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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ken Livingstone: “It’s a Tragedy Mrs Thatcher Ever Came to Power”

00 Margaret Thatcher caricature. 09.04.13


Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone was a fierce critic of Mrs Thatcher when she was in power. The British media gave him the moniker “Red Ken” for his socialist beliefs during her tenure. Thatcher viewed the Greater London Council, of which Livingstone was leader, as a political threat and a waste of money. In 1986, Thatcher’s government abolished the GLC, putting Livingstone out of a job.


There are two things to say about Mrs Thatcher. Unlike most politicians, who’re spineless, who never want to actually lead, and who wait to see where public opinion’s going, she had beliefs that almost no one in her cabinet actually shared at the time she became the leader of the Tory Conservative Party. However, she ignored them, she drove ahead, and she made the changes that she believed that Britain needed… you have to respect that. I can’t think of any other modern Prime Minister with that degree of self-confidence and courage in their beliefs.

The tragedy for Britain is that almost everything she believed in was wrong, and almost all the problems that assail us today are the legacy of her neoliberal economics… the high unemployment, the collapse of our manufacturing industry. She inherited a nation that had some problems, but she made them infinitely worse… she deregulated the banking industry, she decided to write off our industry, she wouldn’t build good homes for ordinary people to rent, and she’s left a terrible legacy that’ll take a generation to clear up.

She did terrible things, such as abolishing the Greater London Council because she didn’t agree with it; it was the first real rolling back of democracy in a hundred years of British history. It’s very hard to think of anyone in a modern democracy who’d do something like that. The US President always has state governors and mayors critical of their policy, it’d never occur to them to do away with them. That meant terrible problems for London; we had a decade-and-a-half with no leadership. We actually proposed that we should stop discriminating against black people and against homosexuals; we recognised that women had equal rights… hardly insane, but just a bit ahead of its time.

Clearly, [the state funeral] isn’t right. The only politician of my lifetime that had a state funeral was Winston Churchill, who was a decisive force in the defeat of Adolf Hitler. If we’re to think about anyone today, it should be those whose lives she destroyed. We used to have a sound manufacturing industry; she wiped it out. Look at people’s lives… our suicide rates have gone up since the financial crisis; the bankers abused all the freedom that she gave them. We had a country used to virtually full employment before she got in… ever since, we’ve had people and whole communities just written off.

Overwhelmingly, it’s a tragedy Mrs Thatcher ever came to power. I respect the courage of her convictions and the way she led; the tragedy is she led us in the wrong direction.

9 April 2013

Ken Livingstone

Voice of Russia World Service


9 April 2013. Maggie the Hag Passes… An Era Passes, As Well (With Reflections on the New Era Coming)… Thank God!

00 Margaret Thatcher. 09.04.13


This was a colloquy with a Cabinet member… I’m in regular type; they’re in italics:

Ding, dong, the witch is dead… Maggie Thatcher croaked. It’s the End of the Neoliberal End of History” Era…

She was a truly wicked being. I hope you do a good exposé of the hag! 

She was the worst of the Unholy Trinity. Gorby was only a Western brown-noser, and Slobberin’ Ronnie was only a figurehead for unelectable oligarchs… but Maggie was a True Believer. She’s the authoress of the present wicked age that we live in.

I can’t stand any of them, but especially not Gorbachyov. You’d be one of the few people here that know how much all the former Soviet peoples despise him and Yeltsin.

Gorby’s lower than Yeltsin was. Yet, Gorby’s a nonentity… waste no time on him. Interesting things I’m hearing… one of my friends at the Centre says that VVP might put in a “Red monarchy” (her words). That is, a communist government, a strong Church, a strong army, with a tsar as a constitutional figurehead (à la Scandinavia)… after all, VVP’s pushing 60, and he’s the sort to look to the future (he knows that he has ten years left as leader, at best). That’d give Russia a four-point system (not the three-point one it’s had since Pyotr Veliki (including the USSR)), which would be more stable and capable of weathering crises.

Zyuganov has mentioned a “Red Tsar” several times. His job would be to defend the Revolution from enemies and treason. It solves the problem of (real) democratic elections vs a strong and stable leader.


I wrote this to another Cabinet member:

Is Putin thinking of instituting a constitutional monarchy? After all, the only real organised political force in Russia is the KPRF (United Russia is only an ephemeral bloc; it’s a coterie collected temporarily around a personality). It’d institute a four-point (State-Army-Church-Sovereign) system instead of the traditional three-point (Party or Church-Army-State) system, which is inherently more stable. If so, it means that VVP’s looking to the future (he’s 60 this year, after all… probably, like all of us, he’s feeling his mortality). I’ll guarantee you this… VVP would NEVER put the fatso Maria Vladimirovna and her pack of drooling jackals on the throne (they’re all pro-Western lickspittles, in any case). It wouldn’t be beyond him to put Michael of Kent on the throne (he’d be MUCH more biddable than Maria is, and he’s much more telegenic, to boot).


I saw this on the net:

I’ll be brief:


Back to work…



The passing of Mag the Hag was the end of an era… just as her entrance in the late ‘70s was the beginning of the present neoliberal fool’s paradise. However, her intellectual heirs won’t go quietly… but they WILL go, that’s for certain.


Monday, 8 April 2013

Maggie Thatcher Dies at 87

00 Martin Rowson. She Vanquished the Miners. 2009

She Vanquished the Miners

Martin Rowson



On Monday, Lord Bell, Mrs Thatcher’s spokesman, announced that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died at the age of 87 following a stroke, saying, “It’s with great sadness that Mark and Carol Thatcher announced that their mother, Baroness Thatcher, died peacefully following a stroke this morning”. British Prime Minister David Cameron called her a “great Briton”, whilst the Queen expressed her sadness. US President Barack Obama issued a statement, “The world has lost one of the great champions of freedom and liberty, and America has lost a true friend”.

Thatcher was Britain’s first female prime minister, a post she held from 1979 until 1990, when a Conservative Party coup forced her out, following rioting in Trafalgar Square over her unpopular poll tax. Perhaps the most controversial figure in modern British politics, a grocer’s daughter, Thatcher was a committed believer in the free market and an opponent of the culture of a welfare state… or the “nanny state”, as she called it. In 1987, she said, “There’s no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families”.

She took Britain to war in 1982, after Argentina took back the Malvinas Islands, located just off the coast of Argentina. “Rejoice! Rejoice!” she cried after British Marines took a key island, the triumph carrying her to an easy victory in the 1983 national election. Thatcher also famously took on Britain’s once-powerful trades unions, labelling striking miners the “enemy within” during their 1984-85 walkout. Her eventual defeat of the miners’ union changed Britain’s political landscape and made her a hated figure on the left.

A firm ally of US President Ronald Reagan during the Cold War, nevertheless, Thatcher hailed future Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachyov during a 1984 meeting in Britain. Three months later, Gorbachyov became the leader of the USSR. On Monday, Gorbachyov said in a statement, “Margaret Thatcher was a great politician and a striking person”.

Thatcher was nicknamed the “Iron Lady” for her perceived toughness, a moniker that was then picked up by her supporters and critics at home. She also survived an IRA attack on the Brighton hotel she was staying at ahead of a Conservative Party conference. Thatcher’s time in power transformed Britain both politically and culturally, seeing the rise of what critics labelled the “me” culture. Former Cabinet Secretary Lord Butler of Brockwell, who served as Thatcher’s principal private secretary from 1982 to 1985, told RIA-Novosti that Margaret Thatcher was “above all a conviction politician. She had her own principles, whatever trial she faced, be it in the Falklands {i.e., the Malvinas: editor}, the miners’ strike, or the Cold War. She believed in freedom and justice under the law … these were such clear principles that she always knew what direction to take”. Her funeral, with full military honours, will be at London‘s St Paul’s Cathedral.

8 April 2013



Editor’s Note:

Margaret Thatcher, along with Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachyov were amongst the most evil people of the Twentieth Century. They enabled the massively-corrupt and greedy “New World Order” that plundered the world in the nineties and aughts. Their legacy is thousands of shattered lives… but that didn’t matter to them… they were just little people… they weren’t “productive”… they weren’t “successful”… they weren’t “focused on goals and objectives”. The Unholy Trinity brought us the Economic Meltdown of ’07 by dismantling government regulation or by destroying a non-capitalist society. Truly, there’s little to choose between Reagan, Thatcher, and Gorbachyov. All three were anti-Christian destroyers. Again, take note of Mrs Thatcher’s quote:

“There’s no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families”.

That’s utterly repulsive and disgusting. It says that we needn’t take a care for our society or environment, for it isn’t our concern. We need only enrich our families, or ourselves, and to hell with the consequences to society, for “there’s no such thing as society”. That remark reveals the inner character of Mrs Thatcher. Scary, isn’t it? Remember, evil doesn’t wear red tights, carry a pitchfork, or have horns and hooves. It doesn’t raise its voice, it dresses neatly, it’s polite, it “goes along to get along”, and, above all, “Greed is GOOD”.

I hope that Maggie repented of her godless actions, but I fear that she didn’t. Crank world, isn’t it?


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