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Monday, 19 May 2014

The Evil Empire Strikes Back… Murzilka is Still There… and It Just Turned Ninety!

00 Murzilka magazine. russia. 19.05.14

Wind, blow us a cheerful tune… with the Murzilka lovers! He always leads your ship confidently forward!


00 murzilka. 19.05.14

A little Murzilka NEVER hurt anyone… aren’t you sorry to have listened to the lying Red haters? “Call me a commie, I won’t fear… you done praised me, thank you, dear!”


00 murzilka. 1924-2014. 19.05.14

Ninety years… and still going strong. There be some VITALITY in them REDS. Turn LEFT… it’s where all the decent and caring people are…


Most Soviet children remember well the yellow fluffy protagonist of the popular children’s magazine Murzilka. The first issue came out exactly 90 years ago. Murzilka is a popular children’s literary magazine. Published since May 1924 for children aged 6-12, over its 89 years in print, this beloved children’s magazine never missed a release, not even during the war. From May 1924 to May 2011, more than 1,020 issues of the magazine appeared.  In 2011, Murzilka entered the Guinness Book of Records as the “longest-running children’s magazine”. Its mascot is the yellow fluffy fairy-tale creature Murzilka, which in turn got its name from an undersized forest prankster and troublemaker that existed in popular children’s books in the late 19th century… a little man in a frock coat, with a cane and monocle. One may compare it to the famous Yellow Kid Mickey Dugan, the lead comic strip character that ran from 1895 to 1898 in Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World, and later William Randolph Hearst’s New York Journal.


The Amerikantsy Free Market banksters want Russia to scuttle the legacy of the USSR wholesale… they can kiss my ass! They want everyone to abandon their time-honoured ways and imitate them down to the smallest detail, including destroying all traditional norms. The Amerikantsy have to understand that not everyone is like them and not everyone wants to be like them. Much, if not most, of the USSR’s legacy was good… much of it was innocent and pure and yearned for a fair order of things… it was better, in fact, than the selfish rightwing “Rugged Individualist” Free Market rot spouted by the US Republican Party. Let’s put it plainly… you can have the healthy communitarianism spread by Murzilka or you can have the evil grasping insatiable Me First greed of the planned “communities” of American suburbia. You have a choice… choose well.

I choose selfless communitarianism… that was Our Lord Christ’s Choice, after all (he chose to be incarnate in a workman’s home… not in a rich man’s mansion)… I agree with G A Zyuganov, Christ WAS the First Communist!


16 May 2014

Russia Behind the Headlines


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Sunday, 29 December 2013

29 December 2013. You Can Learn a Lot From a Cat… Five Lessons in Life from Doctor Seuss…


00 Dr Seuss message. 27.10.13


Ted Geisel, better known as Dr Seuss, wasn’t only a great writer of kid’s books, he was a great fighter for social justice. That’s why he opposed the so-called “Pro-Life” movement. He saw through their rhetoric and realised that they were nothing more than a front for the nastiest wing of the Republican Party. I think that we can and should cut abortions… in fact, most “Pro-Choice” people agree to that (they’re NOT the ravening baby-killers caricatured by the Randall Terrys of this world). Indeed, if we call ourselves Christians, we should NOT work to illegalise abortion… instead, we should look for ways to make it possible for hard-up moms to keep their kids and to help poor families live in dignity. That is, we shouldn’t cut Food Stamps or any other social welfare programme to suck up to the likes of Rand Paul and Paul Ryan… they’re godless greedsters (Ryan hates his own pope… fancy that!) who only want to smash ordinary folk so that the Affluent Effluent can profit hugely and party hearty without a care for the rest of us.

I stand with Dr Seuss on this one. No one should “enable” the “Pro-Lifers”; they’ve become the willing running dogs of the most grasping anti-people politicians out there. Keep the social safety net whole… then, we can all aid moms to keep their kids. We don’t live in Mayberry… hell, Mayberry NEVER existed. We live in a complex modern society and that means that we need things like Food Stamps, single-payer healthcare, and a decent welfare system (not the present knackered and castrated system).

Stand with the creator of the Cat! Stand against the Greedster Rats! ‘Nuff said…



Monday, 10 December 2012

10 December 2012. Video. Sov Multifilm Дед Мороз и серый волк (Ded Moroz i sery volk: Ded Moroz and the Grey Wolf)

00 Ded Moroz and the Grey Wolf. 09.12.12



This 1978 multifilm was the sequel to 1974’s Мешок яблок (Meshok yablok: A Bag of Apples). It was a remake of a 1937 multifilm, but Suteyev made creative changes in the scenario. In the plot, Ded Moroz prepares New Year’s gifts for the young forest animals. A grey wolf and raven come up with a plan to kidnap the rabbits. The action centres on the kidnapping of the rabbit children… but have no fear; the plot has the obligatory Sov happy ending. Everyone celebrates the New Year and all the young forest animals get their presents.



Sunday, 9 December 2012

9 December 2012. Christmas and New Year’s are on Their Way! Get that Letter to Dede NOW!

00 Ded Moroz. 09.12.12


Yeah… I ripped that line from Moscow Mailbag hosted by the late great Joe Adamov of Radio Moscow… yes, I know that one e-mails Dede nowadays. So, click here for the one-and-only real 100 percent unadulterated no bullshit website of the REAL Ded Moroz in Veliki Ustyug in the Russian Federation. Have fun as the season continues!


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