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Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Revival Will NOT be Televised… Canned Beans Very Popular in Moscow During Lent… The Revival IS Live!

01 Russian squash and bean soup

Squash and bean soup… a fave Russian nosh in the Fast…


Aleksei Nemeryuk, head of the Moscow City Department of Trade and Services, said that canned beans were a leader in the growth of demand for canned goods amongst Muscovites during the Great Lent. At a press conference on Thursday, he said, “Baked beans was the leader in growth amongst canned vegetables this year; the demand for them increased more than 30 percent. Consumption of mushrooms was up by 45 percent, vegetables and berries by 26 percent, kasha and oatmeal by 20 percent, and barley by 10 percent. The most popular cereal with buyers was buckwheat; the demand for it grew by more than 50 percent. The turnover in nuts and dried fruit increased more than 30 percent, whilst frozen vegetables and fruit increased 20 percent”.


You want PROOF that folks are keeping the Lent? Here it is! Note well that beans, long a jocular Lenten staple amongst in-the-know Orthodox, are leading the pack (which means that the other two mainstays of Russian Lent, boiled potatoes and stewed prunes, can’t be far behind). You were wondrin’ why the morning commute was suddenly more FRAGRANT? It’s those beans… TOOT! TOOT! Is biological warfare occurring on the elektrichka every morning? Perspirin’ minds wanna know (what will the Russian Army do without funky footcloths (portyanki) as a chemical weapon?)…

The Revolution will not be televised… the Revolution IS alive! (hat-tip to Gil Scott Heron)


10 April 2014



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