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Friday, 5 June 2015

Here’s Why Libertarians Are Mostly Men… No Comment Necessary Department

00 Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Rush Limbaugh. Sic Semper Tyrannis!


Jeet Heer investigates a provocative question today… why are most libertarians men? He offers several plausible explanations, but I think that he misses the real one, perhaps, because it’s unflattering to libertarians. Here’s the quick answer… hard-core libertarianism is a fantasy. It’s a fantasy where the strongest and most self-reliant folks end up at the top of the heap, and a fair number of men share the fantasy that they are these folks. They believe rules and regulations designed to help the weak have held them back, but in a libertarian culture, their talents would be obvious, so, they’d naturally rise to positions of power and influence. Of course, most of them are wrong, as a truly libertarian culture would squash nearly all of them like ants… mostly by the same people who squash them now. However, the fantasy lives on, regardless. Few women share this fantasy. I don’t know why; I don’t want to play amateur sociologist and guess. Perhaps, it’s something as simple as the plain observation that women were in almost-complete subjugation to men in a more-libertarian past. Why would that be an appealing fantasy to a woman? Anyway, this is obviously simplistic and unflattering, and it’s going to offend libertarians. Sorry. However, feel free to take some guesses about why women don’t take to libertarianism as strongly as men do.

5 June 2015

Kevin Drum

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

10 October 2013. Warning! An Anti-Christian “Conservative” Site Pretending to be Orthodox!

04 Raul Castro with Patriarch Kirill


Castro and Metropolitan Kirill Gundyaev


04b Kirill and Zyuganov


01 His Holiness Patriarch Kirill with Cuban Ambassador and Cuban MDs


My Yahoo Alerts brought me something interesting today. False… yes… mendacious… yes… fraudulent… yes. It calls itself orthodoxnet.com. It’s konvertsy rubbish of the worst kind. It attempts to make the point that Orthodoxy and Neoliberal “Conservatism” are soulmates. There’s nothing further from the truth. Look at the above images. HH is friends with Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro, and Gennady Zyuganov (he refuses to meet with rightwing Free Market slimeballs like Prokhorov, for instance), and he condemns the Free Market Madness of the US Republican Party. Oh, yes… the fourth image above is HH receiving Cuban doctors in Moscow. HH thinks that the Cuban socialised medical system rocks… it’s why Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate than the USA has. HH is FOR socialised medicine… he’s FOR the social safety net… he’s FOR economic equity and he’s against “Economic Freedom” as preached by Rush Limbaugh and John Boehner. Most of all, HH is AGAINST the American aggression let loose on the world since 1991… and George W Bush‘s “Global War on Terror” was the most egregious example of that.

In short, orthodoxnet.com is meretrious and noxious rubbish put out by someone with no knowledge of what HH really teaches and advocates. Let me assure you, the rest of the real episcopate stands behind HH… although phonies like Fathausen, Dahulich, and Moriak are for the Anti-Christian Right. Mark this down well… I can give you images of HH confabbing with Leftists… he avoids Rightwing Pigs. We should follow his example! After all, it was the Bushies who planned and executed the dastardly sneak attack on Tskhinval that started with a Grad bombardment of sleeping civilians at 00.15 MSK at night. Only the selfless bravery of the Ossetian militia and quick reaction of the Russian Army foiled the Bush “conservatives”. According to Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, Deputy Chief of the RF Armed Forces General Staff, the USA planned and supported the Georgian offensive against South Ossetia (that is, if you support the aims of orthodoxnet.com, you support unbridled and unprincipled American aggression throughout the world). As President Putin said at the time, “This wasn’t decent. Civilised people don’t act like this” (but American “conservatives” do!).

If support the American Right you support a Satanic drive for global hegemony… it can’t be put any other way. If you support orthodoxnet.com, you support the bombardment of sleeping civilians, the shredding of the social contract, and the dismantlement of all government protections for ordinary folks. That ain’t Christian, kids. You can stand with HH or you can stand with the “conservatives”… it’s up to you. Choose well…


Sunday, 12 May 2013

12 May 2013. A Word on Certain Loud Republican Circles Amongst Us

04a Kirill and Zyuganov

Birds of a feather flock together… and they’re GOOD birds, not shitbirds.


I say the following… so, don’t instigate a witch-hunt of those who hate the immoral and pernicious pabulum dispensed by the Republican Party. It’s time for Christ’s Church to disassociate itself publicly from the American Religious Right, the US Republican Party, and the so-called Pro-Life Movement (one can oppose abortion, yet, oppose this rightwing construct). After all, HH is/was friends with Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, Raúl Modesto Castro Ruz, Gennady Zyuganov, Pyotr Simonenko, and Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías. Birds of a feather flock together! HH doesn’t associate with godless laissez-faire liberals such as Wet Willy Romney, Paul Ryan, the American Enterprise Institute, or Mikhail Prokhorov… he doesn’t hang around braying libertarian shitbirds.

The MP is well-aware of the vitriolic Whites (“nobility”) that dominate some parts of the ROCOR. Such people got the boot in Russia, but their Western sugar daddies protect them here in the diaspora (yet, such sorts caterwaul about their “traditional” stance and love of Russia). The MP is “fed up” (as one put it) with the boorish anti-Soviet rhetoric found in certain ROCOR circles. Of course, it respects valid criticism, but the slurs, defamation, and hatred deployed by well-known parties isn’t welcome, needed, or truthful (especially, as some of the loudest Whites are on the US government payroll). They’re tired of the Whites strutting about and bad-mouthing the USSR. After all, the USSR WAS Russia.

At present, loud Republicans have appointed themselves “commissars” of opinion in our Church. It’s time to oppose them! They’re not telling the truth. Christ’s Church doesn’t stand for raping the working folk to benefit the Affluent Effluent, and that’s that. HH believes that the “Free Market” is a fraud, and has said so explicitly. That tells you much about the ROCOR loudmouths in the District, doesn’t it? Do note that the Centre won’t take in James Paffhausen… by the way, it hasn’t been for the lack of trying on the part of the Republican faction in the ROCOR. Sanity still reigns at the Centre. We should get with the programme… but shall we? Time will tell us…


Friday, 9 December 2011

9 December 2011. Citicorp CEO Charles Prince STEALS 1,000 Times His Fair Share of America’s Wealth… the Republican Party Slobbers its Vacuous Approval… What’s WRONG with this Picture?


Read this. Reflect on this… the Republican Party APPROVES of the actions of Charles Prince. It not only approves of them, it considers itself a morally-superior body for having approved of them. The Republican Party has the god-damned gall to point fingers at everyone else in the world… whilst it steals elections (Bush in 2000) and approves of massive corporate corruption that makes Russian oligarchs and Saudi princes look like pikers. If you vote for the Republican Party you’re massively brain-dead. Charles Prince makes over 100 Gs a DAY. Do you make that in a year? If you listen to Rush Limbaugh, that’s what you approve. If you identify with the Tea Party, that’s what you approve. That’s why I won’t ever vote for ANY Republican candidate under any circumstance. Ponder this… the Religious Right supports such corporate greed and thievery and calls it “divinely ordained”… it truly does. That’s why I’ll NEVER join forces with Evangelical Proddie slimers on anything. Any Orthodox Christian who has ANYTHING to do with such godless theomachistic swine spits on Christ and His Church, and that’s that. Notice that Potapov, Paffhausen, Lebedeff, Webster, Dreher, Whiteford, and Mattingly all support the pro-oligarch policies of the GOP. What does that tell you about their theology? If their politics are crook, it’s at least even money that their theology’s crank too.

Our society’s SICK… and our Church has caught the disease. It’s our duty to attend to BOTH. Vote out the Republicans and run the Paffhausen/Potapov cabal out of the Church… then, and only then, shall our society and Church recover. There’s no other way.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 9 December 2011

Albany NY

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