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Thursday, 30 April 2015

State of Maine Sends Ex-Greek Orthodox Priest Perv to Slam

01 behind bars in jail


On Monday, a Maine court sentenced a former Greek Orthodox priest convicted of sexually abusing a child to serve six-and-a-half years of a 12-year prison sentence. It also sentenced Adam Metropoulos of Bangor ME to three years of probation and ordered him to register as a sexual offender. A court convicted Metropoulos last month on four counts of sexual abuse of a child. He also pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. A former acolyte at St George Greek Orthodox Church said that the 53-year-old Metropoulos had sexually assaulted him, when he was a teenager. The man, now 23, testified that he often pretended to be asleep during the assaults. The victim said in an impact statement read by a friend that Metropoulos “stole my life”. Metropoulos apologised in court and expressed fear of prison.

29 April 2015




Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Local Monastery Student Pleads Not Guilty to Indecent Solicitation Charges

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According to authorities, a Libertyville IL man recently charged with indecent solicitation of a minor was in his fourth and final year of training to become a monk at the St Sava Serbian Orthodox Monastery near the village. On Wednesday, 29 October, Dario Spasic, 22, pleaded not guilty to charges of indecent solicitation of a minor under the age of 17, a Class 3 felony that carries a potential prison sentence of two to five years. A conviction can also result in a probationary sentence. Cops arrested and charged Spasic in September, after he allegedly agreed on the Internet to meet in person with someone he believed to be a 14-year-old boy. Officials said that he chatted online with a member of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Cyber Crimes Unit.

Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Stanton said Spasic, who’s from Ohio, was living on Milwaukee Avenue in unincorporated Libertyville when the incident took place. She said that he was in his fourth year as a student at the Serbian Monastery, also located on Milwaukee Avenue north of Libertyville. Spasic was initially jailed on 100,000 USD (4.32 million Roubles. 612,000 Renminbi. 6.14 million INR. 112,000 CAD. 114,000 AUD. 79,000 Euros. 62,500 UK Pounds) bond, but subsequently bonded out and the court allows him to live in Ohio with his parents, whilst being monitored by the court’s pre-trial services department. Stanton said the state had objected to allowing him to reside out of state prior to trial, but that he’s required to attend every hearing in person. He was present Wednesday for his arraignment before Judge George Bridges. According to sheriff’s police, Spasic used a social networking application to set up a 22.00 meeting with the boy that he thought was 14 years old, but instead of that, a sheriff’s office detective was waiting for him. according to the sheriff’s office , he allegedly told investigators that he set up the meeting “to engage in sexual activities”.

29 October 2014

Jim Newton

Libertyville (IL) Review


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Greek Orthodox Priest from Bangor ME Facing Kiddie Porn Charges

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On Monday, police arrested 52-year-old Fr Adam Metropoulos, a priest at St George Greek Orthodox Church, on charges of violation of privacy and possession of sexually explicit material. Bangor police said that they started investigating on Saturday when a woman complained that she thought that someone photographed or video recorded her without her permission or knowledge. District Attorney Chris Almy confirmed that Metropoulos faces charges of possessing child pornography. Metropoulos is in custody at the Penobscot County Jail on 10,000 USD (385,000 Roubles. 61,400 Renminbi. 609,000 INR. 11,000 CAD. 11,200 AUD. 7,800 Euros. 6,140 UK Pounds) bail and we couldn’t reach him for comment, nor could we determine if he has a lawyer. He’s been a priest since 2001 and used to teach high school chemistry.

16 September 2014




A judge ordered a Greek Orthodox priest held on 100,000 USD (3.85 million Roubles. 614,000 Renminbi. 6.09 million INR. 110,000 CAD. 112,000 AUD. 78,000 Euros. 61,400 UK Pounds) bail on a charge of possessing child pornography. On Wednesday, Deputy District Attorney Mike Roberts said that police originally began investigating 52-year-old Fr Adam Metropoulos when a woman complained that he’d photographed or videotaped her without her knowledge whilst she was showering in the priest’s parish-owned home in Bangor ME. Roberts told WZON-AM that Metropoulos acknowledged having child pornography on his computer, as well as having had inappropriate contact with a teenager in the past. Metropoulos, arrested on Monday, was suspended from his duties at St George Greek Orthodox Church. He wasn’t required to enter a plea Wednesday and we couldn’t reach him at the Penobscot County Jail.

18 September 2013

Bangor (ME) Times-Record



This guy had a conviction for a sex offence in Michigan in 1983 and his bishop said that he was unaware of the conviction. The good word has it that won’t lessen the pay-out for a settlement if the gal sues…


Thursday, 12 June 2014

12 June 2014. Rod Dreher Slams Catholics for Shielding Pervs… Says Nothing About OUR Pervs… What a Phoney Hypocritical Poseur!

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I don’t like Orthodox people who get on their moral high horse and slam the RCs for perv priests. Firstly, it’s not our dispute… let grounded RCs “fight the good fight” on their own turf. We should support such people, but we should also refrain from commenting on situations not our own… Schadenfreude is NEVER in good taste. Besides that, guess what? We not only have convicted perv priests, we have convicted perv bishops. If you want to see Dreher’s high n’ mighty rant, it’s here. I don’t think it right to throw stones at others… especially, when we suffer from the same ills and are just as nasty in denying it (perhaps, worse). Look at the black wall of silence that the OCA erected around Seraphim Storheim. Look at how Syosset defended him and allowed his attorney, Mr Gindin, to use a low defence tactic of attacking Storheims’s victims’ sanity (Mr Justice Mainella saw through this sleazy shyster stratagem, though). That’s why victims are reluctant to come forward… they not only suffer abuse from the abuser, they suffer further abuse from the institutions that employed the abuser, they suffer public calumny at the hands of the abuser’s “legal counsel”, and they’re held up to obloquy by “religious” goodthinkers. In short, we Orthodox have no call to throw stones at RCs over sexual abuse… we’ve done the same and our hierarchy has attempted to cover it up, the same as the RCs did. Rod Dreher is a drooling putz.

One last thing… Dreher posted this on the day that Isidore Brittain copped a plea to a big-time kiddie porn rap. Do note Dreher’s silence on that one… did I tell you that Brittain and Dreher’s pal Paffhausen were tight? Hmm… Paffso was tight with the perv Podmoshensky for years… Paffso defended the perv Storheim for years… Paffso allowed the perv Brittain to serve even under suspension… Paffso shielded the litigation-happy Ray Velencia (who had the brass to sue another priest… whilst under Paffso’s authority, and Paffso did nothing). I see a pattern here… where was Dreher’s high dudgeon about Paffso and his infelicitous (to use the kindest word) associations? Dreher was SILENT… HYPOCRITICAL BASTARD!

Let’s clean up our own shit-spattered byre before we comment on anyone else’s. I seem to see that ours is just as rank n’ odoriferous as theirs is…


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