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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bishop Longin Zhar Attacked Americans for their Role in the Ukrainian Civil War

00 evil uncle sam. 28.05.14


Vladyki Longin Zhar, Bishop of Banchensk, Vicar of the Diocese of Chernovtsy (UPTs/MP), called “The Father of 400 Orphans”, preached an extremely harsh sermon against the Ukrainian Civil War and the against the so-called Ukrainian “leadership”, which he called “cursed” and “Servants of Satan”. Moreover, he urged Ukrainian believers not to send their children to death, as it’s contrary to the Orthodox faith.

Bishop Longin on the Mobilisation

I urge you to be as one… don’t send your children to death! Our Orthodox faith doesn’t allow us to kill each other. They want us to kill our people, who live in peace and in God, for the sake of their petty political interests, for the sake of their business, to defend their leadership positions. My dear ones, you should NOT shoot and kill. God gives life and He takes it. Ukrainian leaders said, “The Orthodox faith is the greatest enemy of the Ukraine”. That’s what these oddballs said; that’s the unvarnished truth, they’re all blind.

Bishop Longin on the Victims of the Conflict in the Ukraine

How can you pick up arms and shoot at God’s creation? He, like you, has a mother, wife, and child. Who’s forcing us to kill each other? What was secret is now obvious… tens of thousands have died, but they claim that it’s only been hundreds. I do NOT bless you to take part in this war. We should act as peacemakers. About 10,000 soldiers died in this war, they don’t even tell their mothers that they’re no longer alive. I’m not involved in partisan politics, but the painful truth is that this war isn’t a war with an external enemy; it’s a fratricidal intramural war. The cursed leadership defends the USA, they want to see Orthodox people kill each other, meanwhile, they eat, drink, party, and make merry… all whilst blood flows in our holy homeland.

Bishop Longin on the Participation of the USA and the West in the Conflict

They will pay in full for the blood that stains their hands and their clothes. It’s all the handiwork of Damned Europe, of which the Holy Fathers said, “Don’t worship the beast”, and of America, who only sows hatred and bloodshed wherever it intervenes. Now, it watches us and enjoys the fact that Christians shed each other’s blood. Brethren, we all feel ourselves on the threshold of a Third World War. That’s why I appeal to you… Repent! I’m grateful that all the villages of Bukovina, that all its people rose up. We all say the same thing… “We won’t give up our children unto death!”

Bishop Longin on the Current Ukrainian Leadership

I’ll never commemorate the damned “leaders” of our country in the Divine Liturgy; they’re unbelievers with no fear of God, who sit in the seat of power and hand out orders to murder. There’s only one prayer possible for people like that… “Lord, if you still can, enlighten them, because they’ve taken darkness and Hell upon themselves”. They don’t want anything other than bloodshed, in which they find pleasure. They’re Satanists! They’re Servants of the Evil One. If they don’t stop what they’re doing, then, God will stop them, but only at the cost of great suffering.

16 September 2014

Tatyana’s Day



I was listening to the TV news today, and the absolute ignorance and hate poured out by Republican congressmen on our Russian motherland was just mindboggling. It’s clear that no Orthodox Christian can support any Republican candidate or support its theomachistic ideology. This is especially true of Anglo konvertsy… who’re in bed with godless Republicans. This is especially true of so-called “Ancient Faith Radio”, which indifferently associates with godless Evangelicals (“Jayzuss” isn’t related to the Lord Christ, and that’s that… a Russian bishop called them “Christian atheists”, and I agree wholeheartedly). They not only push theologically suspect notions (like the “toll houses”… a notion that the Church told us NOT to discuss), they also spread unreasoning hatred in Church circles, especially in re those that they consider “homosexuals” (I seem to notice that their “gaydar” is FUBAR… look at how WHO they support… I rest my case).

We face the same sort of evil here. The Republican Party worships Unbridled Evil… it bows low before the Almighty Dollar. Evangelicalism is nothing but a religious apologia for such Evil… it has little, if any, relation with real historical Christendom. Lex orandi, lex credendi… as one worships, so one believes. Indeed… it’s clear that Evangelical worship isn’t Christian liturgy, so, it’s clear that they aren’t Christians. We associate with such trash at our peril.

Anglo America stands for objective evil… and the Republican Party is the main source of that evil (“Winning is the only thing”). That’s that. It’s time to raise our voice…


Thursday, 31 July 2014

Anti-War Activism in Bukovina and Podkarpatskaya Rus Shows Widespread Hatred of and Opposition to Bloodthirsty Uniate Junta in Kiev

00 antiwar protest. Galicia. Ukraine. 30.07.14



Peasants in Chernovtsy Oblast in the Western Ukraine protested against a new wave of army mobilisation. They said, “We don’t want war… we want peace. We don’t need that war. We didn’t raise our kids to go to war… we won’t give them our children. Yatsenyuk, you shouted, ‘Better a bullet in the forehead’… so, go to the front yourself! Let those who shouted on the Maidan go to war, but we didn’t seek war. We are one village… one big community. We won’t let anybody go to war… neither my husband nor anyone else’s. We won’t send our sons, nor their parents. They started it… it’s their business. We’ll lie down in the road… we won’t let them take our sons”.


According to Zik.ua, on 22 July, in Bogorodchany in Ivano-Frankovsk Oblast, residents from surrounding villages held a rally in front of the raion RGA* building and Raion Soviet building denouncing the mobilisation. A separate report in Vesti quoted the soldiers’ relatives as saying that the junta used their sons “cannon fodder”, they also said, “Let the children of officials, judges, and procurators go to the front, only then will we allow ours to go”. Then, locals broke in the local military registration building and burned all the official documents on the mobilisation. The newspaper also reported other protests in Yaremche in Ivano-Frankovsk Oblast and Sambor in Lvov Oblast. A video published by 112.ua showed soldiers’ relatives in Obukhov Raion of Kiev Oblast {that doesn’t include the Special City of Kiev: editor} blocking a road on 25 July, demanding that the junta send all soldiers back home and denouncing the junta’s military leadership.

*RGA: Raion State Administration… building for district administrative offices under a particular oblast

25 July 2014


Since the Rada ordered partial mobilisation for the so-called “Anti-Terrorist Operation”, protests broke out all over the country. On 28 July, Zik.ua reported that there were road blockades in seven villages in Bukovina. On the same day, mukachevo.net said that a group of about 50 women blocked the Chop-Kiev highway in Podkarpatskaya in protest against the mobilisation for the junta’s aggression in the East.

29 July 2014

Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in the Ukraine





This resistance is from the Lvovshchina and Podkarpatskaya… the junta IS in the deep doo-doo, for sure. The UGKTs does NOT have the support of the majority of the people… it merely has the best-organised body of thugs in the region (they’re even more vicious than Clan Balogh is… as the brutalisation of Fr Mikhail Shuvar showed to all comers). They seized the churches, not thorough democracy, but through violence and nastiness. In the 90s, the communists stood tall for the canonical Church, it’s why the UGKTs hates them so.

If you hear ANYTHING from “Ukrainian Catholic” sources, it’s lies… they’re nothing but the American/Canadian outlet of the UGKTs; they’re apologists for neofascist bullies and Euromaidan terrorists. The “Ukrainian Orthodox” are just as bad… they’re the diaspora affiliates of schismatical apostates (F A Denisenko IS under a personal anathema, after all). The so-called “Byzantine Catholics” are gutless craven cowards… they refuse to condemn the UGKTs and the junta, even though their people “on the other side” are fighting the junta! That’s spinelessness of the worst possible sort. In their silence, they spit on their own people! They enable repression in Podkarpatskaya and cheer on the oppressors through their mute refusal to stand up for their own blood kin. I never thought that I’d see that… I knew that the Unia was evil… but this is a new depth of depravity. They refuse to speak up… their silence betokens assent.

Speak up for the truth and for your own or be marked as evil. That’s the choice on offer. As always, choose well…


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

This is an Oldie n’ Goodie… “Ukrainianism”… an Old School Metropolia Definition

00 Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Talerhof. They all had faces... 2012



I don’t have either a URL or a title for the book that this came from. It’s from one of the Cabinet, and I thank them heartily for this. If you suck up to Uniates, you spit on the legacy the original immigrants fought for… full stop. The Uniates are the enemies of the Church, whether they realise it or not. The Unia is the Roman Curia’s Trojan Horse against Orthodoxy. We forget that at our peril. It’s time to “go back to the future”…



“Ukrainianism” is a senseless political invention imposed on the Little Russians of Galicia by the Austro-Polish-German politicians in cooperation with Archbishop Sheptitsky, the Metropolitan of the Uniate Church in Galicia. The German government of Galicia, seeing that the Galician Russians, in their national and cultural aspects, form one whole with the Russian people in Russia, took fright and began to have recourse to crafty “divide et impera” (divide and rule) and to violence, so that they might separate Galician Russians from Russian people in Russia, so that it might be easier to denationalise them. They forbade Galician Russians to call themselves Russians. Following Roman papist politicians, they imposed not only “Ruthenianism” upon them, but also “Ukrainianism”.

During the Austrian national census, they counted the Russian population in official statistics as “Ruthenians” and “Ukrainians”, they arrested and threw into prison anyone protested this official chicanery. Furthermore, they forbade the Russian population to learn the formal Russian literary language. The authorities fostered “Ukrainianism” for two purposes:

  1. To detach Little Russians outside of Russia from Russians in Russia
  2. To create through them a “Republic of Ukraina” from Russian Little Russia, composed of southern and southwestern Russian provinces, thus, weakening the Great Russian Empire both politically and Nationally

To make this “divide et impera” feasible amongst Galician Little Russians, Metropolitan Sheptitsky turned his ecclesiastical seminaries into political camps where he would Jesuitise all future clerics, to instruct them in the science of political propaganda, to spread “Ukrainianism” amongst Galician Little Russians. With particular cruelty, the Austrian rulers persecuted those Russians in Galicia who dedicated themselves totally to their nation and people, those who had exceptional respect, attention, and love from the ordinary people. The Austrians lodged many charges of treason against leading Galician Russians. For instance:

  1. The trial of Priest Ivan Naumovich and his colleagues in Lvov in 1882
  2. The trial of Kabalyuk and 94 peasants in Máramarossziget (Marmaroschsiget) in Carpatho-Russia in 1913
  3. The trial of the Gerovsky brothers (and here) in Czernowitz (Chernovtsy) in Bukovina in 1913
  4. The trial of Priests Sandovich and Gudima, along with the teachers Bendasyuk and Koldra in 1913

These are only episodes in the unequal battle for freedom carried on by the Russian people of Carpatho-Russia against their oppressors.

The Austrians subjected the Carpatho-Russian people to cruel persecutions, not only for their political aspirations, but also for their religious convictions. The Austrian authorities sentenced Carpatho-Russian peasants to many years of imprisonment (i.e. in Máramarossziget (Marmaroschsiget)), just because they didn’t want to be in Union with the Pope of Rome. In Galicia, the Austrian officials closed an Orthodox chapel, placing a placard on it forbidding anyone to enter. They claimed that it was because of contagious disease, which, of course, was untrue.

If the condition of the Russian people in enslaved Galician Russia was unbearable in peacetime, how dreadful were they at the beginning of the last war {World War I: editor}? As soon as Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia, they arrested more than 30,000 Russian people in Galicia, Bukovina, and Hungary, Austrian police and soldiers massacred them and subjected them to indescribable torture, throwing them into prison camps in Talerhof, Terezín (Theresienstadt), Kufstein, Spielberg, Arad, Vienna, Linz, etc. in Talerhof alone, in the course of a few weeks, more than 1,500 Russians died from beatings, disease, and hunger. The Austrians placed the survivors on trial. Although all of them were innocent according to both man’s law and God’s Law, the Austrian courts found them guilty, just because they were of the Russian nationality. The Austrians shot many of them (the first being the Rev Maksim Sandovich), putting them to death. During the first nine months of the Great War, the Germans and Magyars shot and hanged 20,000 people in Galicia, Bukovina, and Carpatho-Russia.



If you’re in the OCA and you support the junta pigs (or you claim to be neutral), you spit on the podvig of your great-grandparents. They died precisely because they confessed Orthodoxy and they confessed their Russian nationality. You shouldn’t listen to konvertsy fools like Hatfield, you shouldn’t listen to semi-Uniates like Dahulich and Jillions, nor should you listen to sellouts like Lyonyo Kishkovsky and Thomas Hopko. The old ways ARE the good ways… that’s what Orthodoxy is all about. Mistrust all clergy who wear “Greek” vestments in the Uniate style… they not only spit on our God-blessed traditions, they spit on the confession of Holy Orthodoxy that their forebears fought and died for. Don’t forget… the Jesuits at Fordham educated Dahulich (coincidentally, he’s the biggest advocate of spitting on our traditions and adopting Uniate ways)… fancy that. So was Hopko, for that matter. Jillions worked for the Uniates… do you see a pattern here? You may follow the fearless confession of Ss Maksim Sandovich and Aleksei Kabalyuk, Blessed Gavriil Kostelnik, and Fr Mikhail Shuvar… or you may follow the spineless surrender to the Unia of Hopko, Lyonyo, Jillions, and Dahulich… it’s up to you.



Editor (31.07.14 addition):

I got the following:

The author is the late Very Rev Peter Kohanik.

Thank you!


Friday, 28 February 2014

Metropolitan Vladimir Sadodan in Hospital, Can’t Speak nor Sign Documents

01 President Yanukovich with Vladimir Sabodan Easter kiss


Archpriest Georgi Kovalenko, head of the Information Department of the UOC/MP, said that Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan of Kiev and all the Ukraine is in hospital. On Ekho Moskvy, Fr Georgi said, “The Metropolitan is in hospital. In mid-December, he was in ​​therapy. Unfortunately, now, His Beatitude can’t speak nor can he sign documents”. He pointed up that the Church recently elected Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky of Chernovtsy and Bukovina as locum tenens of the Kiev Metropolia, to make decisions and to make statements for the good of the Church. Metropolitan Vladimir remains the First Hierarch, he retains that title and position for life, but the locum tenens actually carries out his duties. Fr Georgi noted, “If, God willing, His Beatitude recovers enough to serve and to sign documents and make decisions, then, he’ll return to his duties. If the Lord calls our First Hierarch, after 40 days of mourning, we’ll elect a new First Hierarch of the UOC/MP”.

In Fr Georgi’s view, in such difficult times, the Church needs a “prayerful archpastor”, and Metropolitan Onufry agrees with that. He said, “[Metropolitan Onufry] is known for his unquestioned moral authority. In administrative matters, there’s no problem… we have a Chancellor, all the offices and departments of the Synod are working in good order. Of course, there’s the issue of commemoration, should we start to name Metropolitan Onufry at liturgy? I approached him, I offered to hold a media briefing after his appointment, but he replied, ‘It isn’t a time for talking; it’s a time for prayer’. Today, society doesn’t want fiery speeches and sermons. It wants to see that there are, indeed, time-tested elders, full of spiritual wisdom and life experience, whose prayer and words are authoritative for all the Ukraine“.

27 February 2014



Editor’s Note:

Sources tell me that the situation’s dire. Keep Metropolitans Vladimir and Onufry in your prayers. It’s what Christians do… that’s our part. Do it…


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