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Sunday, 12 August 2012

12 August 2012. Freddie M-G to Go to Oz! She has the Brass to Demand 25 Bucks a Throw for Tickets…


Hey, kids! Freddie M-G‘s on her way to Oz, that’s Down Under… Australia. A couple of my Cabinet live there and they tell me that she’s going to give a speaking tour, and she’ll impart all of her wisdom for 25 bucks (the same price that she charges in the USA, by the way). Freddie’s going to be in Melbourne (1/2 September), Canberra (5 September), Brisbane (6 September), and Sydney (7/8 September). Now, ain’t that special… her intel is so precious that you have to PAY for it! Vladyki Averky never asked for money… St John Maksimovich didn’t ask for money… Vladyki Philaret never dunned his listeners… then, why is she asking for money? If it costs money to put on these events, then, let a parish sponsor it. To charge people money for spiritual things… gad, sir, that skates very close to simony. It does show how low we’ve fallen… don’t forget, Freddie slobbered all over that bunch of nuns that Vladyki Hilarion just tossed out in Maryland. THAT doesn’t speak well of her discernment.

It does tell you about Freddie’s priorities doesn’t it? It DOES take all kinds…



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