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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

30 November 2016. You May Believe the Lies of the “White Helmets” and the Western Media or You May Believe VVP… There’s NO Middle Ground



President Putin ordered the deployment of mobile hospitals to aid the civilian victims of the American-enabled terrorists in Aleppo. Note well that the USA has done nothing of the sort… all that it does is to funnel arms to its terrorist surrogates via its proxies in the KSA and Gulf kleptocracies. People like Christiane Amanpour pour out lies about Russian and Iranian attacks on innocents and deny the obvious truth about American aid to terrorism, whilst spreading fibs about so-called “democratic enclaves” (which have less existence in the real world than the Jabberwocky).

You may applaud Vladimir Vladimirovich or you may applaud Christiane Amanpour. Which one you choose will tell the world much about your character…



Wednesday, 2 April 2014

BBC Buys Into Junta Lies About Sashko Bily… WHY?

00 Karl Kraus saying. 26.03.14


Firstly, read this. That was fibs from stern to stern; now, pour yourself a drink, knock it back, and say, “To hell with the Beeb!” Sometimes, you have to read repulsive shit to stay informed… this is one such time. However, the important question is, “WHY is the Beeb acting as an apologist for the Timoshenko junta?” Firstly, its presenters and writers don’t have a scrap of character amongst them, they all know that if they don’t repeat the Party Line of the moment, their ass is grass. They’re relatively innocent, as things go. I believe that the Anglosphere governments are lining up behind the junta just as the EU’s getting cold feet. You see, the rest of the world has to bow down at the feet of the superior Anglo-Saxons and kiss their bare ass at every opportunity… otherwise, the Anglos get their nose out of joint. In this case, the neoliberals in the Anglosphere (both “Libertarian” and “Liberal”) are so stupid that they don’t realise that the rest of the world is attending to its interests, not to their dictates.

Indeed, it may signal the end of the 25-year run of American Exceptionalism on the world stage. Mind you, the USA will still be there, but it’d be cut down to size to what it was during the Cold War… one of the actors on the stage, a major one, but not the only major one. As for the lies published by the Beeb… well, they’ve deteriorated, that’s all that one can say of it. Don’t be too harsh… any of the Western media whores would’ve done likewise (or worse)… if it wasn’t the Beeb, it would’ve been Christiane Amanpour, Serge Schmemann, Ann Coulter, or Sophia Kishkovsky… they’re all cousins under the skin, aren’t they?

Pass the jug… the world hasn’t got any less crank in the last 24…


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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

CNN Correspondent Battles with Guest Over Allegations of Anti-Semitism in the Ukraine

01 newspaper


CNN International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour started a heated exchange with New York University professor Stephen Cohen after he insisted that the Ukrainian opposition provoked Russia. On Monday, CNN hosts Christiane Amanpour and Wolf Blitzer sparred with one another after Blitzer quoted a Russian official who said that pro-European Ukrainians are anti-Semites and fascists. The most surprising part of the segment came when CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer repeated a statement by Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin that Nazi sympathisers took power in the Western Ukraine, to try to claim that there was, in fact, inflammatory rhetoric coming from Russia. Amanpour pounced on this comment and admonished Blitzer for repeating that charge, saying, “You have to be really careful by putting that across as a fact”, after Blitzer quoted Churkin, who said earlier today that “fascists and anti-Semites” were to blame for the unrest in the Ukraine. Cohen insisted, “The extremism didn’t come from Russia. It was coming from the Western Ukraine. There’s a small but resolute right-wing nationalist movement in the Ukraine. It’s quasi-fascist, and it’s dictating terms to this parliament in Kiev… which isn’t legitimate in law, international or constitutional”.

4 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Let’s talk about an unpleasant reality here in the Russian Orthodox diaspora. There’s a lot of anti-Semitism… too much, really. “The Jews are to blame for the revolution… the Jews ran the GULag… the Jews blew up the churches… the Jews took over all the cushy jobs, then, they all skipped off to Israel”. And so on, and so forth… the usual twaddle spouted by certified (and certifiable) idiots. I say, “Friends are where you find them, not where you look for them”. That is, keep an open mind, you find allies in the most surprising places (as you find enemies, too, by the way, as all mature (and sad) adults know).

Stephen Cohen is an ally of Russia… no, he’s not “one of us”… but he isn’t hostile, and that’s good enough in my book. He’s swimming against the tide… it’d go far more swimmingly for him if he attacked VVP… but he hasn’t. He isn’t “family”, he isn’t a friend (in the sense of being one in mind with us), but he isn’t hostile, and that makes him an ally. That’s good enough. Step on up and take a hit from the jug, Professor Cohen (and do tell that ignoranus Bob Dreyfuss to put a sock in it… his total lack of knowledge about Russia and the Orthosphere shows in his every post).

Don’t make unnecessary enemies… it puts you on the same level as the Svoboda creeps, the Right Sector schmidiots, and the Timoshenko junta kleptocrats… and we’re better than that. Let’s keep it focused and clean…


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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Medvedev Sez “Threat to Gay People” in Russia is a Foreign Invention… Tells CNN to Bugger Off in a Nice Way

Medvedev with Kurjak


In an interview broadcast late Thursday Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev said that threats to the rights of gay people in Russia are an issue “invented” abroad. According to a transcript released by the Kremlin, Medvedev told CNN, “This situation causes commotion in other countries. I think it’s an invented problem”. A Russian law passed last year that forbids promoting non-traditional sexual relationships to children has met widespread condemnation, overshadowing the Winter Olympics, due to open in Sochi next month. US President Barack Obama won’t attend the Games, and his nomination of two gay former athletes to his country’s delegation is widely interpreted as a comment on the Russian law. Medvedev told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, “I have the impression that the real situation inside the country and its interpretation abroad exist in two different universes”. He noted that very few people in Russia are actually concerned about the legislation. Russia sought to allay international concerns about the anti-gay propaganda law during the upcoming Olympics. Last week, President Vladimir Putin said that gay people should feel at ease in Sochi, but he urged them to “leave children in peace”. Medvedev said that he wasn’t aware of any criminal cases under the new law. Reportedly, since Putin signed the law in June 2013, courts found at least three gay activists guilty of promoting non-traditional relationships, ordering them to pay fines.

23 January 2014



Editor’s Note:

Make no mistake on it… Medvedev told Christiane Amanpour to “sod off” and “bugger off”… in a nice way, of course (she had to sit there and smile… that sure does warm my tootsies). That sort doesn’t like being utzed (and here)… in public, no less. Kudos to Dmitri Anatolyevich for shoving a rocket up her hubristic ass and lighting the fuse. It did me good to see this…


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