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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Run on the Shops in Kiev

00 Vladimir Nenashev. The Queue. 2000s

The Queue

Vladimir Nenashev

undated (2000s)


Short vid… it’s only 26 seconds, give it a look. People are stocking up for a siege… NOT a good sign for the junta, kids.


Rossiya-24 reported that there’s a run on the shops In Kiev. People are buying meat and vegetables as the grivna loses value daily. Farmers can’t get their products to Novorossiya anymore; therefore, they have to sell them in the capital, knocking down prices on the most popular items of the so-called “borshch set”. As for meat, it becomes more expensive every day as the currency falls. What’ll happen tomorrow? No one knows.

31 August 2014




The people KNOW that war is coming to their hometown and they’re getting ready. It’s like mainland China in 1949, right before the fall of the Guomindang. Everyone knows that the powers-that-be are going down the chute, but no one knows when. By the way, “Wo ist Yuliya?” She’s still MIA and in Parts Unknown. That’s a clear sign that Yuliya Vladimirovna knows that the Ukraine is going down the shitter and she doesn’t want it to spatter her when it does. Next year, though, at this time, Yuliya will be at Saratoga, rubbing shoulders with Mary Lou Whitney and the rest of the Oh-so-Social set… after all, it’s the “August place to be”.



Tuesday, 12 August 2014

12 August 2014. A Photo Essay… There be GOOD EATS in the Russian Army!

00 russian army cooks 01. 12.08.14

They’re cookin’ up goulash, borshch, and kasha… the soldiers say that the enemy could tell their positions by the yummy smell (it spreads for metres around).


00 russian army cooks 02. 12.08.14

A KP-30 field kitchen cooks meals for 30 guys.


00 russian army cooks 03. 12.08.14

“I’m not a chef! I’m a COOK!” thundered Senior Cook-Instructor Vitaly Razamazov. For 15 years, he’s fed the crew of the Guards cruiser Varyag. He made his famous pea soup, stewed meat with kasha, and compote.


00 russian army cooks 04. 12.08.14

Submariners get special rations, which include red wine and caviar. All ships on extended deployment receive additional allotments of kolbasa and meat.


00 russian army cooks 05. 12.08.14

It only took five minutes! The cook decorated this vinagret with rosettes of carrot and pickles.


00 russian army cooks 06. 12.08.14

Now, that borshch with salo… that’s GOOD EATS!


00 russian army cooks 07. 12.08.14

Russian rations have 4,000 calories per day, the largest in the world.


00 russian army cooks 08. 12.08.14

The standard bill of fare includes over 200 items… it includes Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, and Georgian national foods.


00 russian army cooks 09. 12.08.14

However, the staff of life is still bread… and army bakers can still bake it under field conditions.


Of course, the troops bitch and moan about the food (all good soldiers do)… they call it “Belka and Strelka” (two Sov dogs shot into space… it’s a Russian way of saying Ken-L-Ration). Nonetheless, they chow it down, and most of it is objectively good (just like the US mess halls… they do put out high-quality stuff… just pop in on Thanksgiving and find out).


Adapted from a piece in Komsomolskaya Pravda http://msk.kp.ru/daily/26266/3144635/

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ukrainian Kills Neighbour for Pouring His Homemade Borshch Down the Toilet

01f Borshch


To say the least, a Ukrainian man was shocked when he found out that a long-time friend and neighbour was so displeased by his homemade borshch that she poured her portion into the toilet. Borshch, a hearty soup made of beets and meat stock, is a Ukrainian national dish and, apparently, an inviolable source of personal pride. According to the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, the man invited his neighbour over to his home in Crimea, on the Black Sea, to enjoy the borshch that he’d made from scratch, but she was displeased. The article said that she “harshly criticised” the soup, then, she poured it down the toilet. Reportedly, the host was so offended that he grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her in the stomach. According to investigators, the man was drunk at the time. When he realised that his friend could die, he frantically called paramedics. The man later told police, “I begged her not to die because otherwise they would throw me in jail”. The woman succumbed to her injuries in the ambulance.

26 June 2013



Monday, 15 August 2011

Borshch, a Delicious and Nourishing Food… a RIA-Novosti Interactive Infographic

RIA-Novosti has a nice presentation on five different forms of borshch here:


Couldn’t download it in a form that could be posted, so, I’m doing the next best thing.


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