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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Baba Mugged Outside Homestead PA Church


No… this isn’t the mugger… it’s one of the greedster businessmen who destroyed a town… think on it…


 An 82-year-old woman went home Thursday after spending two weeks first in the hospital, and then in rehab. She was discharged hours after 18-year-old Michael Duku of the North Side was taken into custody on charges including robbery, assault, and conspiracy. Police say Duku and another man shoved the elderly woman to the sidewalk two weeks ago after she attended Sunday church services in Homestead PA. Duku ran off with her purse. Fr Robert Buczak of St Nicholas Orthodox Church, where the woman was a long-time member of the congregation, said he paid several visits to the woman since she was assaulted. Fr Bob told KDKA-TV’s Ralph Iannotti that she’s in good spirits, adding, “She suffered a broken shoulder, broken orbital bones in her face, and a big cut above her eye. She’ll be in a sling for six to eight weeks now”. He said that the woman forgives the robbers who attacked her, then, he observed, “They would’ve gotten more in church, than they got out of her purse”. An eyewitness who recognised his mug shot identified Duku. A constable picked him up. Homestead Mayor Betty Esper said she was relieved to hear that at least one suspect has been arrested, saying, “You don’t want any church to feel that [parishioners] can come out of Sunday services after praying and they are afraid, you just don’t want that”. Duku is being held on a 75,000 USD (2.5 million Roubles. 78,000 CAD. 81,600 AUD. 57,000 Euros. 48,000 UK Pounds) bond.

29 August 2013

Ralph Iannotti

KDKA CBS 2 Pittsburgh


Editor’s Note:

Many of our old neighbourhoods have gone to the dogs. The major reason is that greedy businessmen have moved going enterprises to locales that give them more “profit”… destroying towns, neighbourhoods, and family ties in the process (but it puts more money in the rich man’s boodle bag… so, they call it “good”). None dare call it evil…



Thursday, 18 October 2012

“Nauseating” to “Intense”: American Media Swells with Debate Reaction

This requires no comment from me… it’s why no decent person can vote for Willard Romney… full stop…


For some, it was a “nauseating” pseudo-clash of wonky compassionless political automatons. For others, it was an “intense” and substantial clash on live TV of competing ideologies and visions for the immediate future of the USA. Whatever the perspective, on Wednesday, the American media was bursting with a torrent of opinions, assessments, and solemn pronouncements on the performances of Democrat President Barack Obama and his Republican rival for the White House, Mitt Romney, in their latest public debate. Here is a sampling of some of the best comments (and links to the full article) on online American media following Tuesday’s debate:

  • The headline in an article on the Forbes website moaned, “Romney vs Obama Was a Nauseating Draw, and Both Deserve to Lose”.
  • A television news anchor on CBS exclaimed, “We’ve never seen anything like that in presidential history. It was the most rancorous presidential debate ever”.
  • An opinion piece in the conservative Washington Times charged, “Another debate, another débâcle for America’s media”.
  • The New York Times stated in a report summarising the debate, “The exchanges were intense and personal”.
  • A pro-Obama analysis published on the Huffington Post website explained, “The result is a race that’s at once clearer and just as uncertain”.
  • The headline over a news story published on The Wall Street Journal website blared, “Candidates Tangle in Fractious Debate”.
  • Josh Gerstein, White House reporter for the Politico website, opined in an interview on Washington’s WTOP radio, “If it was a draw, I think the draw in this case goes to the president, because the onus was really on him to come out of his gate strong here, which he did”.
  • Using a term from baseball to describe when the batter takes a big swing and fails to connect with the ball, in a story labelled “analysis” on its website CNN asserted, “Romney Whiffs on Some Easy Pitches”.
  • Ron Fournier, veteran White House correspondent, complained in an article published by the National Journal, “Bottom line: Obama and Romney scored points while turning off independent voters with their point-scoring”.
  • Dave McConnell, congressional correspondent for WTOP radio, asserted, “President Obama came back big-time from the way he was a week ago”.

17 October 2012



Friday, 12 October 2012

Democrat Biden Wins Clear-Cut Victory in Vice-Presidential Debates


According to a CBS poll, Democrat Joseph Biden won a clear-cut victory in yesterday’s American vice-presidential debates; Biden polled 50 percent of the audience’s votes, whilst his rival, Republican Paul Ryan, got a mere 31 percent of the votes. However, according to CNN, Paul Ryan won by a narrow margin. This prompted the internet community to level scathing criticism at CNN. More than 100 commenters on the CNN website questioned the veracity of the CNN poll returns. Most site users are certain that Biden, beyond any doubt, won the debates.

12 October 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

There’s a reason why the polls differed. CBS is an “over-the-air” network and CNN’s a “cable-only” channel. Therefore, the CNN audience is more affluent, whiter, and more suburban. Is it any surprise that Ryan won their poll, then? This gives us a hint as to November. The Prez will win because the Republicans have pissed off moderate- and lower-income Americans (except for sectarian religious nutters in the American South and Mormonia). The GOP is barrelling “full steam ahead” for the abyss… whilst Romney cackles in moronic glee. It won’t be pretty…


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

29 November 2011. Video. THIS is What the Orthodox Rightwingers Believe About The Rodina… And Why You Must Fight Them With Everything That You’ve Got

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You can have the hatred spewed by the rightwing konvertsy… or, you can have the heroism embodied in the Rodina. One of these things is NOT like the other!  I’ve chosen… what about you?



This came from CBS, so, it’s as MSM as you can get. I’ve rarely seen such a tissue of lies, untruths, and downright mendacity. If you want to know what rightwing poseurs like Paffhausen, Potapov, Whiteford, and Reardon (and the konvertsy in general) believe about the Rodina, and, thus, about the Church in the Homeland, watch the above video. As they hate Holy Mother Rus, so, they hate Holy Mother Church, too. The Faith is embodied in the various cultures that it’s enlightened… it’s GREEK… it’s RUSSIAN… it’s SERBIAN… it’s “whatever”. However, it’s NOT “American”… for that would require an American to give up the idea of American Exceptionalism, to displace the Founding Fathers with the Holy Fathers, to embrace the Double Eagle of the Empire of Christian Rome, and to reject the Puking Buzzard of the American Free Market Hell-on-Earth. They won’t do that… the delusion of “America the Beautiful” is more important to them than God Almighty is. That’s why they’re not one of us now, they never were, and they’re incapable of being such. As for the above video, do remember, Zbig’s father was a member of the fascist Interwar ruling junta in Poland, and Zbig’s lies are nothing but a sorry rehash of the Interwar Polish idea of Prometheanism. After all, Zbig was the father of the Taliban. Anyone who hated and hurt the Russians was GOOD in his book. So, who’s the Godfather of 9/11? Zbigniew Brzeziński… NOT Osama bin Laden. It does give one pause for thought, doesn’t it?


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