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Sunday, 11 December 2016

11 December 2016. Russian Couple Save Frozen Cat in Chelyabinsk Oblast





This couple found a cat frozen in the snow in Zlataust in Chelyabinsk Oblast (in the Urals). They freed the furby from its frozen snare and took him home. The followup vid shows that the kotik is safe n’ sound and has a new loving home. This is from this year in late November.

By the way… here’s some trivia. “Zlataust” in Russian is the translation for the name of “Chrysostom”… therefore, “Ioann Zlataust” or “Ioann Zlataustago”… I thought that you might want to know that… the town is named for St John Chrysostom.



Sunday, 13 July 2014

13 July 2014. Only in Russia! Snow in the Urals in Mid-July

00 unseasonal snow in Chelyabinsk Russia. 13-07-14

This image is from late April… another unseasonal time for snow, but less unusual than mid-July


On Sunday, heavy rain in the town of Zlatoust in the South Urals suddenly gave way to a blizzard in a rare twist of weather for the summer. ITAR-TASS quoted Valery Semyannikov, an eyewitness, as saying, “It wasn’t just rain and snow, but real snowfall with snowflakes as white as during winter. It melted quickly, of course. A fantastic sight”. In some areas of Chelyabinsk Oblast, snow lay 5-10 centimetres (@ 2-4 inches) thick. It’s the first-ever mid-summer snowfall in the South Urals. The Chelyabinsk weather service predicted “wet and windy weather with moderate to heavy rain throughout the region, thunderstorms and soft hail in the east and ice hail in the mountains”.

13 July 2014

Voice of Russia World Service



“This is Siberia, but even we don’t get snow in July!” I’ll betcha that this one woke up more than one sleepyhead (not to mention more than one, “I’ll never drink that much again, no sir!”). Even Siberia has a summer (and a rather hot one at that)…


Sunday, 19 January 2014

19 January 2014. Hey, Hey, Hey, Fat Albert’s Jumpin’ in a Ice Hole Today! It’s Orthodox Epiphany!

00 Epiphany 2014. 19.01.14


00 Orthodox Epiphany on Lake Chebarkul. Chelyabinsk Oblast. 19.01.14

Blessing the ice hole on Lake Chebarkul in Chelyabinsk Oblast. That’s where the meteorite fell earlier in 2013. Betcha they’re all wearing their long johns


It’s Orthodox Epiphany (and here)! Chop a hole in that there ice, cross yourself, and hop in! It only counts if you duck yourself completely three times. If you ask nicely, maybe, one of your Puerto Rican friends will bring their stilts… after all, it’s Epiphany, which is Tres Reyes (Three Kings) in Spanish countries. Besides, don’t you want someone who KNOWS how to make GOOD hot coffee nearby (no self-respecting upright Spanish person would serve you No es café, as they’d lose face)? Brrr… I’ve done it… it’s COLD!

Have a lovely feastday… it’s the end of the Svyatki holy season, so, feast, feast, feast! God wills it!



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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

8 October 2013. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… 28 Prisoners Marry in One Day at Russian Penal Colony

00 Wedding in Russian Prison. 01a. 07.10.13


00 Wedding in Russian Prison. 02. 07.10.13


00 Wedding in Russian Prison. 01. 07.10.13


A penal colony in Russia’s Ural Mountains witnessed an unusual boom of weddings recently, with 28 of its male inmates getting married to women, some of whom they had just met, in one day. Local news site 74.ru reported that, on Friday, Strict-Régime Colony Nr 2 {equivalent to an American medium-security prison: editor} in Chelyabinsk Oblast held all 28 weddings in a banquet hall. Prison officials noted that the number was unusually high for a single session of the periodic weddings held at the facility. A video of the event showed dozens of brides in white dresses sitting at tables with their incarcerated grooms, who were sporting suits instead of their regular prison garb. The report noted that some of the couples met each other for the first time that day. After the ceremony, the authorities allowed the newlyweds to spend two days and a night together on the prison’s premises; later, they’d only be able to see each other only a few times a year.

7 October 2013



Editor’s Note:

Seeing IS believing. The Church has made great strides since 1988. The old Russian attitudes towards prisoners are returning, as these pictures illustrate (interestlingly enough, the communists agree with the believers… hell, most of the communists ARE believers, and better belivers than the “conservative” konvertsy poseurs in the American diaspora). The revival will not be televised… the revival IS alive (hat tip to the late Gil Scott-Heron)!


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