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Friday, 21 February 2014

Thank Zeus… Olympics Reinstate Wrestling

00 Aleksandr Karelin. wrestling. 21.02.14

Three-time Olympic Graeco-Roman Wrestling champion Honored Master of Sport Aleksandr Karelin (one of the greatest bad-asses of all time)… he took part in the Sochi opening ceremony… Ura!


Editor’s Note:

Yes, this is an “old” item… but I wanted to get away from the Ukrainian crisis for a while, and post some GOOD NEWS. This is good news, indeed… ‘rasslin lies at the heart of the Olympics. It’s good to see a prole sport beat out a rich man’s so-called “sport” like squash. There are SOME things RIGHT with the world, after all…



Wrestling will stay an Olympic sport, per an emotional International Olympic Committee vote in Buenos Aires on Sunday 8 September 2013. Wrestling beat out squash and baseball/softball to remain on the programme during the 2020 Olympic Games and beyond. The IOC slashed wrestling back in February, but after seven months of campaigning by FILA, wrestling’s international governing body, and many rule changes, the ancient sport will continue to grace the Olympic Games. According to Nenad Lalović, President of FILA, cheers, applause, and tears of joy followed Sunday’s vote by the IOC in Buenos Aires on Sunday, after it announced that wrestling would remain an Olympic sport past 2016. He said, “Everybody jumped and screamed and I saw tears in the eyes of men who were 80-years-old. That was fantastic”.

It was an emotional triumph. It followed a seven-month campaign that began last February, when the IOC surprisingly slashed wrestling from the Olympic programme past 2016. Since then, wrestling made it to a final round of runoffs that had it up against two other sports battling for a final spot, baseball/softball, and squash. Whilst Lalović said he didn’t see the other presentations, so he couldn’t pass judgement on them, he knew that he had tradition on his side the entire time. After all, wrestling is a fundamental elemental Olympic sport. It had an honoured role in the original Olympics of Athens, in Ancient Greece. Lalović noted, “You have to understand that it was very difficult because the burden we carried on our back was bigger than the other sports had. We were fighting to survive; for them, that was it, they’re not in. They’ll be in one day, but for us it was much more difficult, especially on the emotional side”.

According to Lalović, wrestling was losing steam in the international community. The rules were too confusing, it wasn’t entertaining to watch, and the wrestling community did little to promote itself on the global stage. Since the so called “wake-up call” seven months ago, Lalović said FILA introduced many changes to make the sport more entertaining, saying, “We had to update our sport. We received the message and understood it very well, and found a way to be back. We succeeded in that, and, one day, maybe, this 8th of September will be the greatest day in wrestling history. We learned what we had to learn”.

Lalović vowed to change FILA’s constitution to increase the number of weight classes for women, as well as add a female vice president to the board, something that’s in line with the IOC’s request to make the sport more female-friendly. Additional rule changes include penalising wrestlers who are overly passive, and an amendment to the points system, all of which, according to Lalović, will make the sport more enjoyable to watch. Lalović said the fight isn’t over, and they’ll adopt more rule changes in future to keep wrestling up-to-date with international demand.

9 September 2013

Vasili Sushko

Voice of Russia World Service


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Friday, 21 June 2013

21 June 2013. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Robbers Dressed As Rabbis Hold Up Bank

00 two rabbis cartoon. 21.06.13


Three robbers… two dressed as Orthodox Jewish rabbis and the third as a security guard… held up a Buenos Aires bank and fled with the contents of several safe-deposit boxes. Police said that the robbery occurred early in the morning in the Villa Urquiza neighbourhood when the bank was full of customers. The bandits emerged from a car parked in front of the bank, whilst a fourth person waited behind the wheel. Once inside, the fake rabbis subdued the employees and customers and took the contents of a number of safe-deposit boxes. Police say the robbers were disguised, “with two of them dressed as members of the Orthodox Jewish community, that’s to say, black outfit, wide-brimmed hat, beard, and curls, and the other pretended to be a security employee inspecting the closed circuit television”.

20 June 2013

Perth Now


Friday, 29 March 2013

Pope Francisco Washed the Feet of Prisoners on Catholic Holy Thursday, Including Two Young Women and Two Muslims

Last Supper. old Russian.

Last Supper

Unknown Artist

15th-16th century?

Old Russian


Last night, Italian media reported that Pope Francisco Bergoglio performed the Holy Thursday ritual of the washing of the feet by washing the feet of prisoners at the Roman juvenile prison Casal del Marmo. He performed the rite inside the prison walls, where he washed the feet of 12 prisoners, including two girls. The prison chaplain, Fr Gaetano Greco, said, “In Buenos Aires, when he was a Cardinal, he allowed girls to participate in the ritual. We managed to persuade the Vatican to allow a female presence now that Bergoglio’s the pope”. Besides all that, the pontiff washed the feet of two Muslims. The rite of foot washing takes place in Christian churches on Holy Thursday, in memory of how Jesus washed the feet of His 12 Apostles at the Last Supper.

29 March 2013



Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pope Francisco Refuses to Live in Spacious Papal Apartment

00 Pope Francisco Bergoglio. 16.03.13


On Tuesday, citing his spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi, the BBC reported that Pope Francisco Bergoglio opted to stay at a modest two-room residence instead of moving to the grand papal apartment on the top floor of the Vatican‘s Apostolic Palace. Pope Francisco decided to stay in the Domus Sanctæ Marthæ hotel-style residence inside Vatican City, where he lived with other cardinals during the conclave that saw him elected earlier this month. The BBC quoted Lombardi as saying, “This morning, he let his fellow cardinals know that he’d keep living with them for a certain period of time”. Lombardi explained the pope’s decision as a desire for “a simple life” and said that Pope Francisco would live there for “a certain period of time”. In refusing to move to the palatial penthouse apartment with more than a dozen rooms, staff quarters, and a large terrace, Pope Francisco broke an over-century-old tradition. On March 13, a conclave of cardinals elected Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires the 266th Pope of Rome, becoming the first Latin American to lead the Catholic Church.

27 March 2013



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