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Sunday, 6 September 2015

MChS Rossii Issued Certificate to Rename Peak to DNR Climbers after Conquering Caucasian Peak

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Today, expedition leader Oleg Paly told us that his party of mountaineers received a preliminary certificate to rename a peak in the Caucasus after the Republic, saying:

We’ve received a certificate from the MChS Rossii authorising the rename, but the real work is still ahead of us. We have to reach agreement on an official name for the peak with the RF Mountaineering Federation… we’ve already passed on the necessary photos and our route map.

Paly noted that they carried out the climb on the unnamed mountain (3,795 metres-high (12,450 feet-high)) as part of a project “The DNR Flag over World Mountaintops”, timed to the Day of Liberation of the Donbass, saying:

We began our climb on 27 August and unfurled our flag on 1 September. In fact, the approach to the mountain took longer than the ascent itself. There were melting glaciers and rockfalls everywhere, we had to change our route, and attack the peak from the other side. The ascent was of the second-hardest (out of six possible categories) category, but those who’ll come after us will find it easier going.

Earlier, DNR mountaineers conquered Mount Elbrus, were they also hoisted the DNR flag. That event coincided with the Day of the Great Victory over Fascism. They later topped off at Mount Kazbek in Georgia. Then, they announced their plan of conquering an unnamed peak in the Russian Federation, followed by an application for awarding it the name of “Mount Donetsk Peoples Republic”. Originally, the climbers wanted to tackle one of the over-5,000-metre (16,405-feet) peaks, but it turned out that all the mountains of that size already had names.

5 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Putin Hugs Leopard Cub in Sochi

00 Putn and leopard in Sochi. 04.02.14


On Tuesday, President Vladimir Putin toured a Persian leopard breeding center in Sochi, stopping to pet a young feline. Putin personally drove International Olympic Committee officials to the Persian Leopard Breeding and Rehabilitation Center in a Lada Niva. There, he entered a leopard nursery to pet 6-month-old Grom (“Thunder”) in front of the cameras. He praised leopards’ sexual prowess after learning that they can mate up to 274 times a week when in heat. Moskovsky Komsomolets reported that Putin told one of the journalists, “Take example!” Grom, agitated by the crowd accompanying Putin, eventually snapped and attacked journalists, scratching one and biting another on the knee. This prompted Putin to linger after the crowd left, trying to calm down the cub. Putin, a noted animal lover, visited the leopard centre in Sochi several times since its opening in 2009. The centre, which now houses six adult Persian leopards and four cubs, is working to reintroduce the big cats into the Caucasus, where their population is now extinct. The Persian leopard, one of nine leopard subspecies, is a threatened animal, with its population in the wild believed to be no more than 1,200, mostly in Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan. Other animals Putin took interest in include tigers, polar bears, dogs, horses, cranes, and octopi.

4 February 2014



Editor’s Note:

VVP appears to have real rapport with animals… that’s a gift, you can’t learn it in school. He sincerely loves animals and the outdoors… and can’t get enough of both due to his work. If you compare VVP to George W Bush, Willard Romney, or Rush Limbaugh, you can’t help observing how petty and small they are in comparison to Putin. Like him or not, he’s a genuine human being and real statesman, not a blowhard politician.

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