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Sunday, 22 November 2015

22 November 2015. Vini Oliveira: Uma Vista do Hemisfério Sul (A View from the Global South)… You Only See What the Media Shows You!

00 Vini Oliveira

You Only See What the Media Shows You!

Vini Oliveira



Of course, the Corporate Media doesn’t point up that either terrorism is a response to aggressive ploys of the great powers or it’s a state-sponsored imposture of the great powers. The Corporate Media “take” is bogus and no decent person should buy into it (Orthodox people… it tells you much about Establishment “journalists” such as S A Schmemann, Terrence Mattingly, S L Kishkovskaya, and Rod Dreher, doesn’t it?). Do note that Anglosphere “conservatives” are by far the most egregious liars on this topic, but Anglosphere “liberals” aren’t far behind them. In fact, Chilly Hilly is far worse than any “conservative” in her warmongering… but then again, both “conservatives” and “liberals” are Classical Liberals of the most obnoxious sort. That’s why I’m a Leftist (I’d call myself a Democratic Socialist with leanings toward Marxism)… neither Liberal ideology is fit for decent people.



Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sputnik International Presents… Happy New Year 2015: Highlights from Around the World

00 new year 01. new york ny times square. 04.01.14

Revellers engulfed by confetti in Times Square just after midnight during New Year’s Eve festivities in New York (Borough of Manhattan. New York County) NY USA.


00 new year 02. new york ny times square. 04.01.14

Revellers play in spent confetti along a street after midnight in Times Square in New York.


00 new year 03. paris france. 04.01.14

People gather on the Champs Élysées in Paris (Département de Paris. Région Île-de-France) FRANCE before celebrating the New Year.


00 new year 04. paris france. 04.01.14

In wishing their relatives and friends a good year and good health, the French say, “Bonne année et bonne santé”.


00 new year 05. hong kong china. 04.01.14

An old-fashioned Chinese junk sails in Victoria Harbour before the New Year fireworks in Hong Kong PRC on 31 December 2014.


00 new year 06. Korea. 04.01.14

People gather to celebrate the New Year at the Imjingak Pavilion near the border village of Panmunjom, which has separated the two Koreas since the Korean War, in Paju (Gyeonggi Province), north of Seoul (Special City of Seoul) ROK.


00 new year 07. Korea. 04.01.14

On New Year’s Day in Korea, believers try to recall their past lives and go to temples to pray for happiness. They also light candles which symbolise enlightened souls.


00 new year 08. japan. 04.01.14

The Japanese pay special attention to New Year food traditions. They prepare dishes of seaweed, sweet potato, soybeans, and fish cakes. Another cherished custom is giving money to children in special envelopes, known as otoshidama.


00 new year 09. japan. 04.01.14

Men ride on a portable Shinto shrine (mikoshi) as local people carry it into the sea during a festival to wish for calm waters in the ocean and good fortune in the New Year in Oiso (Naka District. Kanagawa Prefecture. Greater Tokyo Area. Kantō Region) JAPAN, west of Tokyo proper.


00 new year 10. iceland. 04.01.14

Icelanders celebrate the holiday with their families and set off fireworks at midnight, ushering in the New Year. Musical shows, bonfires, and feasting are also very popular.


00 new year 11. st petersburg russia. 04.01.14

Skating rink on Palace Square, St Petersburg (Federal City of St Petersburg. Northwestern Federal District) RF.


00 new year 12. ded moroz russia. 04.01.14

The main character of Russian New Year is Ded Moroz (Grandpa Frost), a wizard who brings presents to children.


00 new year 13. copacabana beach rio de janeiro brazil. 04.01.14

Brazil celebrates New Year with parties and music festivals on the famous Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro State. Southeast Region); oceans of people dressed in flashy and colourful clothes flood city streets.


00 new year 14. brazil. 04.01.14

Brazilian fishermen try to entice the Mother of Waters by going out in their boats with gifts of rice, flowers and even jewellery… which they throw into the sea.


00 new year 15. rome italy. 04.01.14

Italians observe an interesting food custom on New Year. When midnight comes, they eat lentil stew, one spoonful for each stroke of the bell. They believe that brings good fortune.


00 new year 16. big ben london england uk. 04.01.14

Scarcely has New Year arrived, than the English rush to open their back doors to see the old year off. Next, they ask the first dark-haired man they encounter to come in through the front door. Guests should bring salt, coal, and bread, symbolising having enough food, money, and warmth for the next year.


New Year Celebrations have just taken place all over the globe, engulfing the seven billion people of our planet in a spirit of joy and pleasure, granting them hope for a better year ahead, and leaving behind bad memories and misfortune from the last one. Let’s cast a glance on New Year celebrations from the sun-kissed beaches of Brazil to the shining skies of Iceland. “May your days be as glittery as diamond, may your friends be as good as gold, may your heart stay as green as emerald, and may your soul remain as pure as pearl”. The French celebrate the New Year with a traditional feast that includes crepes, foie gras, and, of course, champagne. When the clock strikes midnight, the French exchange kisses. New Year is clearly the most adored festival of the Chinese calendar, with Hong Kong residents heading to temples to pray for good fortune, followed by pyrotechnic shows and mythological spectacles which light up the city. Koreans celebrate the New Year twice… on 1 January, like the rest of the world, and on the first day of the Korean lunar calendar. In both cases, it’s a major traditional family holiday when Koreans visit their parents and remember their ancestors. In Russia, New Year is the happiest and most cherished family holiday. Ice skating is one of the main activities during the winter holidays.

1 January 2015

Sputnik International


Friday, 2 January 2015

RT Presents… Firework Extravaganza Ignites 2015 New Year Celebrations

00 fireworks new year 01. berlin germany. 02.01.15                                                          

Fireworks explode behind the quadriga of Berlin’s landmark Brandenburg Gate to usher in the New Year on 1 January 2015.


00 fireworks new year 02. rio de janeiro brazil. 02.01.15

People watch fireworks exploding over Copacabana Beach during New Year celebrations at the Pavao Pavaozinho favela in Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro State. Southeast Region) BRAZIL on 1 January 2015.


00 fireworks new year 03. Seoul South Korea. 02.01.15

Buddhist believers watch as fireworks go off during a ceremony to celebrate the New Year at Bongeun Buddhist temple in Seoul (Special City of Seoul) ROK on 1 January 2015.


00 fireworks new year 04. Singapore. 02.01.15

Fireworks burst over Marina Bay to mark the New Year’s celebration in Singapore on 1 January 2015.


00 fireworks new year 05. Hong Kong China. 02.01.15

Fireworks explode near the observation wheel during a pyrotechnic show to celebrate the New Year in Hong Kong PRC on 1 January 2015.


00 fireworks new year 06. Pyongyang North Korea. 02.01.15

Fireworks explode in the sky over Kim Il-sung Square in Pyongyang DPRK.


00 new year 15. rome italy. 04.01.14

People cheer in front of Rome’s ancient Colosseum as fireworks explode to celebrate the New Year on 1 January 2015.


00 fireworks new year 08. London england UK. 02.01.15

Fireworks explode behind the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben on the River Thames during New Year celebrations in London ENGLAND UK on 1 January 2015.


00 fireworks new year 09. Sydney Australia. 02.01.15

New Year’s fireworks erupt over the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House in Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA during traditional fireworks at midnight on 1 January 2015.


00 new year moscow 2015. 01.01.15

Fireworks light the sky over St Basil Cathedral during New Year celebrations in Red Square in Moscow (Federal City of Moscow. Central Federal District) RF on 1 January 2015.


00 fireworks new year 11. moscow russia. 02.01.15

Holiday fireworks over Red Square in Moscow on 1 January 1, 2015.


00 fireworks new year 12. sydney australia. 02.01.15

Fireworks over the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge during New Year celebrations in Sydney on 1 January 2015.


1 January 2015



Thursday, 1 January 2015

ITAR-TASS Presents… Uncommon Holiday Trees From All Over the World

00 New Year Trees 01. Gorky Park Moscow. 01.01.15                           

New Year tree in the shape of an ice-cream cone, at Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure (TsPKiO Gorkogo) in Moscow (Federal City of Moscow. Central Federal District) RF


00 New Year Trees 02. Tbilisi Georgia. 01.01.15

A statue of St George the all-Victorious decorated like a Christmas tree in the centre of Tbilisi (Tbilisi Capital Region) GEORGIA


00 New Year Trees 03. Kaunas Lithuania. 01.01.15

Christmas Tree made of plastic cups in Kaunas (Kaunas City Municipality. Kaunas County) LITHUANIA


00 New Year Trees 04. Paris France. 01.01.15

An inverted Christmas Tree in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris (Département de Paris. Région Île-de-France) FRANCE


00 New Year Trees 05. Colombo Sri Lanka. 01.01.15

Colourful Christmas illumination in Colombo (Colombo District. Western Province) SRI LANKA


00 New Year Trees 06. Seoul ROK. 01.01.15

21-metre-high (69-feet-high) Christmas Tree at Seoul City Hall Plaza, Seoul (Special City of Seoul) ROK


00 New Year Trees 07. Rio de Janeiro Brazil. 01.01.15

World’s highest floating Christmas Tree in Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro State. Southeast Region) BRAZIL


00 New Year Trees 08. Beijing PRC. 01.01.15

Installation of a New Year Tree outside a shopping mall in Beijing (Beijing Municipality) PRC


00 New Year Trees 09. Beirut Lebanon. 01.01.15

30-metre-high (99-feet-high) Christmas Tree covered with 2,500 gold-coloured metal leaves in Byblos (Jbeil District. Mount Lebanon Governorate) LEBANON, 40 kilometres (26 miles) north of Beirut


00 New Year Trees 10. Sydney Australia. 01.01.15

Lego Christmas Tree made of colourful interlocking toy bricks created by The Lego Group in Sydney (Sydney District) NSW AUSTRALIA


00 New Year Trees 11. Moscow Russia. 01.01.15

New Year Tree made of colourful illuminated balls in Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure (TsPKiO Gorkogo) in Moscow RF


00 New Year Trees 12. Islamabad Pakistan. 01.01.15

Pakistani Christian boy decorates a tree in preparation for the upcoming Christmas holiday in the slums of Islamabad (Islamabad Capital Territory) PAKISTAN


00 New Year Trees 13. Vilnius Lithuania. 01.01.15

People stroll around a Christmas Tree in the Old City of Vilnius (Vilnius City Municipality. Vilnius County) LITHUANIA


00 New Year Trees 14. Moscow Russia. 01.01.15

A metal New Year Tree outside of a commercial enterprise in Moscow RF


00 New Year Trees 15. Kuala lumpur Malaysia. 01.01.15

Christmas tree near Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur (Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur) MALAYSIA


Countries around the world start preparations for the Christmas and New Year holidays from late November. The main symbol of the celebration is the decorated tree. Although most people prefer traditional designs, some do extraordinary decorations such as ice-cream cones, Legos, plastic cups, and other uncommon ideas.

26 December 2014



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