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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Retired Colonel to Warmongers Who Want American Ground Troops in Iraq: “Let’s Draft Your Kids”

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If there’s one thing that America loves more than a scantily-clad teenage pop singer, it’s blowing crap up. However, if there’s anything that America loves more than blowing crap up, it’s having other people doing the fighting. Yet, whilst Americans are mostly war-weary and wish to remain out of Middle Eastern internal conflicts, the spread of ISIS and its unspeakable acts of violence in Iraq certainly brought back the war drums. Even if Bush’s invasion of Iraq created ISIS, this is mostly a problem for the Sunni/Shite countries of the Middle East to sort out.  We can no longer be the parent that keeps bailing out its drug addict kid; the Sunni nations of the Middle East must commit their OWN ground troops to fight ISIS.

However, thanks to FOX News and its priapism for permawar (they need a new “shock and awe” war for ratings) a recent Quinnipiac poll showed that 62 percent of voters support sending ground troops back to Iraq. Of course, this angered Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson. Wilkerson’s responded to the poll on All In With Chris Hayes, “If 62 percent of voters want to use ground forces against ISIS in Syria or Iraq or wherever, then I suggest we have a draft and we draft those 62 percent to lead the way”. I’ve always believed that the conservatives never-ending love for war would disappear faster than Miley Cyrus’ clothing if we reinstated the draft. They’re all too willing to have someone else’s kid pay the ultimate price for their lust for permawar and bettering Lockheed Martin’s bottom line. I hate to say it, but the colonel’s right… if we want to see that 62 percent disappear, we need to bring back the draft.

9 March 2015

Michael Hayne

If You Only News



I say, draft all the punditry that refused to serve… put a gun in the hands of George Will, Rich Lowery, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Rod Dreher… that’d gladden my heart. They’ve leeched off society for many a year… now, boys, it’s time to defend your country. Do note their LACK of enthusiasm! None dare call them cowards…



Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Russia Sez Hagel’s Chemical Weapons Claim a “Blatant Lie”… Pentagon Backtracks

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Russian military experts dismissed US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel‘s allegations about Russia supplying chemical weapons to Syria. Igor Korotchenko, a member of the Public Council of the Minoborony and the chief editor of Национальная оборона (Natsionalnaya oborona: National Defence) magazine, said, “The Pentagon chief’s statement is a blatant lie like the notorious test tubes with anthrax from the arsenal of Saddam Hussein that then-US Secretary of State Colin Powell shook in the Security Council“. Apparently, Korotchenko was referring to an incident in 2003 when Powell demonstrated a model test tube of anthrax to show the supposed power of the Iraqi régime’s biological weapons. However, an American-led survey was unable to locate WMD stockpiles in Iraq. Korotchenko said, “The USA has powerful and effective special services, and Hagel could’ve turned to them to get comprehensive information that the Russian Federation never supplied weapons of mass destruction to anyone, even to its closest allies”.


US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel perked up some ears at today’s House Foreign Affairs hearing on Syria with a brief exchange in which he said that Russia supplied chemical weapons to Syria. It all happened in an exchange with Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC), during which Hagel said that it’s no secret that the Assad régime has significant stockpiles of chemical weapons. When Wilson asked where they’d come from, Hagel said, “Well, the Russians supply them. Others are supplying them with those chemical weapons. They make some themselves”. After the hearing concluded, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little issued a clarification, explaining that Hagel was referring to the “well-known conventional arms relationship between Syria and Russia”. He also pointed up that Syria had a “decades-old largely indigenous chemical weapons programme”. He added that some Russian military equipment and support could be modified to support Syria’s chemical weapons programme.

Here’s the full text of Little’s statement:

In a response to a member of Congress, Secretary Hagel was referring to the well-known conventional arms relationship between Syria and Russia. The Syrian régime has a decades-old largely indigenous chemical weapons programme. Currently, Russia provides the Syrian régime a wide variety of military equipment and support, some of which can be modified or otherwise used to support the chemical weapons program. We’ve publicly and privately expressed our concern over the destabilising impact on the Syrian conflict and the wider region of continued military shipments to the Assad régime.

5 September 2013 (MSK)

Voice of Russia World Service



Editor’s Note:

The two biggest tub-thumpers for war in Syria are Chuck Hagel and John Kerry… the first is a “LibertarianRepublican, the second is a Centrist Democrat. This shows that Obama‘s a Centrist, not a leftist at all. People such as Rush Limbaugh who call Obama a “socialist” show their invincible ignorance, bullheaded stupidity, provincial rudeness, and lack of general exposure to the world outside of the USA. Obama’s no more a socialist than Wet Willy Romney is… mind you, he’s better than any of the Republicans (who’d kiss the naked arses of the Evangelical yahoo oddbods if they gained power now) out there, but this warmongering, and the supporters that it’s garnered, show that Leftists have to oppose the Prez on this one. Shitbirds of a feather flock together…


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