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Sunday, 22 February 2015

22 February 2015. Some of My Favourite Things… Bayan Miks and Denis Maidanov… Мы с тобой одной крови (We Share One Blood)




This vid makes the point that Byelorussians, “Ukrainians”, and Russians are one people, of one blood, united indissolubly and inextricably. Either you believe in this or you believe in the racist rant “the Ukraine for Ukrainians only”. You may believe in godly Orthodoxy or in the counterfeit Unia. Those amongst us who suck up to Uniatism are the enemies of Christ… full stop. The worst are those ROCOR First Families sorts who pander to phony Jesuit “archimandrites” and who allow themselves to be photographed with Uniate “clergy” (at a time when our coreligionists in Novorossiya suffer under Uniate bombardment and aggression… have they no shame?).

We ARE one blood. Oppose ALL those who say otherwise and who suck up to our Uniate foes…



Saturday, 13 July 2013

Thousands Queue In Russia to See Religious Relic

00 Cross of St Andrew. St Petersburg, Kazan Cathedral. 13.07.13


On Saturday, officials said that around 65,000 people queued for hours in St Petersburg to see a religious relic brought from Greece, in the latest sign of the Orthodox Church’s influence in post-Soviet Russia. The Cross of St Andrew… said to be a relic of the X-shaped cross on which Apostle St Andrew the First-Called was crucified… was placed in St Petersburg’s Kazan Cathedral (Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God) on Thursday after arriving from its historic home in Patras in Greece. A representative of the Foundation of St Andrew the First-Called, which helped bring the cross to Russia, told RIA-Novosti that there were some 65,000 visitors in just the first days of its display, and that the numbers are increasing all the time.

The cross came from Greece as part of commemorations of the 1,025th anniversary of the Baptism of the mediaeval Slavic state of Rus. The queue to see the relic snaked all around the cathedral with the faithful having to wait for several hours to venerate the relic. Local officials said that the atmosphere in the queue was cheerful. Tatiana Koroliova, 60, told AFP, “It’s a great event for all Orthodox. I came especially to St Petersburg from my house in the country which is 200 kilometres (125 miles) away”. The excitement recalls the frenzy that surrounded the appearance of the Belt of the Virgin Mary in Russia in 2011… also on loan from Greece… which attracted gigantic queues when it arrived in Moscow.

The communists suppressed the Orthodox Church, but it’s staged an astonishing recovery in post-Soviet Russia to become one of the country’s most powerful institutions. Symbolically, the Cross of St Andrew cross is being shown in the Kazan Cathedral in St Petersburg, which under Communism was a museum of atheism. However, the anti-Kremlin opposition accused the Orthodox Church under its powerful Patriarch Kirill of meddling in politics and instigating the harsh treatment of the Pussy Riot punk group. Two members of the punk collective are serving two-year prison colony terms for performing an anti-Kremlin song inside a Moscow church, in a case that divided Russian society. The relic is due to stay in St Petersburg until Monday, and then be taken to Kiev in the Ukraine, Minsk in Belarus, and to the Russian capital of Moscow before returning to Greece on 2 August.

13 July 2013



Editor’s Note:

The journey of the Cross of St Andrew is so “newsy” that even the Western press agencies are covering it. Take all Western reportage on the Rodina with a block of salt… much of it is nothing but meretricious and lying pro-crapitalist propaganda (especially, mistrust “Orthodox” lickspittles such as Sophia Kishkovsky and Serge Schmemann… they’ve sold out for the proverbial “mess of pottage“). Look at the inclusion of a blurb on Pussy Riot… most Russians don’t give a shit about these zapadniki poseurs… only a small English-speaking minority in Piter and the Centre do… and the clueless Westerners just eat it all up. However, don’t argue with Amerikantsy idiots about it… it’ll do you no good, it’ll just frustrate you to no good end, and it’ll just drive the Fox News propaganda deeper into your interlocutor’s (shallow) mind. Do mind this, though… the worst, most fanatic, and most closed-minded Amerikantsy are found amongst the “Orthodox” konvertsy… fancy that. Have a care…


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Pope Francisco sez the Vatican Would Help to Improve Relations Between Belarus and the West

00 Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God of Budslav. 09.07.13 – Resized

Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God of Budslav


00 Budslav BELARUS. Catholic procession. 09.07.13

Catholic religious procession in Budslav


Interfax learned at a press conference given by the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus following the meeting of Apostolic Nuncio to Belarus Claudio Gugerotti with the Pope of Rome that Pope Francisco Bergoglio expressed his sympathy for the people of Belarus and stated his willingness to commit the Vatican to help improve relations between Belarus and the West. The spokesman noted, “The Pope asked me to convey his sympathy and solidarity with Belarus, especially, to those who suffer, and expressed the hope that relations with the West could improve with the help of the Holy See, through respect, dialogue, and understanding”.

During the audience, the Pope also said that he was pleased to express solidarity with Belarus through a special gesture… the sending of Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran as extraordinary envoy to the celebrations in Budslav. The spokesman went on to say, “The Pope promised to pray for the success of the mission of the cardinal. His Holiness gave his blessing to the Catholics of Belarus, he knows what loyal, faithful, and keen children of the Catholic Church they are after the great trials of the past. Pope also asked to convey his greetings to all Belarusians, especially the brothers of the Orthodox Church“.

Meeting in early June with the Apostolic Nuncio, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko observed that the Vatican could play a great role in facilitating relations with the EU, saying, “I have to thank you for your kind attitude towards Belarus, I’m grateful to the Catholic Church and the Vatican for the support you give us in the international arena, particularly, in the facilitating relations with the EU. It doesn’t matter if your efforts succeed or not, for I know that you’re truly sincere. I know that many of the leading figures in the Vatican share your position; some of them want to visit Belarus. Tell the Vatican that we’re always happy to receive them here”. As reported, a papal envoy, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, will participate in the celebrations to mark the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God of Budslav in the Bernardine Church on 5-6 July.

25 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

A Cabinet member said:

I’m surprised they haven’t killed him… as they did JP I.

I replied:

Perhaps, they tried, but Francisco beat the fascists in Argentina, so, it’s not hard to imagine him beating their American cousins. He’s TOUGH…

The CIA did involve itself in the deposition of Ecumenical Patriarch Maximos Vaportzis in 1948 (it was one of the more sordid episodes of the early Cold War), and rumour gives it a role in the death of Pope John Paul I Luciani (I’m not committing one way or the other… you pays your money and you takes your choice). That is, Langley’s hands were bloody in the past, so, present skulduggery isn’t beyond them. The collaboration of Potapov with Langley is disgusting and vile (and the general collaboration of the konvertsy with the Far Right is equally depraved and sordid… their “Pro-Life” bleats notwithstanding). That a priest would ally himself with such… it’s mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Another Cabinet member said:

You know, it sounds utterly scandalous even to say it, but many in American Orthodoxy will pay closer heed to what the Bishop of Rome says than anything that might come out of the MP or the Phanar. That seems to be the state of things.

Indeed. However, as Pope Francisco reveals, more and more, his LEFT stance, watch for the konvertsy to change their tune. After all, they spit on the Catholic social teachings now, in union with their rightwing “Catholic” pals. Groups such as the Acton Institute and the so-called Thomas More Law Center are NOT in sync with the Pope of Rome, and never shall be. They’re unashamed and unrepentant REBELS whose only motive is to justify the thievery of the Affluent Effluent. Does that mean that the Orthodox konvertsy are greedy, juvenile, and self-centred rebels, too? Shitbirds of a feather DO flock together… it’s a possibility…

Oh… a final note… Cardinal Tauran is vehemently anti-American… he opposes the American Hegemonic Project and opposes American warmongering throughout the world. Interesting, no?


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

18 June 2013. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… “Sextremist” Topless Protest Targets Belarus President Lukashenko

00 Ukrainian police. FEMEN protester. 18.06.13


On Tuesday, cops in Kiev dispersed self-styled “sextremist” topless protesters from the Ukrainian feminist group FEMEN overnight after they attempted to storm a building where Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko was staying, the group said on its website. President Lukashenko, once dubbed by American officials as the “last dictator in Europe”, is in the Ukrainian capital for a two-day official visit. The activists carried burning torches and with daubed slogans, including “Viva Belarus”, “Dictator, Get Out!”, on their bodies, tried to break through security at the residence in downtown Kiev where Lukashenko was staying. Ukrainian riot police prevented them from entering the building and rounded them up. The group said it staged the protest to remind Lukashenko of what it called “the brutal harassment” of FEMEN activists in the forest near the Belarusian town of Gomel in 2011, following another topless demonstration near KGB headquarters in the Belarusian capital of Minsk. FEMEN said their protest also aimed to highlight the plight of independent journalists in Belarus who they claim have “disappeared” after criticising the Lukashenko régime, and of hundreds of political prisoners allegedly “illegally” held in Belarusian prison camps. The group also cited the case of the men who jailed and executed “without any proof” for their alleged role in a deadly bomb attack on the Minsk subway in 2011. The group said in a statement on its website, “FEMEN calls the world to psychological war with dictators! Watch them night and day, don’t let them act!”

In recent weeks, FEMEN carried out a series of high-profile protests abroad. On Monday, FEMEN activists issued a statement on their website saying they “can no longer watch passively” whilst Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan uses force against demonstrators on Istanbul’s Taksim Square, which has been at the centre of mass riots in the country for over a fortnight. The group appealed for money to pay for travel to Turkey, where they threatened to “fight chest to chest” against what it called the “dictatorship” of Erdoğan. In May, Tunisian police arrested FEMEN activists from France and Germany after they made a topless protest in front of Tunisia’s Palace of Justice, after the arrest of a local FEMEN activist following an earlier protest. FEMEN began in the Ukraine in 2008, initially, to protest on women’s rights issues. The group has since made headlines with topless protests around the world on a variety of other political issues.

18 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

It takes all kinds! These gals have figured out that if you give the media “T & A”, you’ll always get publicity. They aren’t dumb blondes, that’s for sure. The Ukrainian coppers in the image seem nonplussed, though. That’s part of their strategy, too. As I said, they’re not dumb blondes…


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