clear that this was a stab in the dark… a blind hit. I think that some Russian bloggers think that Langley and Washington are following some sort of nefarious rational plan… I have news for them… they aren’t. The Americans are trying to cover their bets with IOUs… and the bank ain’t buying it. A well-planned “wet affair” could’ve sowed terror and uncertainty at the Centre. Instead, all that it did was to rile folks and get ’em hot n’ bothered. In short, Langley fucked up royally.

I wonder what’s going to come out next… this has turned into the worst farce that I’ve ever seen. Pass the jug…


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