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Friday, 12 October 2012

12 October 2012. More Scuttlebutt on Freddie M-G’s Clan

Beware “experts” who want to sell you “spiritual knowledge”… the real deal’s just not for sale…


Got this from one of the Cabinet:

Did you know that one of Freddies’s sons became RC, at least for a while? He’d married a woman who was an Orthodox convert in a ROCOR parish, and they became RC after they had a child (or two). This was about 8 years ago. Don’t know how long they were RC… or if they still are. The son is David, daughter-in-law Marcella.

Freddie runs about, ranting that her opinions are so golden, that you have to pay her 25 bucks a head to hear them. That’s a lot of things (including sheer and unashamed chutzpah and brass), but it sure ain’t Orthodox. Vladyki Vitaly Maksimenko didn’t do that. Captain Nicholas Alexander didn’t do that. Madame Kolomzine didn’t do that. Fr Vladimir Sukhobok didn’t do that. I’ll say this… Freddie’s kids have strayed all over the Christian map (one’s Uniate, I’m told… if true, it’s a disgrace). That is, she’s nothing but an Episcopalian Branch Theory indifferentist. Trust me, I’d rather hobnob with real Anglicans, they’re merely what they are. No bishop should allow this poseur in their parishes… if she can’t set a good example and keep her kids in the Church, she shouldn’t be set up as an exemplar to emulate.

I’m no exemplar, model, or a wannabe “spokesman”… I’m just a slogger like all the rest who does her best to reach for the truth. I fail often, but I get up and do it again. That’s how its done. There… that’s the only wisdom I have to impart. It’s free… the way God wants it to be.


Sunday, 16 September 2012

16 September 2012. The Orthosphere is ONE… Your Joys are Our Joys… Your Griefs are Our Griefs… Forever

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev (1946- ) and Catholicos Karekin Nersessian (1951- ) meeting as brothers… as they well should.



The church in the image above is Tantev Monastery in Armenia… it dates from the 9th century. The scholars of the monastery kept the flame of Armenian culture alive during the dark days of the 14th and 15th centuries. Patriarch Kirill and Catholicos Karekin are friends… that should tell us something. We should do likewise… after all, the Orthosphere IS one.

By the way, there are pseudo-intellectuals who are trying to hijack the term “Orthosphere”. The Orthosphere is the Orthodox civilisational bloc as defined by Sergei Solovyov. It’s nothing else. You can’t have heretics as part of the Orthosphere; these overeducated jackasses are trying to include them as part of our “world”. Fancy that… it’s clear proof that there’s no one as dense and ignorant as a PhD is! The Orthosphere is the actual physical territory where Orthodoxy has been the impetus behind the civilisation. It’s the actual cultural construct where the Church, not Western heresy, has been the moulder of the ethos and spirit. Ergo, no papist or Proddie can be part of it (although they may live in it, as in Russia or Romania). In short, don’t accept substitutes… embrace the REAL Orthosphere, the world of Orthodox Christianity, and reject the BOGUS Orthosphere which is full of Branch Theory and “ecumaniacal” (not a misspelling) nonsense.

As per usual, noisome popinjay academics are trying to impose a paper n’ ink notional golem in the place of an actual flesh n’ blood reality. The REAL Orthosphere is founded on the blood of the martyrs… the BOGUS Orthosphere is nothing but the windy bloviations of professors. The two can’t coexist. If one’s correct, the other’s false… that’s all that there’s to say on the matter. I know which one I prefer…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 16 September 2012

Albany NY

Thursday, 13 September 2012

13 September 2012. A Refutation of Gregory Jensen’s Superficiality

Here’s Jensen and his ilk… 


A friend of mine sent me a link with a response by Gregory Jensen (one of the pro-HOOMie konvertsy faction). I found it “interesting”. Jensen doesn’t know his dzopa from a hole in the ground. However, to be fair, here’s Jensen in his own words:

In Reply to Western “Eastern Orthodoxy” as Boutique Religion

While I was initially irritated by this post, on further reflection, I’d find myself in generally agreement. I do think that as Orthodox Christians we often do present ourselves as a “Boutique Religion”. Though I’d point out that this is not an unknown criticism of the Orthodox Church by Orthodox Christians. But in the main, and Schmemman (sic) points this out as well, we prefer to define ourselves in opposition to the West in general, and, often, in opposition to the Roman Catholic Church in particular. This is certainly not a right thing to do, and it isn’t even helpful.

At the same time, however, I’d resist the rather final tone of the essay… “Eastern Orthodoxy will never, ever, ever take root in the Western soul. At best, it can sprout shallow roots until the next spiritual fad or tent revival comes along”. Obviously, I disagree, though I do understand why you say this. The Orthodox Church is taking root in the West… though what the form of that will be is yet to be seen. What’s really needed is a reconciliation between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. I agree when Pope John Paul II argues, the Church breathes with two lungs, one East, the other West. For this reason, I think it’s an overstatement to say that we don’t need each other. I think we do need each other and that, shocking though this is to say, we are neither fully ourselves without the other. I’ll leave to better theological minds then mine how to work that out, but it seems to me this what we mean when we say that we are sister churches to one another. Looking over what I’ve written I have no doubt that there are any number of objections that can be raised… and let them be raised by any who wish to do so. But again, we need each other. As I tease my bishop and say I pray in Greek, but I think in Latin.

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory



Firstly, look at the presumption of this bozo putting a “cross” in front of his name. Bishops do that in official correspondence, which this jabronie would know if he had any knowledge of “lived” Orthodoxy. That is, “hypercorrectness” of the most noxious sort.

Nevertheless, it’s clear from the above that Jensen has no bloody idea of what Orthodoxy is; he hasn’t the slightest inkling of tserkovnost. Firstly, let’s clear the decks of the bullshit so that we can get down to business. Whatever the Pope of Rome and his confession do, it’s of no relevance to Orthodoxy. NONE. We are NOT defined in opposition to the Pope of Rome and his theological deviations. That would make us dependent upon him; it would make us “imperfect and rebellious papists”. Rather, the Pope of Rome chose to wander off from the Church. When he did so, he did NOT impair the Unity of the Church… it was simply that a group of schismatics split off. This split has persisted for a millennium, and the papists have accumulated a whole plateful of deviations from the Church. Frankly, they’re not going to give any of them up, so, the only course open to us as Christians is to be friendly with them, be at peace with all who are at peace with us, and keep channels of human communication open. “Ecumenism?” That’s a pipe-dream, best avoided. “Send us no more letters on doctrine; send us letters of friendship, only”. Jensen’s so ignorant that he doesn’t know this.

The idea of “two lungs” is utterly ridiculous and preposterous. It’s twaddle of the worst sort. It’s saying that organs of the body can be in opposition to one another, yet work together as one. The Church wasn’t impaired when the Pope of Rome left us. I’d say that Catholicism is what it is… and it’s certainly not Orthodox. You see, Jensen is obsessed with institutional and juridical matters… the curse of the Western mindset. They’re all wrapped up in legality, procedures, constitutions, and codes. The Church, on the other hand, is Zen-like… it thrives on contradiction. Thus, we have canons, NOT canon law. The canons are guidelines that say, “This is what we did at one time and place in this situation, it may prove useful to you in your predicament”. The Western-minded, like boobs, take this to mean, “This is the law and you shall not break it without consequence and penalty”. That’s what’s meant when it was said, “An entirely new world must be born in the soul of a Westerner if they wish to embrace the Church”.

Can one do that? Yes… but it means cutting oneself off completely from one’s roots and making an utter leap of faith into the dark and unknown. It means abandoning the concepts and ideologies of the West… it means taking on the concepts and ideologies of the Orthosphere. It means being still… being still and letting time heal one’s outlook, to let time bring one to the New Shore. It doesn’t happen in a year… it doesn’t happen in five years. It takes at least ten… but firstly, one must admit that one’s previous orientation was in the wrong and that it has nothing whatsoever to contribute to one’s path in the Church.

Jensen hasn’t done that. What he wrote is pure Anglicanism… its Branch Theory to the tee, the Church condemned that, and HH wrote the condemnation of it when he was head of the MP DECR. In short, Jensen’s whole remark is an argument against the ordination of converts until they’ve spent enough time with us to have sloughed off the detritus of their former confession. Indeed, in the case of Anglicans, because of the noxious influence of the Branch Theory, it’s probably best NEVER to ordain them. That’s absolutely so in the case of former Anglican clergy (I’ve noticed that such never shake off the influence of their indifferentist Anglican formation)… and we need to vet former Anglican laymen before ordination to be sure that they’ve shaken off the Branch Theory (amongst other things). You see, many of the voices distorting Church teaching out there in favour of the notions of the Radical Right are former Anglicans… they’ve been a cancer to the Church.

The Church is what she is… and we need not compare Her to anything else. If one does, one isn’t Orthodox, and that’s that.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 13 September 2012

Albany NY

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

28 August 2012. A Remembrance of Our Past


Editor’s Foreword:

A friend of mine sent me this… they saw it on one of the fora. Its well-worth repeating. I found it thought-provoking and sober. That is, do have a care with those who want to ally us to the papists. I don’t want any undue hatred or suspicion, but history has taught us much about alliance with such sorts… especially, about the Unia.



Throughout the world this Sunday, Orthodox Carpatho-Russians and their descendants will remember the horrific genocide perpetrated against them by Vienna, “loving” Rome, and its Ukrainian Nationalist Uniate janissaries. Last year, for the first time in decades, the believers, together with their Orthodox hierarch, actually had a Memorial Cross-Procession and Pannikhida in the capitol city of the dreaded Unia, Lvov. God protected them, as there was no violence from neo-fascists, although it’s all too common in that area.

This genocide was much more than just “Europe‘s First Death Camps” at Talerhof (Austria) and Terezín (Czechia). At the same time, there was a village-by-village genocide. When people failed to answer the question, “Are you Catholic and Ukrainian, or Orthodox and Russian?” in the “right” way, entire communities disappeared. One example is the devoutly Russian Orthodox village of Teretske (in the Lemko region). After the “inspection”, only the cemetery survived. My own mother’s cousin, Ivan Popikov, was “caught” praying in the Orthodox manner at a roadside Cross by a Hungarian policemen. When he answered “The Question” the wrong way (thus confessing Holy Orthodoxy and remaining loyal to his nationality), they shot him in the lung. He died three days later, but thanks to a daring Orthodox priest, one Fr Vinogradov, he had an Orthodox burial despite the Imperial authority’s demands to the contrary. I rejoice to have a New Martyr of the Latin Yoke in my immediate family! However, I cannot boast too much… thousands of believers in the USA of Carpatho-Russian descent do, as well.

After Talerhof and Terezín, there was severe persecution of the Orthodox for some twenty years in interwar Poland. The Poles closed or demolished Orthodox churches literally by the hundreds. They blew up cathedrals and handed over confiscated monasteries and seminaries to the Uniates. Such sectarian wrath didn’t even spare wonderworking icons. Archbishop Afanassy of Buenos Aires wrote much of this literal holocaust in “Russian Poland”, and how the Poles hacked the wonderworking Turkovits (Turkowice) Icon of the Mother of God to pieces and burned it in its church {the monastery was restored in the early 2000s: editor}.

Afterwards, came Orthodox Serbia‘s turn, with the horrific Death Camp of Jasenovac established by the Croat Ustaše with the blessing of the Roman Catholic Church. Over 600,000 believers perished there… Orthodox Serbs, Roma, and other Yugoslav minorities. Please, search the name of “Jasenovac” on YouTube and Google to see what was done to those of our Serbian brethren who remained faithful to Christ and His Church at the hands of the Ustaše fascists and “Blessed” Alojzije Viktor Cardinal Stepanac.

I’m all for friendship, cooperation, and mutual respect. However, we Orthodox forget our immediate history at our own peril. Some of the heterodox are sincere in their desire for rapprochement with Christ’s Church. Others, when the mask slips, expose quite another agenda. Let’s be as innocent as doves BUT ALSO as wise as serpents as Someone once said! Holy New Martyrs of Carpatho-Russia, Poland, Romania and Serbia Pray to God for Us!


Orthodox church in Turkovits (Turkowice) in 1916… destroyed by the Polish papists in 1938. The monastery’s been restored in the early 2000s.


Editor’s Afterword:

I’m sorry that I don’t have a URL for this… it was sent as a “cut n’ paste”. One of the things that tells you when someone is on the wrong road is if they talk about a notional “Eastern Church”. Such a fabulous beast has never existed. A Church is, simply put, a group that’s in communion with one another. Heretics and schismatics are NOT part of the Church. That’s to say, Uniates, Old Ritualists, schismatic “Orthodox”, and autogenetic so-called vagante “Orthodox” are all equally outside the Church, and are NOT part of it. Oriental Orthodox are a different matter… they’re in communion with each other, and they’re not a dagger pointed at our backs.

It doesn’t matter if a group shares a “common ritus” with the Church. Hell, it could have an IDENTICAL ritus, but if it isn’t in communion with us, it’s not part of the Church, and that’s that. Communion makes the Church, not the rituale used. That’s why Freddie M-G is so deeply sunk in prelest and deception… she believes that Uniates and Orthodox are equivalent, one sees this in her writing and speaking. Ergo, that means that she doesn’t believe in the Church… and that’s serious, as she’s nominally Orthodox.

Do have a care with all former Anglicans (Freddie is one). They’re thoroughly contaminated with the heresy of the Branch Theory, and they never ever shake it off entirely. It’s why we should never ordain former Episkie clergy… they’ll lead people astray, as we’ve seen with all too many konvertsy clergy (Paffhausen being a prime example of it). They have a treacly notion of an “invisible Church” that isn’t Orthodox in the least. Indeed, as careful as we must be with papists, they’re a known quantity… the formerly-Proddie konvertsy amongst us are far worse. Look at their advocacy of such anti-Christian practises as tithing… I rest my case (the two-tier membership created by tithing is wicked and not of Our Lord Christ, that’s for sure).

There be landmines in that field out there. However, most papists are harmless. Be kind… be generous… be hospitable. Congratulate their rector on his anniversary as a priest… that’s human and right. Most Anglicans are decent sorts, too… don’t be fooled by the bitter konvertsy hatred of them. Don’t forget how they helped so many of our original parishes here. Be a good neighbour.

However, the Church is the Church… and that’s that. I’ll tell you a secret (you must promise not to spread it, though)… most papists agree with the last sentence, although they see it in a different light. I can have respect for that… I have no respect for vapid ecumenism and all of its “works”. Again, I think that many in the papist confession would agree with me on that. Richard… where’s the church key and corkscrew? There’s an obligation of hospitality to carry out, dontcha know…


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