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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Colombian Volunteer Alfonso Received DNR Medal “Warrior-Internationalist”

00 Alfonso. DNR. Colombia. soldier 01. 060216


00 Alfonso. DNR. Colombia. soldier 02. 060216


00 Alfonso. DNR. Colombia. soldier 03. 060216


Our Colombian brother Alfonso received the Medal “Warrior-Internationalist” from DNR Defence Minister V P Kononov. Alfonso arrived in autumn 2014, he fought with us all the way… from Panteleimonovka, to the airport, to Spartak… as one of the scouts in the “Khan” Battalion. He distinguished himself as a brave, strong, and disciplined fighter; he holds it as his holy duty to fight on the Russian side, as they helped the Spanish Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. After the death of a fellow Colombian volunteer on 17 January, Alfonso decided to stay here until victory. He found our synthesis of communism and Christianity sensible and inspiring. In summer 2015, Alfonso accepted the Orthodox faith. Congratulations on your award, dear brother!

5 February 2016

Information Battlefield



Saturday, 12 November 2011

12 November 2011. The Pot Still Boils… “Occupy” Still Carries On… Despite Repression

Athens (Central Athens Peripheral Unit. Attica Periphery) GREECE


Santiago de Chile (Santiago ProvinceSantiago Metropolitan RegionCHILE


Bogotá  (Distrito Capital) COLOMBIA


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