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Thursday, 27 March 2014

27 March 2014. Visitation at Brooklyn Cathedral for Metropolitan Philip Saliba Began Today

00 Met Philip funeral, 27.03.14


00 Met Philip funeral 01, 27.03.14


One of the Cabinet was at the opening of the visitation for Metropolitan Philip Saliba’s body in Brooklyn. They took the above pics. The second is a wreath from President Bashar al-Assad of Syria (“Peace be upon his soul”).



Monday, 23 December 2013

23 December 2013. A Photo Essay. Our Great Russian Motherland… At the Top of the World… Vrangel Island

00 Vrangel Island RF. 01. Polar Bears. 07.12.13


00 Vrangel Island RF. 02. Musk Oxen. 07.12.13


00 vrangel Island RF. 03. Bird w Chick. 07.12.13


00 Vrangel Island RF. 04. Snow Fox and Snow Goose. 07.12.13


00 vrangel Island RF. 05. Snowy Owl. 07.12.13


00 Vrangel Island RF. 06. Polar Bears. 07.12.13


00 Vrangel Island RF. 07. Snow Foxes. 07.12.13


00 vrangel Island RF. 08. Snowy Owl. 07.12.13


00 Vrangel Island RF. 09. Snow Fox. 07.12.13


00 Vrangel Island RF. 010. Polar Bear. 07.12.13


Vrangel Island is in the Far North, in the Chukchi Sea, near the Bering Strait, administratively part of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug… that is, it’s near Alaska (but Sarah Palin can’t see it from her house… silly wabbit). It’s a large island, being some 7,600 square kilometres (2,930 square miles) in extent. To give you some perspective on its size, Long Island (including Brooklyn and Queens) is 1,401 square miles (3,630 square kilometres), roughly half its area. However, Long Island has 7.7 million inhabitants (5400/sq mi, 2,100/sq km), whilst Vrangel is almost uninhabited, having only two small settlements due to the severe polar climate. The Vrangel Island Federal Strict Nature Reserve takes up the entire territory of the island, in addition to nearby Gerald Island, and includes 40 kilometres (25 miles) of the waters immediately offshore the islands. The island is the northernmost UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

6 November 2013. Posner Attempted to Bait Zyuganov “On Air”… Gennady Andreyevich Cut Posner a New Dzopa!

00 Gennady Zyuganov. Pyotr Simonenko. KPRF. 02.03.13


Recently, Vladimir Posner, the sneering zapadnik opportunist of all time, tried to bait Comrade Zyuganov on-air. It didn’t work! Gennady Andreyevich cut him a new dzopa, without benefit of anaesthesia. This is what passed between me and a Cabineteer after viewing a video clip of it.



[Zyuganov’s] speaking positively of Orthodoxy. Posner’s being a prick. Gennady Andreyevich does say that there are true communists in the MP.

Posner’s from Brooklyn!

No matter where he’s from, he’s a putz and a phoney liberal (what the West calls “conservative”). He’s no man of the Left.

He used to be the BIGGEST Red. When the USSR began to collapse, he ran, like a little bitch, to the Other Side. A former Anti-Zionist, he’s now a mega-Zionist.

He was what they called a suka (bitch) in the camps! No doubt, that’s what you meant… but the suki in the camps were mostly guys who’d served in the VOV. They were head n’ shoulders above Posner. He’s BENEATH the suki… he was (and is) a collaborator, what the Chinese call a “running dog” (for good reason). He’s for whoever feeds him… that’s that.


Guess who LOVES Posner? Radio Liberty/RFE/VOA, that’s who! Hmm… I wonder how often Victor Potapov collaborated with this POS durak? That puts a new spin on Potapov’s rant against Stalin doesn’t it? Do YOU trust a man who’s done his best over his entire working career to weaken the Rodina, in the service of the American government? I wouldn’t…



Tuesday, 13 September 2011

13 September 2011. (Trumpet Fanfare) Fathausen at the UN! HO-HUM!!

Original low-res image on oca.org


Read this:


This isn’t a big deal. Firstly, El Gordo had NOTHING to do with this. He got in due to blat from Potapov (a BBG/VOA bigwig with Langley ties) and Lyonyo (who’s got ties to the CFR and Langley). In addition, it wasn’t an official UN affair… it was something ginned up by the RC Archdiocese of New York. Don’t forget, the RCs tried to hide their pervert priests and hierarchs, too… finally, they paid up big time for that error. I’m pointing no fingers… our guys are WORSE. I’m just saying that the RC Archdiocese apparatchiki and the Orthodox apparatchiki are peas shelled from the same diseased pod, and they’re looking out for one another (it’s “You scratch my arse, I’ll scratch yours”). They’re both a bunch of crook bureaucrats with a crank institutional culture, “the interests of the Establishment first, last, and always; the rank n’ file priests and people be damned”. That’s BOTH sides; not just us, not just them. There was NO mention of this ecumaniacal Dixie Fry on patriarchia.ru… apparently, no MP people were there… proof positive that this was nothing but a minor and toothless Archdiocese of NY tea party (the literal sort, with cups of tea, watercress sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, and Battenberg slices)… HO HUM!!

The word out there is that Calin’s a known homosexual. In fact, he and Deacon Michael Suvak (grew up in the ACROD parish in Endicott NY, I think) were THROWN OUT of SVS sometime in the 80s in re a homosexual incident. Then, the two lived together in Brooklyn and started attended Pokrov in the City, as laymen… Archimandrite Makary (long-time partner in crime of l’Huillier) was rector then. Eventually, Calin was ordained deacon and priest by l’Huillier and Suvak was ordained Deacon… once clergy, they moved to 2nd St together. Bobby hung around there a lot…at one point, there was a big falling out between RSK and Makary… also, they talked about consecrating Makary to the episcopate, but as he lacked any theological formation, they were going to sent him to STS for a while… give him some type of diploma, but that never materialised. Following Feodosy Lazor’s orders, Makary wrecked the iconostas at St Sergius Chapel by dyeing it a hideous dark colour and applying tasteless gold leaf on the carved woodwork. They should have left the way it was before, the same as it was in Metropolitan Leonty‘s time. The fagorama never ends… don’t forget El Gordo’s AGAINST homosexuality… he said so! Hmm… then, why does he hang around Peterson, Brittain, Soraich, Eliel, and Calin… his list of supporters reads like a litany of Gay Blade Pretenders. Remember… it’s better to have an openly gay hierarch as V Gene Robinson is, than it is to have closeted gay clergy. The first are harmless… the latter… look at the OCA and weep. I need say no more…

One last thing before I go… it’s been nearly TWO WEEKS since Royster’s funeral on 1 September, and oca.org still hasn’t posted a single high-res image of the affair… it’s like they’re ashamed of it all. If the stories about Dmitri have even the slightest scintilla of truth to them, they very well should be…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Albany NY

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