Voices from Russia

Sunday, 23 November 2014

23 November 2014. Is It Siberia? NAW! It’s Buffalo NY in November!

00 snow. Cheektowaga NY. 22.11.14


This is Cheektowaga NY (that’s the Buffalo area, for them not in the know) on 18 November 2014… now, even for there, it’s EARLY for snow, especially, this amount. It DOES look like Siberia, but it’s upstate New York. I live in the Albany area… which is east, not west, but we’ve gotten some early snows and early frosts, too, but not as much. Oddly enough, this is an aspect of climate change, as friends up in Alaska tell me that ODD things are happening with the Arctic ice. It has to do with more moisture in the atmosphere caused by global warming (it seems contradictory, but it isn’t). Sorry, Rush Limboob and Ann Coulter… you STILL suck wind big-time…



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