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Thursday, 4 December 2014

4 December 2014. WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? Do You Stand for the Racist Uniate American Carpetbagger Junta or Do Stand for the Patriots of Novorossiya?

00 Free Us from American Slavery. 2014


Oh, yes… not only has the USA put three non-Ukrainian carpetbaggers in the Uniate junta, the US forces wear the “Fritzie” helmet… the same style that the Nazis used. That picture could not only be a Nazi of 1942… it could be an American of 2014… not much difference in their MO, is there? “We’re going to plunder you to enrich our coffers”. Erich Koch said, “I don’t care if 50,000 Ukrainians die digging an anti-tank ditch for Germany”. Ted Cruz and John McCain say, “We don’t care if 50,000 Ukrainians freeze this winter, so long as the multinationals get their profits”. Not only are their helmets the same, their evil is the same, isn’t it… Republicans and Nazis… two related sorts of depravity. Who woulda thunk it?

Orthodox people… expose all those traitors who want to ally Christ’s Church with Mammon… no man can serve two masters… you can support Christ or you can support the Republican Party. Choose well…


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Poroshenko Appoints American Carpetbagger as Finance Minister… USA to Plunder the Ukraine Before the Junta Falls (They’ve Already Stolen the Gold!)

00 death to poroshenko! 09.08.14.

Have you ever seen the like? Poroshenko sells out the Ukraine to American and American-ruled carpetbaggers… how much of a cut are the Americans giving him for allowing them to rape the country? Remember… the neocon Republicans and interventionist Dems are seen for what they are (godless amoral thieves)… Orthodox people should see that JP, Dreher, Whiteford, Lyonyo, Webster, Freddie M-G, S A Schmemann, and Potapov (amongst others) support the theomachistic Anglo American drive for global hegemony.


Read this. The Americans have bared their fangs. They’ve already stole the Ukrainian gold reserves… they’re getting ready to strip the Ukraine of all of its movable wealth before the junta falls. Orthodox people should reflect that the asshats named above are helping the Anglo Americans in their godless aggression and theft. Mollard’s in Moscow… fancy that. God willing, HH will hold his feet to the fire. Now, it’s open… the Anglo Americans expose themselves as calculating common criminals and cruel mean-spirited barbarians. It’s now clear who the “white hats” in the Cold War were… THE SOVIETS! This shows America in all of its god-denying glory. America has been a crank enterprise ever since its juvenile and self-centred rebellion in the 18th century. Look at this news and weep. America the Greedy… eat shit and die, righties… this proves that neoliberalism is the foremost evil on earth.


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