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Saturday, 26 May 2018

26 May 2018. Trump Lies About American Military “Power”

Russian and Chinese troops at a joint exercise… the USA is overmatched and outgunned… why does Trump boast so?


Ode to the Motherland (English subs)


March of the Volunteers (English subs)


Trump boasted about American military “power”. That’s a lie, especially, in the Korean context. The PRC backs the DPRK… the PRC has the largest army in the world, over three times the size of the US ground forces (USMC and US Army combined). In 1950, the Chinese Peoples Volunteers whipped the racist Anglos and their ROK accomplices. China accepted the human cost involved in fighting an opponent with more firepower then they had. However, China had better infantry, skilled in infiltration and night attacks, with the motivation of defending the motherland (the DPRK IS next-door to the PRC). Today, the Chinese troops are as skilled and motivated as their grandfathers were, and they’re far better equipped than the 1950 force that kicked the shit out of the Americans. China would deploy a modern mechanised force to repel an American invasion of the DPRK. That is, the Yanks would be on the receiving end of artillery, MRLs, and airstrikes… all of which they haven’t had to deal with in their dirty little imperial wars.

The USA is overextended and has no forces to spare, yet, Trump issues bombastic threats. Trust me, it doesn’t impress Xi, Putin, or Rouhani. The danger is that Trump could order a military action in an attempt to rescue Republican chances in November. There’s nothing in the cupboard… nothing but some understrength and not fully equipped reserve forces that really aren’t ready for the big time. Imperial adventures bog down US forces in Afghanistan and the Middle East, with further troops tied down in Europe… along with penny-packets scattered in Africa and Latin America. Trump can’t withdraw anything and he’s stuck like a fly in a spider web. Russia and Iran are peer forces, which means that the USA has to keep its troops in Europe and the Middle East at current levels. Trump has no conventional forces to apply.  That makes the danger of Trump using nukes too high for comfort. God willing, Mattis and the generals will keep Pompeo, Haspel, and Bolton in check (the generals aren’t as anywhere near as hot for war as the political figures are). If not, we’re in the deep kimchi and no one knows how that’d end. We’re all stuck on the rollercoaster and a smirking and impulsive juvenile has the controls.



Friday, 4 May 2018

5 May 2018. Russiagate… Barminess Incarnated


We hear shouts of:

Russia interfered with our election! That’s immoral!

There’s a problem with that… those shouting such accusations offer no proof… none at all. However, it does enter a paradigm into the conversation:

Interference in the domestic affairs of a sovereign state is evil.

If such is so, then, the most guilty party isn’t Russia or China or Iran… it’s the USA! We have proof of the American interference in the recent Honduran election; we have proof that the USA launched aggression against Serbia, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq on specious grounds. Need I point up that Russia, Syria, China, and Iran haven’t launched any such aggression? It beggars the imagination. Can you believe that Anglo Americans truly believe that they’re “exceptional” and that the common rules of decency and fair play simply don’t apply to them? Hillary and Trump are but two sides of the same toxic neoliberal coin.

We live in dangerous times. The Anglos believe their propaganda bullshit. They truly think that they’re a “hyperpower” and that they’re the world’s judge, jury, and executioner. The present moment is especially dangerous, not because the USA and its allies Israel and the KSA are so strong, but because they’re so weak. That could lead to something spiralling out of control. An immature and thuggish crown prince, who can’t run a war against tiny Yemen successfully, leads the KSA (so how could he beat the local hegemon, Iran?)… Bibi Netanyahu faces a serious challenge as his political opponents are using his corruption against him (it’s so serious that it could topple him if he’s not careful)… Trump faces a certain disaster in the coming midterm elections (Paul Ryan tested the wind, found it adverse, and refused to run… what further proof do you need?). Far from being mighty and strong, these countries are in the deep kimchi in one way or another. That’s worrisome… any one of these players could do something stupid to take the pressure off them.

God do help us… the toddlers are in charge of the nursery and they’re playing with live hand grenades. Let this chalice pass, Lord…


Sunday, 8 April 2018

8 April 2018. British Chem War Accusations Fall Apart… Russia and China Loudly Back DPRK… Russiagate Falling Apart… Zuckerberg Caught Selling Personal Info For Big Bucks… Israel Murders More Palestinians in Gaza… Of Course, the Russians are Using Chemical Weapons in Syria!


The Western narrative is falling to pieces. The Skripsal fairy tale is unravelling as it becomes clear that Russia had nothing to do with it. China and Russia are making loud noises about their support of the DPRK and their opposition to American aggression on the Korean peninsula. Sucky Zucky got caught peddling people’s personal information to fatten his bankroll and he gave away people’s personal info to the Hillarybots (he’s a fanatical supporter of the Clintons). Israel is shooting down Palestinian protesters in cold blood. Now, of course, the MSM claims that Russia is using chemical weapons in Syria. If you look at the above statements, you can see that the Deep State apparat is in the deep kimchi and it’s trying to divert the peasants’ attention. However, no one’s buying it (except for clueless Hillybilly fanatics). The present brouhaha will end like all the others. Russia, China, and Iran will stay united and the Deep State will back off, knowing that it’s facing an unbeatable foe.

Yet, there’s a wildcard in the mixture, I’m afraid… Trump. If Clinton were in the White House, I’d wager that Her Stupidity would have us already in an unwinnable war. Trump is just as unhinged, just as greedy, and just as power-mad… but he’s not a war-bitch like Hillary. He could go off the deep end, but he’s also aware that if he did, he and his rich pals would saw off the limb that they’re sitting on. He’s not bright, but he has survival instincts that Hillary lacks. There’ll be more bootless accusations in the MSM. I’d only worry if Trump actually moved what’s left of the US forces (and there isn’t much, conventionally speaking, left) on to alert. The USA has run on bluff and bullying weak nations since 1991. Russia, China, and Iran (and maybe Turkey, too) are demanding that the USA show its cards. It doesn’t have much, does it? Reflect on this… it never did, it was all bluff, hype, and bluster. Payback IS a motherfucker and we’re going to see how the Yanks react to being shown up as liars and braggarts.


Sunday, 4 February 2018

4 February 2018. Comrade Xi on Great China


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