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Friday, 11 July 2014

11 July 2014. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Read this Comment… This Jabronie’s for REAL (No Lie)… The VACUITY of the Western “Mind” on Display

01 pop the balloon

It’s time to pop this jabronie’s balloon…


I kid you not; the following was an actual comment in the commboxes in Russia Behind the Headlines:

Yanukovich may not have imagined Pandora’s Box, but Putin probably did and has viewed developments in the Ukraine as ultimately leading to capture of another vassal state in his Neo-Russian Empire, as well as an excellent pretext to build his Eurasian NRE behind tall exclusionary walls of Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and Nationality.

John Newcomb

University of Victoria

This person expects us to take him seriously… indeed, he expects us to kiss his ass at noon and thank him for giving us his nuggets of wisdom. Firstly, there’s no such thing as a “Neo-Russian Empire”… if Mr Newcomb means the Eurasian Union, he should say so. Secondly, “Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and Nationality” was Tsar Aleksandr Aleksandrovich’s motto… not V V Putin’s. VVP has never used that formulation, nor has he ever implied such in any of his speeches, writings, or statements. You can see that the Anglosphere clerisy not only is ignorant of the true situation in Eurasia, they don’t intend to find it out. They’ve fabricated a notional construct of a “globalised” world and economy where all others bow down to them and labour at coolie wages for their benefit. They’re the Overmen… the Master Class… they allow no other ideology save for their greedy and grasping nihilism. By the way, “Evangelicalism”, Mormonism, and Pentecostalism are nothing but religious apologia for this nihilism and share its clueless vacuity, intellectual vapidity, and cultural sterility. Yet, that’s what Mr Newcomb expects us to swallow without demur. No, thank you, sir… I’ve found something better than that is… you may believe as you will, but you may NOT ram your potty fancies down our throats. There’s something called the Truth… do attend to it, Mr Newcomb; you just might actually learn a thing or two…

One last thing… Mr Newcomb is from British Columbia, where there’s a loud and nasty Galician émigré community… one wonders… is Mr Newcomb tied in with them, either socially or by blood (that is, is his mom or grandma a Ukie nutter?)? He’s repeating Uniate propaganda word-for-word. Does he attend a Uniate or “Ukrainian Orthodox” parish… or know those who do? It’d certainly explain his strident and vacuous mouthing of their notional fairy tales. Always turn over the rock, what you find might be VERY interesting…



Monday, 14 October 2013

14 October 2013. RIA-Novosti Presents… Our “Smaller Brothers”… Братья наши меньшие

00 Little Brothers 01. Dog. Vancouver BC. 14.10.13

Parishioners at a church in Vancouver BC CANADA can attend services with their pets. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord! Praise ye the Lord!


00 Little Brothers 02. Elephant. Africa. 14.10.13

The governments of Kenya and Tanzania are holding a joint census of elephants and other large mammals. Are the tickbirds the census-takers? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


00 Little Brothers 03. Lions. Africa. Kenya. 14.10.13

Lions bagging zee’s at a Kenya Wildlife Service conservation centre.


00 Little Brothers 04. Crested porcupine. Szeged HUNGARY. 14.10.13

A three-week-old crested porcupine riding on its mother’s back at a zoo in Szeged (Szeged DIstrict. Csongrád County. Dél-Alföld Region) HUNGARY.


00 Little Brothers 05. Yellow baboons. Antwerp Zoo BELGIUM. 14.10.13

Yellow baboons chillin’ at the Antwerp Zoo in Anvers/Antwerpen (Arrondissement Antwerpen. Province AntwerpenFlanders Region) BELGIUM.


00 Little Brothers 06. white lion cub. Belgrade Zoo. SERBIA. 14.10.13

A tiny white lion cub was born at the Belgrade Zoo in Belgrade (Belgrade Municipal OkrugSERBIA. The little guy doesn’t have a name yet.


00 Little Brothers 07. stork. Strasbourg Zoo. FRANCE. 14.10.13

A stork struttin’ his stuff at the Le parc de l’Orangerie Zoo in Strasbourg (Arrondissement Strasbourg-Ville. Département Bas-Rhin. Région AlsaceFRANCE.


00 Little Brothers 08. spectacled bear. Antwerp BELGIUM. 14.10.13

A spectacled bear checkin’ out the photog at a zoological centre in Anvers/Antwerpen Belgium.


13 October 2013



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