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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

29 December 2010. A Point to Ponder…


We’re not going to ponder a thought… look at the picture above. It’s a snap of Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (1954- ) of Germany, taken when she was a young woman in the DDR, that is to say, communist East Germany. A few days ago, I posted a piece by Fr Vsevolod Chaplin on modesty. Whether one wants to agree with it or not, the communist governments of the Cold War period were hardly “permissive”. Indeed, the commies of today are far less accepting of perversity than most Western societies are. For me, this photo shows that Ms Merkel was formed in the socialist DDR, and US Republicans delude themselves if they think that she’s one of them. She was 35-years-old when the DDR fell, which meant that she was a fully-formed adult, not an impressionable child. The commies did much good… and we do violence to history to say otherwise. Whom would you want as your next-door neighbour? Would you want the Angela Merkel of the DDR years, or, would you prefer the greedy pill-popper Rush Limbaugh? I think that I’d choose the “commie zombies”… they’d be closer to God than a ravening and grasping Neoliberal. What about you?


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