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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Vandal Spray-Painting Cathedral Nabbed by Cabbies


On Tuesday, local police in Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East said that taxi drivers tackled a vandal caught spray-painting the walls of a city cathedral. A police press release stated, “On Tuesday night, taxi drivers who were on Komsomolskaya Square saw a man in dark clothing wandering around the Assumption Cathedral. One of the drivers figured out that the stranger was spray-painting the cathedral’s walls”. The driver called police, then, he dashed up to the vandal together with a colleague. The man was unable to escape. Later, the perp failed to give a reason for his actions. He may face a criminal case of vandalism. If convicted, the authorities could lock him up for three years.

17 April 2012



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Editor’s Note:

This shows a proper civilian response to an actual crime in progress. The cabbies called the cops, but when they saw that the perp was actually committing a crime (spray-painting graffiti on a church building IS a crime), they knocked him down and held him until the coppers got there. There was no untoward or unnecessary violence. I’m certain that the cabbies used VERY direct methods and that Miss Manners mightn’t have approved of some of their language. Popeye would’ve approved of their actions and their words… so do I. The perp better pack his long-johns and ushanka… he’s gonna be bustin’ rocks under the Arctic sun in the Sakha Republic for the foreseeable future, if my guess is correct. The cabbies were eatin’ their spinach… good on them!


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