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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Behind the Euromess Curtain… Oligarch Clans Struggle

00 EU Evil Inside 01. 08.10.12


Editor’s Foreword:

The term translated as “Euromess” is евросмуты (Evrosmuty), and you can see the Russian word “smuta” is the suffix to the Russian for “Euro”. The Smuta is the so-called “Time of Troubles”. To use this in the title immediately brings up VERY strong pictures to any educated Russian. There’s really no equal in English that strong… therefore, the title lacks much of the punch that it does in Russian. Such are the limits of translation…

There are several “Pravdas” in contemporary Russia… this one is the official publication of the KPRF Central Committee (TsK KPRF).



The most important event of the past days was the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada; the ringleaders of the pseudo-peaceful protesters wanted to pressure it to give them a lightning-fast achievement of their goals. Violent mobs of fanatic Eurofans surrounded the Rada building, encompassing it in their grip. The leaders of this “festival of defiance” hoped that the hysterical actions of their supporters would pressure the Rada deputies and make them cave in and obediently vote for everything that they wanted. They were in earnest, they weren’t joking… the opposition posed three questions to the Rada for immediate consideration:

Discussions on this only resulted in the hysterical rants of the spokesmen of the Maidan mobs issuing from the rostrum of the Rada. KPU leader Pyotr Simonenko gave the only positive note, which he primarily addressed to ordinary citizens and workers; he emphasised that the KPU strongly condemned violence and brutality against peaceful protesters, but he also condemned “the actions of militant provocateurs, regardless of who’s behind them”. In Simonenko’s view, those who want an Association Agreement with the EU, and those who favour accession to the Customs Union, have every right to express their POV peacefully and openly, without fear of reprisal, harassment, and physical violence.

Simonenko said, “Everyone has a right to profess any ideology, to hold any political view, if they don’t advocate violence, aggression, racism, xenophobia, or hatred of our people. What’s happening now in our country is a deliberate escalation of political tensions; it’s nothing but the struggle of oligarch clans for the Presidency. It’s a struggle in which the people are cannon fodder, thrown into a vortex of bloody civil conflict. The oligarchs are willing to destroy our country in their struggle for pre-eminence. This is a bitter truth. The KPU reiterates its principled position that we should take all fundamental decisions in our country only after we consult the will of the Ukrainian people; we communists call for and sponsor the holding of a national referendum to define the vector of foreign economic integration”.

According to Simonenko, this is the only democratic and civilised way to deal with fundamental issues, saying, “However, both the government and the so-called opposition tried to silence the voice of the Ukrainian people. Neither wants a nationwide referendum, both wish an unlawful restriction on the means of our fellow citizens’ constitutional rights, neither one wants to allow petitions in support of a referendum… they’ve done all that they could not to hear the will of the people. Despite such difficulties, the KPU collected nearly four million signatures in support of a referendum. An all-Ukrainian referendum is the only way to avoid confrontation and deepen schism in our society, which, as we’ve seen already, resulted in violence and bloodshed. Moreover, if we don’t take action, it could all end in tragedy for the Ukrainian people”.

On behalf of the KPU, Simonenko officially stated that all political responsibility for the bloodshed on the Maidan on the night of 30 November, for the possible consequences of stemming from this confrontation and for circumstances favouring the country’s slide into the abyss of civil war falls completely upon the members of oligarch clans, both those in power, and those in the so-called “opposition”. In his judgement, the government headed by Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov quite obviously merits dismissal. Throughout the Ukraine, unemployment persists, enterprises shut down, and production falls. Increasingly, wages fall into arrears, whilst schools and hospitals close. Machinery shuts down, industry decreases, and exports decline. Many enterprises are operating at only 50 percent capacity. Workers have only one prospect for the future… the economy will implode, which would lead to unemployment, which would end in complete impoverishment.

Addressing the members of the government, Simonenko said, “We ‘d like to hear from the Prime Minister an answer as to when and who decided to start negotiations with the EU. Who were the members of the working group? Who controlled the progress of the negotiations? Who gave consent to the initialling of an agreement not translated into the Ukrainian language?” As if to warn the representatives of the so-called “opposition”, Simonenko addressed the session, “I also want to note that our bloc’s position arises from the fact that we protect the interests of our 45 million citizens; we don’t take part in your internecine struggle for the office of the Presidency”.

After the Rada adjourned, Simonenko explained to the media that the proposal calling for the current government’s resignation didn’t have any input from the KPU, nor did it take into account the KPU’s positions, therefore, it’ll fail. Simonenko stated that the reason the authors of the bill of no confidence in Nikolai Azarov‘s government proposed it in the first place was the refusal of the Azarov cabinet to sign the Association Agreement with the EU, saying, “The so-called opposition knew that the KPU implicated the government in the present economic collapse, in the people’s impoverishment, and in protecting the interests of oligarchs. We don’t intend to vote for a bill with radically different underpinnings”.

The situation continues to deteriorate in Kiev.

3 December 2013

Viktor Tolokin

Gazeta Pravda: Organ of the TsK KPRF


Editor’s Afterword:

Note the last sentence:

The situation continues to deteriorate in Kiev.

Things are so much in flux that it’d be idiotic to comment upon them now. In short, the roller coaster’s going “downhill”, and no one can do anything to stop its progress. No one knows how this will end. NO ONE. Click here for the New York Times take on the situation. It’s American Establishment hogwash. Note well that they don’t know shit from shinola about the Ukrainian church situation… they don’t care that Denisenko’s a defrocked charlatan with a small following, nor did they mention that Lyubomir Husar is a CIA running dog with an American passport… the talk of his “giving up” his passport is for public consumption only. In the end, the NYT is nothing but a toothless media poodle, just like CNN. I did note that Sophia Kishkovsky’s staying away from this story. It’s radioactive, truly… it’s uncertain, but it’s certain that anyone who issued a wrong prognostication would lose their head. She’s not very bright… it smells as if her father is holding her back (or he’s gotten her another job… I haven’t seen a byline from her for ages). Lyonyo’s an evil man… but he isn’t stupid.

I reiterate… this is all up in the air so much that no one… NO ONE… can give you the straight shit yet. It has to “develop”… patience IS a virtue…

By the way, the KPU is part of the ruling coalition, were it to withdraw, the coalition would lack a majority to rule. Ergo, it’s entirely possible that the withdrawal from the agreement had nothing to do with Russia. Simply put, the KPU nixed it, it has the whip hand in the coalition, and that’s that. The simplest explanation is usually the true one, isn’t it? Also note that Simonenko has close ties to Vladimir Sabodan… that is, it’s entirely possible that the UOC/MP blessed the KPU’s veto of EU accession. That’s how I read the tealeaves…

I don’t receive a paycheque from the US government nor from the American media nor from the K Street slimeocracy, that means that I might be unbiased and free from the taint of collaboration… note well that Potapov, Webster, Mattingly, Dreher, Freddie M-G, and Sophia Kishkovsky DO snap up such compensation… follow the money, and it’ll tell you whether to trust someone or not. You trust any of the aforementioned people at your own peril…



Sunday, 5 May 2013

2009 Letter of the First Secretary Pyotr N Simonenko of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Ukraine (KPU) on the Resurrection of Christ

00 Easter Paska in Catasaugua PA 02


Editor’s Foreword:

This is from four years ago, but it still holds water. Whatever blame clung to the communists for the persecution of the 20s and 30s was burned away in the Nasty Nineties. At that time, the commies stood tall for the Church and fought in its defence, whilst the ROCOR rightwingers stabbed the Church in the Rodina in the back, attacking the Church’s leaders and establishing a schismatic splinter faction at the behest of their Langley paymasters. Potapov has never apologised publicly and repented for this… yet, he screams loudly about “Sergianism” and Stalin. He “demanded” that the Church in the homeland “apologise”… what cheek! Let him take his own medicine, I say… he needs it more than anyone in Russia does. Let Comrade Simonenko’s words speak for themselves… they echo the truth.



Dear compatriots!

Christ is Risen!

I sincerely congratulate you on the Resurrection of Christ! The light of this holiday has enlightened our motherland for over a thousand years. Easter unites all believers and non-believers for whom good and justice aren’t just empty words. It unites all those who honour Slavic brotherhood and are ready to fight for its building up. It unites all those who cherish our great centuries-old culture. It unites everyone who doesn’t divide people into “us” and “them” on national and racial lines. It unites all those for whom the names and deeds of our famous ancestors are exemplars of love for the motherland. In other words, Easter brings together all honest men and true patriots. Let the Easter fire burn in our hearts!

17 April 2009

Pyotr Simonenko

First Secretary

Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Ukraine (KPU)

Chairman of the Communist faction in the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada

KPU official website



Sunday, 20 January 2013

20 January 2013. Here’s the Real Deal on Stalin in the Ukraine… They Put Up a New Memorial to Him in Zaporozhye

00 Stalin memorial in Zaporozhye in the Ukraine 2011. 20.01.13


Here’s a new monument to Stalin in the Ukrainian industrial centre of Zaporozhye (Zaporozhye Oblast). Like all the East Bank Ukraine, the city is pro-Russian and pro-Soviet in orientation. This statue was erected using private donations, only… need I say that Zaporozhye is a stronghold of the KPU? The city is virtually monolingual in Russian, with 96 percent of the population being “Russian” (Great Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian). You’ll never hear of this on RFE/RL (their motto should be “All the shit that ain’t fit to print”)…



Saturday, 10 November 2012

10 November 2012. Sergei Yolkin’s World. Short Paws, Quick Fangs

Short Paws, Quick Fangs

Sergei Yolkin



This is another multilayered Yolkin pun… in the recent Ukrainian legislative election, one of the parties was UDAR (“punch” in Russian). So, one shouldn’t overlook a “punch”… a not-so-subtle jab at this Russophobic political party and its attacks on Russia and the pro-Russian Party of Regions/KPU bloc.


Scientists observing the nocturnal behaviour of crocodiles were surprised at the speed of the animal’s reaction… in 50 milliseconds, the predator snapped at any object that touched them.

8 November 2012

Sergei Yolkin



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