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Friday, 5 August 2016

5 August 2016. “It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Black or White”… It Only Matters That You Shoot Straight

00 female soldiers china russia kazakhstan zimbabwe 050816


These gals were contestants in a recent international military contest in Russia. Left to right, they’re from Russia, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, and China. Russia doesn’t look too isolated, does it? You see, the USA and its pals consider themselves the only real countries on the face of the planet… that’s emphatically not true. Since the Iraq War of 1991, the USA has always tried to isolate its opponents before striking them. Russia isn’t isolated… not at all. It looks like the Yanks are stymied and checkmated. However, do have a care… the Anglos are never more dangerous than when they feel themselves stymied or “dissed”… they’re self-centred brattish and thuggish bullies at heart, sadly enough. They truly think that their juvenile and callow society has something to offer the world…

The “K” on the Russian girl’s pogoni (shoulder straps) stands for “Kursant” (officer cadet).



Friday, 28 March 2014

2008 Ukrainian Olympic Medallist Artur Aivazyan Opts for Russian Citizenship

00 Artur Aivazyan. Russian athlete. 28.03.14


Today, our reporter spoke to formerly Ukrainian athlete Artur Aivazyan. He explained his action by saying, “I’m going to stay in the Crimea. That means that I’d have to take Russian citizenship. I’m sure that from now on, sport in the Crimea will prosper”. At present, shooting champion Aivazyan lives in Simferopol. Earlier, other Olympic champions took Russian citizenship, the American Vic Wild and Korean Viktor An.

28 March 2014




Where is The Nation? Where is Sophia Kishkovsky (her POS article slamming HH was on the National Catholic Reporter… which means that she not only attacks the Orthosphere herself, she’s a quisling actively collaborates with our enemies)? Note the SILENCE of the Western media whores on the REAL goings-on in the Ukraine and Russia.

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