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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

21 May 2014. Prince Charles Compared V V Putin to Hitler… What the Hell is This Idiot Smoking?

00 In case you didn't know. russia. 21.05.14


Vasili Nesterenko. We Stand for Sevastopol! 2005

We Stand for Sevastopol!

Vasili Nesterenko


Has Prince Charlie forgotten about the history of his country and Russia? How it invaded it in the 1850s (the above image is of the heroes who stood against the British aggressors)… how it backed the Turks in 1878 and left Tsargrad in their hands… how it treacherously sicced Japan on Russia in 1904… how it cravenly left Tsar St Nikolai to die… how Churchill lied about an “Iron Curtain”… in short, it lived up to its title of  “Perfidious Albion”… no doubt, he’d bristle at that, wouldn’t he?


00 Nikolai Zhukov. Stand Up! 1942

Stand Up!

Nikolai Zhukov


Which side are you on? On the side of Prince Charles, the banksters, the American white trash neocons, and the Vatican-puppet Uniates… or… on the side of Holy Rus, Holy Orthodoxy, the Communist Party, and the People’s Will? Shall you follow the Black Banner of Nihilism and bow before the Almighty Dollar (“Winning is the only thing”: Vince Lombardi) or shall you follow the Red Banner of Victory and bow before Almighty God (“Christ was the first communist”: G A Zyuganov)? 

It’s up to YOU…


In Canada, Prince Charles compared V V Putin to Hitler. That’s gross. That’s incorrect. It’s ignorant. However, don’t expect any of the zapadniki to retract their remarks. You see, they’re PERFECT… they have the RIGHT STANDARDS. I see… the Ukrainian nationalists are anti-Semitic fascists, Scientologists, Jayzuss-Jumpers, and more corrupt than the government that they replaced… so, V V Putin is Hitler for opposing such. I’ll check into Bedlam with Mr Scrooge. This is rather too much. Don’t waste your time on replies to such arrant shit.

If you needed proof that the Western Establishment hates us, our Faith, our Culture, and our Naroda, well, here it is. The only reason that they’re not more open in their aid to their “Ukrainian” lickspittles is that Russia is too powerful. They truly think that we’re barbarians… Charles’ statement is proof positive of that. The papists and the Proddies truly look down on Orthodoxy, and view us as fair game. The Vatican wants to make us Uniates, letting us keep the externals whilst sucking out the insides; the Proddies are more open, they wish to destroy us and steal our souls (as one can see in the apostate Turchinov). Both are the same underneath it all… we’re unruly children who refuse to listen to reason. They have to PUNISH us, for our own good. After all, they’re BETTER than we are… but after Conchita Wurst, I don’t think so. We have our own ways, culture, faith, and world-view… and we won’t give them up. If standing for Holy Rus makes us evil in the sight of the goodthinkers, so be it!

Prince Charles, kiss my ass.


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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

16 January 2013. Say “Thank You” Before It’s Too Late…

00 Say Thank You Before It's Too Late. 16.01.2013


Recently, one of the Cabinet told me about the passing of a relative who’d fought in the VOV with the RKKF. His ship was torpedoed and he spent 24 hours clinging to wreckage in the sea until another Red warship picked him out of the water. This wasn’t an untypical story… it was repeated thousands of times… on many fields, on many seas, in the sky over many lands. Literally, we owe our comfortable lives to those who fought in the Anti-Hitler Coalition. Whether it was in the British, American, Soviet, Chinese, or other Allied forces, they fought objective and demonstrative evil. Thank them before it’s too late to do so… they made our world possible.

To the living victors… вечная слава!

To the victors who’ve passed… вечная память!

Not one of them is forgotten… nothing of their deeds is forgotten. 

Thank you…



Sunday, 13 May 2012

Anniversary of the Sandwich


Exactly 250 years ago, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, playing cards, put meat between two slices of bread. That was the birth of the true English sandwich. According to legend, the Earl of Sandwich became very hungry during a card game. As he was an avid player, he sat at the card table for hours, without even taking a break for dinner. That day, the cook prepared meat sauced with brown gravy. To ensure that the gravy wouldn’t drip on the cards, Sandwich asked his servants to place the meat between two slices of bread. Upon seeing this appetising concoction, the other card players shouted, “We want the same as Sandwich!”

That’s how the sandwich first saw the light of day; it was a relative of the German butterbrot {in Russian, we call it a buterbrodik: editor}, but with an extra slice of bread on top of the butter and meat. This story first appeared in French historian, writer, and traveller Pierre-Jean Grosley‘s book A Tour to London; it was contemporary with the Earl of Sandwich. However, since then, there’s been much discussion whether this story is true or if it’s just a pleasant myth. There’s another, more prosaic version. Allegedly, the Earl wasn’t an avid gambler, but he was an amateur strategist who pored over military maps for hours, snacking on meat between slices of bread. No matter what its real origin is, in Britain, nobody calls the butterbrot anything other than a sandwich. In the UK, the sandwich is probably the most popular food. Traditionally, its luncheon fare, as the British eat a light meal at midday. Sandwiches not only have meat fillings, but they can also contain cheese, seafood, and vegetables instead. For example, some of the most popular sandwiches in London cafés and snack bars are shrimp with avocado and turkey with cranberry sauce.

British supermarkets decided to mark the 250th anniversary of a truly British culinary invention. Next week, they’ll stock sandwiches wrapped in the colours of the British flag under the trademark “Best of British” on their shelves. Amongst them will be a sandwich called the “British Beef and Yorkshire Pudding Wrap”, stuffed with topside beef, roast potatoes, and horseradish sauce, and a Scotch Egg-style sandwich with haslet pork, an egg, and pickle. All throughout the anniversary year, vendors promise to offer buyers some interesting sandwich fillings symbolic of traditional British cuisine. Yet, at the same time, they’ll also have on offer some innovative taste treats, as the British do like to try out new things. For example, last summer, sandwiches with strawberries and cream were a special hit with Tesco supermarket customers at the time of the Wimbledon championships, and a year earlier, they test-marketed a sandwich with an Italian lasagne filling.

12 May 2012

Yelena Balayeva

Voice of Russia World Service


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Lest We Forget… It’s Been 30 Years Since the War for the Malvinas…

Argentine Malvinas War vet José Bratulich in front of the Argentine War Cemetery in Darwin in the Malvinas Islands (presently under British occupation).


Thirty years ago, on 2 April 1982, Argentine forces landed in the Malvinas Islands, which were under British occupation. Britain launched a counter-attack with the full cooperation and support of the USA. Even though the Argentine position was correct, US influence saw to it that it was portrayed in the West as a cruel aggressor (even though Thatcher was the real warmonger in this instance). Ronald Reagan threw his full weight of support to Maggie, in one of the most shameful episodes in American history (it annulled the so-called Monroe Doctrine, as the USA aided a European aggressor in a strike at a country in the Americas). 624 Argentine soldiers, 255 British servicemen, and 3 civilians in the Malvinas died in the ensuing conflict. Their blood is on Slobberin’ Ronnie’s and Maggie Thatcher‘s hands… and neither one was ashamed of it.

The Malvinas remain under the British boot. They’re Argentine territory… always were… always will be… no matter how many “kelpers” squat there.


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