Voices from Russia

Friday, 15 June 2012

15 June 2012. Lest We Forget… The New Martyrs of the Butovo Poligon… They Did NOT Die in Vain




At the NKVD poligon (training base) in Butovo in Moscow Oblast, thousands died during the time of the repressions. This should be a lesson for us. Some of the Stalinists were like religious zealots, and acted in an identical manner. Butovo wasn’t only a place of past events… it’s a warning of future horrors, if we don’t attend to cautionary signs. In America, there are people as violent and single-minded as some of the early Reds… I’m speaking of the Born Agains. They’re fanatics and they’d not hesitate to have a Butovo here to incarnate their fantasies and notions. That’s why we remember the past… so as to not repeat it. Keep Randall Terry in mind… that should scare you.

It was a horror in the past… it’d be a horror in future, too. Lest we forget…



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