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Sunday, 26 July 2015

26 July 2015. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky. To Russian Navy Day!

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. To Russian Navy Day! 2015



The Navy… as Tsar Aleksandr Aleksandrovich put it, “One of our faithful companions”. Today is its day. Our respect to all who serve afloat now, those who served at sea in the past, and to those involved in helping our great fleet in any way! Today, you can be proud, and we’re proud of you!

A Salute to the seas and oceans

A Salute to our navy’s sailors

The sea’s mysterious fogs

And long-awaited shores

Always meets the sea

The sun’s bright rays are upon you

You will set the mountains right

The rocks will be on your shoulders!


To your holiday, Navy friends!

26 July 2015

Masterskaya Karikatura


Friday, 17 July 2015

17 July 2015. No Comment Necessary Department… Hillary’s Grass Roots!

00 Andy Marlette. Grass Roots. 2015

Grass Roots?

Andy Marlette



Thursday, 16 July 2015

16 July 2015. NO Orthodox Christian Should HAve Anything to Do With Sleazy Anti-Abortion Group “Live Action”

00 Right Wing Lies. 160715


There’s a sleazy anti-abortion group calling itself “Live Action” that’s been caught more than once in deceptive and misleading edits of material released to questionable rightwing media outlets such as Fox News. Their tactics aren’t on the up-and-square, so no Orthodox Christian should have anything to do with them. Their videos are, charitably speaking, not what they appear to be. Of course, the rightwing eats it all up. Here’s some interesting material. I am NOT pro-choice… however, I REFUSE to use questionable tactics nor do I believe that those who do so are fit company for decent and Christian people. It speaks much about the konvertsy that they accept this rubbish uncritically. It speaks much about the Republican Party that it accepts such rubbish uncritically. NO, a thousand times NO. We should not have ANYTHING to do with liars and deceivers. Abby Johnson, I believe, is such. Have a care… there are truly gnarly people out there, and most of ’em look NICE. Do remember that “nice” and good are NOT synonyms.

NO… the Church is NOT allies with all who call themselves “Pro-Life”… I believe that and will state that to anyone, lay or clergy, it doesn’t matter. If you believe otherwise, you aren’t only my opponent, you’re against the “Mind of the Church” as well. We can NOT use deception for “good ends”… if we do so, the good transmutes into evil. Do think on that. It’s one thing to accept an evil situation (as did Patriarch Sergei Stagorodsky of Happy Memory)… it’s quite another to ally oneself openly with questionable elements (as did Jonas Paffhausen and his signature on the questionable “Manhattan Declaration”). After all, Patriarch Sergei had been in prison twice “for Christ’s sake”. I’d comment that none of the loudmouthed anti-abortion sorts have suffered likewise (certainly not Fatso). Have a care… the times are evil, and the rot is within the Church as well. “The foulest flowers of evil grow in the shadow of the altar…”


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

14 July 2015. Translated Russian Political Cartoon… We Didn’t Even Dare to Dream About This Earlier!

00 Aleksei Merinov. We didn’t even dare to dream about this earlier! 01. 140715


This is a Russian view of the Banderovtsy… who’re quite willing to sell out their country to the Anglo Americans. You see, they want to be the “little bosses” for the Anglos… just as they wanted to do the same for the Nazis. Don’t forget the Galician SS volunteers and the Trawniki-Männer… they murdered for Western interests in the past, so, it’s no stretch to see them doing it again, no?


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