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Friday, 26 January 2018

A Smile from the Babylon Bee… Russian Orthodox Church Accused of Interfering With Doctrine of Election


On Thursday, the nation’s agitated soteriologically Calvinistic Christians released another statement alleging that the Russian Orthodox Church has, and continues to, meddle in the historical Christian Doctrine of Election. A Reformed pastor, who declined to give his name, complained:

One can hardly read the comments under my blog without some mention of the Patriarch of Moscow, or #ReleaseTheWillFromBondage. The Russians have clearly weaponised their faulty theology against our precious doctrine. They think they have an ability to choose… but this is our election, and Totally Depraved Americans won’t stand for it!

Facebook and Twitter are feeling pressure to censor pro-Russian Orthodox dogma, which overran the two social media platforms through automated robotic posts. You can identify these Russian bots by their frequent use of icons, in contrast to the stoic emoticons familiar in Reformed social media posts. Russian President Vladimir Putin denied the charges of Russian Orthodox interference, saying:

Election is hardly a Russian concern.

However, American Calvinists are still fuming over the wilted tulips he recently posted on Instagram, claiming the Russian leader’s predestination is certain.

25 January 2018

Babylon Bee


Monday, 13 February 2012

13 February 2012. A Point of Unity… The Great Lent’s Sneaking Up on Us… It’s Time for the Carnevale di Venezia









Ash Wednesday for Catholics is 22 February, nine days from now… that means that Catholic Carnival is around the corner. That usually tells us that Maslenitsa‘s on the way a week later. This year, Catholic Easter’s on 8 April (yours truly’s birthday), and Orthodox Easter’s on 15 April. For me, Maslenitsa means that the worst of the winter is OVER. There’s only four more weeks left of it, more or less. Don’t forget, Christians share MANY things in common… whether we be Orthodox, Catholic, or Reformation Protestant. Ponder this… we have virtually NOTHING in common with Sectarians (they’re closer to Muslims than they are to us Christians, yet, they hate Mulsims with a passionate intensity… go figure). The yearly “Christian Cycle” is one thing that Christians share… from Orthodox to Catholics, from Evangelical Lutherans to Anglicans, from Calvinists to Mennonites. That’s why the “Born Agains” are so obviously NOT Christian… there’s no “rhythm” to their “year”.

This year, Venice was hit with freezing weather (see the image above), but the festivities are still rolling on, despite the lowest temps in eighty years. It takes MUCH more than mere cold to get life-affirming and ever-inventive guineas down. They’ll just put on their long undies and party hearty… that’s the ticket! If there’s one thing Italians know, they know that politics comes and goes, it’s an ephemeral thing, but life DOES go on, it doesn’t change, so, they know what to emphasise. As for me, I stand with the merry and well-grounded guineas… they know what’s what, who’s who, and what’s real (and what’s not)… and those aren’t bad things to know, are they?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 13 February 2012

Albany NY 

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