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Sunday, 2 March 2014

2 March 2014. THIS is What We Support When We Support the Timoshenko Junta… WHY, MR PRESIDENT?!

00 Ukrainian racist poster. 28.02.14

Demotivational popular amongst Svoboda sorts: “Moskali… Not only sinking into drunkenness and degradation. They also have niggerness”.


Bull Connor lives… and he prowls the Maidan with the Right Sector! The above is the sort of thing one finds on their websites.

Mr President Obama… withdraw your support from such racist filth… or, you give aid and comfort to American racists. It’s quite that simple. Cancel Kerry’s trip to Kiev… if he goes, you cover yourself with the racist muck that oozes out from the kleptocratic junta’s most fervid supporters. If you care about being anti-racist, you’ll end all support for the Timoshenko junta and let nature take its course. Otherwise, you, a black man, prove yourself an enemy to the cause of racial justice.

I doubt that they’ll listen… but I did have to say it. Pass it on, complain to your congressman, and don’t be silent. Otherwise, you side with the soulless bastards. ‘Nuff said…



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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

28 August 2013. Fifty Years of “I Have a Dream”… We Wuz on the Right Side!

00. 50th anniversary. I have a dream. Martin Luther King. 28.08.13


Fifty years ago, Dr Marin Luther King made his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. I’ll not linger on it… the details are available in other places, in more detail and better-put than I could do it. However, I’d like to point up one thing. We Orthodox Christians were on the side of Dr King…. not Bull Connor and George Wallace. After all, Archbishop Iakovos Koukouzis of the GOAA was there on the podium to give Dr King his wholehearted support. That is, we Orthodox supported the activist “progressives”, NOT the racist reactionaries. It’s something for we ethnic Orthodox to remember and for the konvertsy to pause and think about.  Just sayin’…


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