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Friday, 14 February 2014

14 February 2014. oca.org Marks Anniversary of Mollard’s Consecration… But Has NO Word on the Holy Synod’s Decision in re Storheim Nor Did It Issue Condolences to the Sakhalin Shooting Victims

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Talk about misplaced priorities! The layabouts at oca.org promptly posted a fluff piece on Mollard’s tenth anniversary of his consecration… but are SILENT on what the Holy Synod decided in re the convicted perv Storheim (if they decided anything at all) and REFUSED to give condolences to the families of the victims of the recent tragedy in Sakhalin.

This gives us three takeaways… firstly, it proves that oca.org is full of obsequious running dogs. Their attitude is, “Let’s all clap in unison, and let’s make sure that we mark down who stops applauding or (worse yet) those who’re only pretending to applaud!” (That is, they and their ROCOR analogues are Stalinist toadies of the most foul sort… Potapov included.) The most important thing in that piece of fluff was that Mollard became a “professor” at STS immediately upon graduation. There are interesting rumours about Mollard and Herman… this only deepens them. You don’t make an immature smarkacz of 27 as a professor at a seminary forming clergy… it’s irresponsible and reckless. Mollard was no expert in ANYTHING. Indeed, the only reason he got the white hat is that he’s so bovine that he won’t rock the boat (things will get worse due to his inattention and incompetence, but it still won’t get as bad as it could be if Fatso were still at the helm).

Secondly, the OCA isn’t “transparent” (why are you quiet, Gregory Nescott? Does power mean so much to you that you’ll do anything to keep it?). Justice Mainella threw the book at Storheim on 24 January… THREE WEEKS AGO. The OCA has done NOTHING. NOTHING… they’ve done NOTHING. The Canadian Press wrote:

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Christopher Mainella said in an oral decision that lasted for two hours, “I don’t believe the testimony of the accused. The accused wasn’t credible about his behaviour. He … provided nonsensical answers and wasn’t consistent in his version of events”.

That’s strong medicine and big juju coming from a judge speaking on the record. In short, Judge Mainella expected the OCA to get its justice mojo going… but the OCA did NOTHING to discipline this convicted perv. It hasn’t even issued a reprimand or real statement of its intentions in re Mr Storheim… no doubt, on the advice of their shyster lawyers. It’s been THREE WEEKS, kids… you can’t say that I didn’t give ‘em enough time. Then again, they just issued personnel notices that were six- and five-months-old. In an age of smartphones, e-mail, and internet websites… it took SIX MONTHS. That’s irresponsibility and incompetence writ large… and no one dares “bell” Lyonyo or his stooge Jillions. Trust me, one could post such things in five minutes… we should post such things (at least) monthly, and we should post about ordinations BEFORE they happen, so that objections (if any) can reach the bishop BEFORE he makes a foolish mistake.

Thirdly, oca.org doesn’t acknowledge the shooting incident in Sakhalin. HH acknowledged it… his condolences were on the homepage of patriarchia.ru. Sakhalin is MUCH closer to the Diocese of Alaska than Syosset is (this diocese has the largest number of OCA parishes in any given US state), and many Alaska Native people have contacts in the Russian Far East (especially, with other indigenous folks). The OCA is a semi-autocephalous dependency of the MP… no way is it a full autocephalous Local Church… without the Centre’s imprimatur, the OCA would be a fringe group (just like the Paris Jurisdiction is). The shooting is BIG NEWS… indeed, if we believed in the catholicity of the Church, such condolences would’ve been up that very Sunday, just as HH’s condolences were. All that we needed to say was:

The Orthodox Church in America extends its condolences to the families and friends of those killed in the recent shooting in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. We ask all believers to pray for the repose of the dead and for the swift healing of those wounded. We ask all clergy to mention the victim’s names during the Proskomidi next week. The OCA shares the grief of its co-religionists in Sakhalin Oblast, which is so near to our own Diocese of Alaska.

Eternal be their memory…

That’s all that was necessary. It tells you something about Lyonyo… it tells you something about Jillions… it tells you something about Mollard… it tells you something about Lil’ Mizz Ginny… none of it good. God willing, we’ll begin to act as Christians should, for we’re not doing such now. As Archbishop Tikhon Dorovskikh said at the victims’ funeral:

May God grant that we’ve learned the right lessons from this tragedy. We shouldn’t cultivate hatred, nor should we curse the killer, for we learned a lesson about ourselves and about our society. We thought that we knew how to behave with others, that we were with Christ, that we were righteous, that we were trying to keep the commandments, that we were trying to see each person as an image and likeness of God, and that we were trying to love every person, no matter how unpleasant it seemed. Then, this love appeared… we must take it to ourselves, to place it in our hearts, only that will bring upon us God’s blessing and abundance. Then, and only then, will we have anything to give, and everyone around us will see that we’re really Christians.

You can heed this god-pleasing admonition, or you can follow the goofy arrant shit peddled over the years by Syosset, SVS, the HOOMies, and Platina (Rose and his “toll houses“… Bah! Humbug!)… that’s all that’s on offer. It’s up to you…


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