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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

13 November 2012. First Reactions from the Cabinet on Lyonyo’s Coronation of Mollard


Here’s some reactions from the grapevine:

Yup, another “former” Episcopalian… now “Orthodox“. Today, “OCA” means “Eastern Rite Episcopalians”.

Tikhon’s a decent guy, but a BISHOP? and, now, Metropolitan? It’s finished.

My reply to the second grape was:

It’s like the scene in the movie Patton, where you hear, “Das ende, das ende, er ist das ende” as the German staff officers burn their papers as the Red Army approaches. You’re right… it’s over… but it’ll be slow and messy.

I’ve heard no joy from real Orthodox over Mollard’s “election”. He’s only got support from Lyonyo, Peterson, Jillions, and Bobby; he’ll have to be their puppet or else. He’ll dance to their tune… he likes his Cadillac Escalade too much… all they’ll have to do is to threaten to cut off his gravy train. As I said, Mollard’s a “nice guy”… and all too many will forget that “good” and “nice” are NOT synonyms.




Sunday, 11 March 2012

11 March 2012. Suspended OCA Deacon Pasonick Gets a Year in the Slam… NO News of It on oca.org (Of Course)


Click here for a news report on suspended OCA Deacon Michael Pasonick getting a year’s worth of the slam and a 250 G fine (rather a “slap on the wrist, if you were to ask me). Earlier, I wrote:

The Feds found Deacon Michael Pasonick guilty on corruption charges and his lawyer’s pulling shyster tricks in an attempt to keep him out of the slam. Click here for a link to back what I’m saying. Once there, look on the right-hand side of the webpage, it’ll give you all the info that you need to access more information on this scumbag. The good word has it that Fr John Kowalczyk wanted Posonick made a priest. The buzz is that Kowalcyk’s Herman’s spy (Hermie’s Uriah Heep, if you will)… several sources tell me that Kowalczyk was snooping around on Memorial Day (is Herman the real OCA bishop in Eastern PA?)… tells you volumes, no? Some say that Kowalcyk’s a major problem in Eastern PA… Tikhon Mollard is a gutless Cadillac Escalade-driving punk… he lets Kowalczyk run the store.

At that time, a kitchen cabinet member sent me this:

You know, some time ago you wrote that the whole “old order” as we knew it (with its respective ROCOR and OCA royal families and Good Ole Boys clubs, etc) is collapsing, and that something completely new is emerging in its place. This is precisely right. The problem is that the members of said royal families, Good Ole Boys clubs, et al, know this as well, and they’re terrified. The notion of a world where being Schmemann’s grandniece-in-law twice removed, or an Ossorgin relation, or whatever will not settle an argument is too much for them to handle.

I withheld comment on l’Affaire Pasonick for a few days for two main reasons:

  • I wanted to see if oca.org would run any comment
  • I wanted to ferret out some more intel on the situation

As for the first proposition, does it surprise anyone that oca.org said NOTHING, not even a “we’re not responsible for Mr Pasonick’s actions, and they don’t reflect on the OCA”. This has become all too familiar… Fathausen always DENIES. He’s a juvenile self-centred dweeb, who refuses to reply to people that he finds inconvenient, who simply lies when confronted with previous statements and actions. It’s following a pattern. Fathausen refused to publicise his suspension of Ray Velencia. Fathausen refused to allow publication of the Holy Synod‘s actions against Dickie Wood. Now, Fathausen refuses to speak when a former OCA clergyman goes to the slammer. Ray Velencia calls himself “Father Raymond Velencia” in his court papers, yet, as a disgraced and suspended clergyman, that’s not appropriate, fitting, or truthful. I’d say that ANY judge would perk up his ears if he heard that Sir Ray was no longer a priest in good standing… it’d torpedo his case for sure, and the shit would hit the fan, spraying the OCA apparat with its noisome ordure. Oh… I was NOT called by the OCA Holy Synod for anything connected with his suspension… I thought that you’d like to know that. THIS is what Fathausen’s brought the OCA… secrecy, duplicity, and a noxious hyper-clericalism. The upshot of all of this has been that a priest was sued during the first week of the Great Lent by another priest… THAT’S the bitter fruit of Fathausen’s thumb-sucking California New Age blather. Is this what YOU want?

As for the second point, I received the following from a kitchen cabinet member:

I think that he’ll face a spiritual court and be defrocked. He’s dirty. Some were pressuring the bishop to ordain him to the priesthood because he was a big donor to STS. [Pasonick’s] attached to the OCA cathedral in Wilkes-Barre PA, and was on the STS Board of Trustees for many years. He was a student at STS, years ago, and provided some of the funds for the new dorms and bookstore. However, somebody told the bishop that [Pasonick] was secretly cooperating with FBI, so he didn’t ordain him.

You can believe that or not, as you will. As for me, I find it very probable. Oh… one last thing… Pasonick served as a deacon with Fathausen at St Tikhon’s Memorial Day 2010 when Fathausen concelebrated openly and freely with Feodosy Lazor and Herman Swaiko. Remember that whenever you hear fulminations about homosexuality from ANY OCA hierarch. If “birds of a feather” flock together, what does that tell you about Fathausen’s proclivities? Methinks the pot doth call the kettle black…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 11 March 2012

Albany NY

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