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Monday, 2 June 2014

2 June 2014. Proddies Issue Crank Map of “Most Bible-Minded Cities”

00 americas most bible-minded cities. infographic. 2014. american bible society. 31.05.14


Read this. Read it? Good! It’s a crock o’ shit from stem to stern. I’d say that it’s nothing that good Orthodox Christians should get involved in. Note well that all the top “Bible-minded” communities are in the Baptist Bible Belt. They put Albany NY, where I live, as next-to-last, but I’ll say that there are plenty of churches and synagogues. Granted, we don’t have any of the phoney mega-churches here, with their entertainment masquerading as worship and their surrender to lowest-common-denominator suburbanite zeitgeist. That means that the American Bible Society is saying, without blushing, that they only consider “Evangelicals” and those like them to be Christians. That’ll be news for all the good Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Reformed, and Anglican people… we had the baroque notion that not only are we Christians, but that our pedigree goes back further than that of the upstart American Radical Sectarians (“Evangelicals”, Pentecostalists, Mormons, and other such Modern American Sects). It leaves the Jews out in the cold (I had the vain idea that they were religious people, apparently not, according to the ABS!).

This is why Orthodox Christians should have as little as possible to do with so-called “Evangelicals” and their works… they don’t consider us Christians! “Bible-believing Christian”… what an oxymoronic phrase… there was a Church before there was a Bible, and don’t ever forget that. In fact, what the above map indicates is where bibliolatry is the strongest… that’s the elevation of the Bible into an idol. Yes, you can fall off the rock on the right-hand as much as you can fall off it to the left. Have a care… there be dragons… some of them are “nice” and smile overly much. There be cowpats in that there field for the unwary…


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Saturday, 8 December 2012

8 December 2012. Willard Romney… Satanic Deceiver… the Apostle of Mammon

Boris Olshansky. Jesus and the Money-Changers. 2006

Jesus and the Moneychangers

Boris Olshansky



Willard Romney tried to present himself as an ethical and moral Christian… I DO beg your pardon! This is what that poseur believes:

…the Church [LDS] proclaims the eternal truth: “As man is, God once was; as God is, man may become”.

Articles of Faith, Chapter 24

It is the first principle of the Gospel [of Mormonism] to know for a certainty the character of God… and that he was once a man like us.

Joseph Smith, Journal of Discourses, Volume 6, Page 3

God the Father is a perfected, glorified, holy Man, an immortal Personage. And Christ was born… in the same personal, real, and literal sense that any mortal son is born to a mortal father…

Bruce McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, page 742


In short, if you voted for Romney, you voted for a consciously anti-Christian deceiver and charlatan. What does that tell you about James Paffhausen, Patrick Reardon, Rod Dreher, Terrence Mattingly, Matthias Moriak, Victor Potapov, and Michael Dahulich? It tells you that they either don’t care that a man is a confessor of satanic untruth or that they didn’t know what the Mormon sect teaches (not very likely, but it’s a possibility (slight)). That’s why the konvertsy and those who agree with them aren’t really one with us or one of us. Either they’re drooling ignoramuses who can’t see the truth in front of them, or, they’re votaries of Almighty Mammon, who bow before the Almighty Dollar, NOT Almighty God. Remember, Our Lord Christ drove the fatcat merchants out of the temple… He didn’t drive out the old, the weak, and the poor. I think that the people I named would do the opposite… in the name of Christ! Now, that’s a meaty bone to gnaw upon. Keep it focused, the Orthodox rightwingers voted for a godless sectarian who denies everything that we stand for as Christians… his “niceness” and “morality” were nothing but slick exterior packaging to fool the superficial. Satan has many traps; he baits them with apparently-good things. If I had one thing to say to you, I’d say:

Stay away from the pro-lifers… they believe in capital punishment, wink at perpetual warfare, and support a rapacious economic system where the rich prey on all others (whereas HH teaches that the Free Market‘s a fraud). Give anonymously to single moms and support politicians who’ll keep the social safety net whole (even if they’re unbelievers). Stand for what’s good for all… not for “what’s good for you”.

Do reflect on the difference…

BMD barbara-drezhloBarbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 8 December 2012

Albany NY  

Thursday, 22 November 2012

22 November 2012. A Point to Ponder… Do You Want to Vote for Those Who Suck Up to “Creationists?”


The late election’s barely over, and all the Republican hopefuls for 2016 are lining up to kiss the naked bums of the so-called “Creationists“. That means that, as radical as they were the last time, the GOP intends to be even more obsequious to the Yahoo elements. How can any Orthodox Christian even think of voting for such? The Church stands for the Truth, and nothing truthful can harm it. HH is NOT a Creationist… indeed, he’s an avid follower of modern science. That means that we have to give the Creationists a wide berth. In fact, it’d be best if we gave all the “Evangelicals“, Pentecostalists, Mormons, et al a wide berth, for they’re all the same underneath (as “Evangelical” support for the Mormon sectarian Romney proved to all comers).

Evolution simply says that natural mutations occur, and that healthy mutations lead to development. Most evolution isn’t healthy, and these mutations die out. God created the natural world and its processes. He called it “Good”… so should we.


Thursday, 8 November 2012

8 November 2012. Get Down On Your Knees and Thank God for GOP Racism… It Re-Elected the Prez!


“Keep the White House white”… Willard Romney and Lyin’ Ryan never condemned such sentiments. Ergo, people concluded that they shared such obscene thoughts. In consequence, non-Anglo non-Evangelical Americans voted against Willy. The people did speak…

By the way, the alliance of Anglo Evangelicals and Mormons in this election proves that Anglo Evangelicals are about as Christian as Mormons are… that is, not at all. It ain’t Billy Graham‘s church any more… it’s Franklin Graham‘s conventicle… and we’re all poorer in consequence. Billy believed in Almighty God… his son Franklin believes in the Almighty Dollar… how do you spell D-E-G-E-N-E-R-A-T-I-O-N?


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