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Sunday, 19 July 2015

19 July 2015. Some Russian Good Sense

02l Harvest in Byelorussia


Спасибо тем людям, которые вошли в мою жизнь и сделали её прекрасной. И ещё, спасибо тем людям, которые вышли из неё, и сделали её ещё лучше.

Thanks to those people that came into my life and made it beautiful. Also, thanks to the people that made my life even better by getting out of it.

Need I add more?


Monday, 5 January 2015

5 January 2014. A Kind Word of Caution Regarding “Ukrainian” Cybertrolls

We're Going to Kiev! 26.08.14

Stand tall… keep it focused… don’t let them buffalo you… after all, we DO have the right on our side. Kiev, the Mother of All RUSSIAN Cities, will be free of fascist occupiers yet again.


Russian anthem in Yalta on 12 June 2014… as you can see, the Crimea isn’t in revolt or does it seem to regret having rejoined our Great Russian Motherland.


If you stand tall for Russia… for Holy Rus… almost instantly, you face attack by pro-American Galician Uniate/schismatic “Orthodox” cybertrolls. Firstly, don’t lose your cool. If you’re in someone else’s commboxes, they’re trying to get YOU banned. Watch out for this… I’d say that it’s wisest not to read the often-inane comments under a post. Don’t get yourself hot n’ bothered over a bunch of idiots in their gotchies who’re watching sleazeball porn when they’re not attacking “Moskali”. Don’t try arguing with such sorts… it does no good whatsoever. Yes, I’ve forgotten my own good advice at times… every time, I’ve learnt that there’s nothing more impervious than a Galician Uniate hardhead… a pack of Missouri mules doesn’t have half the ignorant obstinacy of one Galician Uniate. Another of their tactics is to get you to waste your time in dealing with their “comments”. Therefore, if you have a website or blog, DISABLE COMMENTS. I mean this. DISABLE COMMENTS. Your life will become much more tranquil and sweeter… you won’t have to deal with clearing away idiot dreck.

They’re forever telling everyone that this or that is “really Ukrainian”… and they run in packs. If you give them the smallest amount of attention, they’ll swarm on your blog or site, in an attempt to intimidate you. DO NOT ATTEND TO THEM IN ANY WAY, SAVE TO SPAM THEM WITHOUT COMMENT. That is the ONLY method that works with such filth. Stand tall for Holy Rus… tell the truth… but use your head! Don’t give Uniate liars a forum. DISABLE COMMENTS. Otherwise, you invite trouble and, trust me, these people can be a royal pain in the arse.

Be careful… we have quislings in Russian Orthodox ranks. Victor Potapov works for a CIA front… Paffhausen collaborates with the Uniate, Republican, and sectarian enemies of Christ’s Church… Rod Dreher works for Patrick Buchanan, one of the most feral figures on the American Extreme Right. Sadly, they’re not alone. I’d say to mistrust all Anglo konvertsy… all too many are Republicans, who support the Know Nothing enemies of Holy Rus. Now is a time to keep alert… be especially wary of those who seem inquisitive. In the American Security State that the Republicans set up after 9/11, you can’t be too cautious.

Please, take a care, we do live in perilous times. Please, do NOT attend to Uniate cybertrolls… it’s only going to get more intense before it gets better. Keep it focused. God IS with us…


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

5 November 2014. How to Deal with Hasid “Seat-Switchers” on a Plane… Use the Good-Sense that God Gave You

russian olympic airliner


There’s been much brouhaha about Hasid passengers on planes refusing to sit next to women. Read this. My take is simple. If someone were to ask me that, I’d say, “Go talk to the cabin crew. If it has their OK and they have an alternate seat for me, then, it’s OK”. If the guy were a mensch and not a putz, he’d do that, and right quickly, too. The cabin crew would sort things out… no one would lose their cool… no one would feel abused… no one would be “put out”. There… if one uses the good-sense that God gave us all, if all parties “gave” a little, well, we’d have FAR fewer problems than we do. Think on that…


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