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Thursday, 16 July 2015

OFFICIAL Statement Of The LNR Chairman of the Government I V Plotnitsky On The Draft Amendments To The Ukrainian Constitution Directed Today By The Verkhovnaya Rada To The Constitutional Court

00 I V PLOTNITSKY 01. 110715



The Amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution that the Verkhovnaya Rada sent today to the Constitutional Court don’t implement the Minsk Agreement. Poroshenko doesn’t hide this. He frankly stated publicly that these amendments don’t provide a special status for the Donbass. Of course, all parties to the agreement know well that under the accords the Ukraine must grant a special status to the Donbass. That’s what Paragraph 3 of the 5 September 2014 Minsk Protocol and Paragraph 11 of the 12 February 2015 Minsk Package of Measures state. These documents explicitly call for a “special status”. However, Poroshenko said that the amendments contain no mention of a special status. So in vain did Mrs Nuland (US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe Victoria Nuland) send goodies today to the Verkhovnaya Rada. The vote on the amendments not only didn’t help the situation, it worsened it. We demand that the Ukraine guarantee our special status in the main body of the Constitution, not in any temporary provisional provisions. The constitution must state specifically and clearly our political privileges. Firstly, we will build our relation with Kiev through mutually beneficial treaties and agreements. On less, we shall never agree, for war is better than deception.

00 I V Plotnitsky. lnr. lugansk pr 01. 23.05.15I V Plotnitsky

LNR Chairman of the Government

16 July 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


Monday, 29 June 2015

Purgin sez Poroshenko’s Remarks in re the Ukrainian Constitution are Nonsensical

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A E Purgin, Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet, stated that all the remarks of junta strongman P A Poroshenko in re amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution are nonsensical, as he didn’t consult with the DNR and LNR first, as the Minsk Agreement stipulates. He said, “All that Poroshenko said about alleged changes they’re making in Kiev is absolutely nonsensical and manipulative. The package of measures to implement the Minsk Agreement of 12 February stipulated that the DNR and LNR must vet all changes to the constitution. However, they sought no agreement with us, so, all this won’t pass muster. The Constitutional Commission is doing its own thing; our representatives don’t know anything about these changes. Similarly, without seeking consent from the DNR and LNR, they’ve already adopted on the first reading laws on the People’s Guard, and local government, despite the fact that the Minsk Agreement directly stipulates that they need to harmonise such things with DNR and LNR”.

Today, the Ukraine marks the 19th anniversary of its present constitution. Currently, the Ukrainian Constitutional Commission is preparing a new version of the basic law. According to Poroshenko, “the goal is decentralisation”. Meanwhile, experts believe that the new constitution only strengthens the central government and expands the powers of the president.

28 June 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

LNR and DNR Published Their Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of the Ukraine

00 ukrainian constitution. 13.05.15


Today, the DNR and LNR published a list of proposed amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution. The amendments cover six main articles of the document. There is a proposed supplement to Article 17 or 18, “The Ukraine will not join any military bloc or alliance, it will be neutral, and will not take part in military action outside its territory”. It proposed to make the law on the special status of the Donbass permanent (instead of the current temporary status of three years only). It made eight amendments to Article 139, in particular, to create a separate autonomous Donbass region, with its own election commission. The DNR and LNR could form people’s militia*, with powers defined in separate legislation. Local officials would appoint and direct the militia. Local authorities would create and abolish courts, regulate their activities, and appoint and dismiss judges and procurators. Local bodies would monitor regional natural resources, oversee construction, tourism, transport, culture (including construction and protection of monuments, obelisks, and memorials), and education (mandating use of the Russian language). The Ukraine, for its part, would set aside a part of its annual budget to finance the development in the DNR and LNR, promote coöperation between regions, fix adequate sources of financing, and introduce a special economic régime. The Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine would have the duty to contribute to the socioeconomic and cultural development of the Donbass.

  • Militia: It’s unclear from the context whether “Militia” means “Police” in the Soviet sense or whether it means separate military units

13 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Thursday, 6 March 2014

US House of Representatives Shamefully Backs Neo-Nazi Junta in Kiev… Nazi Symbols Blossom all Over Kiev

00 ukrainian rioter 02. 31.01.14


On Thursday, the US House of Representatives approved a bill backing loan guarantees for the neofascist Timoshenko junta. The measure passed in a 385-23 vote. The US Senate shall consider a similar bill backing 1 billion USD (36.12 billion Roubles. 1.1 billion CAD. 1.1 billion AUD. 722 million Euros. 598 million UK Pounds) in loan guarantees next week. If it passes the Senate, as expected, it’d go to the White House for US President Barack Obama to sign into law.


The Autonomous Republic of the Crimea (ARK) formed its own governmental bodies independent of the Timoshenko junta, as provided by a resolution passed at an emergency session of the Supreme Soviet of the ARK (VS ARK). According to a VS ARK media release, the ARK established its own ministries of justice, internal affairs, emergency situations, industrial policies, fuel and energy, and information and mass communications. It also formed its own Genprokuratura, special services, customs, tax, and prison services, and established social funds independent of those held by the junta. The VS ARK statement said, “we adopted this resolution with the aim to improve management of the social and economic development of the ARK, to optimise the executive organs, to guarantee the rights and freedoms of ARK residents, ethnic and civic accord, law, order and public security, as well as to ensure effective and well-coordinated operation of the executive authorities”.


After the seizure of Kiev’s City Hall, the first thing that the rioters did was to hang flags and insignia everywhere. Amongst them, one could easily see swastikas, Iron Crosses, Nazi SS lightning bolts, and the Celtic cross used by the Ku Klux Klan, as well as the “Stars and Bars” flag used by American slaveholders. It turns out that the “Stars n’ Bars” and the Klan cross are well-known symbols all over the world. The first association that they bring to mind is racism, followed by impressions of unwarranted terror, of oppression, and surely, of persecution of all people of colour struggling for a better life. It seemed like racists from around the world travelled to Kiev for a massive celebration. Everywhere you go on the streets, you see people with these symbols on their clothes. These people destroyed memorials and sacred places, beat people on the streets, burned books, and vandalised the KPU offices. During the Maidan events, they destroyed 25 statues of Lenin. Some of them required the use of heavy equipment, which these terrorists scrounged up somehow. There is multiple video evidence of their actions; it shows vandalism and disrespect of Ukrainian history.

We don’t need to tell you that symbols carry a message… and that people around the world understand their message. Sometimes, symbols urge people to begin a political or revolutionary movement. For instance, many streets and towns bear the names of great historic figures in liberation movements, like Dr Martin Luther King Jr. in recent times, most countries tried to eliminate any trace or reminder of injustice, any sign of racism, trying to bury it, as well as to ensure that we punish people who support this kind of ideology, as they oppress other people. However, it seems that the recent Ukrainian events derailed that movement.

Victoria Nuland, the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, boasted that Washington committed more than 5 billion USD (181 billion Roubles. 5.5 billion CAD. 5.5 billion AUD. 3.6 billion Euros. 2.99 billion UK Pounds) to these “democratic forces” in the Ukraine. Nuland, along with other American diplomats and German politicians publicly supported racist elements in the Ukraine. They aren’t ashamed of their public support and favourable attitude towards the neo-Nazis of Svoboda and the Right Sector. They’re ready to give financial help to them. One would think that publicly hanging Confederate flags and fascist symbols is proof enough and warning enough to stay away from factions so obviously anti-democratic and intolerant, yet, Western politicians claim that they know better.


Russian EU envoy Vladimir Chizhov told Russian journalists in Brussels after Thursday’s early EU summit devoted to the Ukrainian crisis that the EU uses double standards in interpreting the Ukrainian Constitution, saying, “It looks rather strange that the EU assumed the right to interpret the Ukrainian Constitution at its own discretion to declare that the forthcoming referendum in the Crimea contradicts it, making it illegitimate. I’d advise everybody to be very careful when speaking about referendums. After all, they’re direct expressions of the people’s will. In all other respects, it’s still unsettled. The referendum isn’t very far away, just ten days from now. We should look at the results first. If the EU were genuinely concerned over whether the current events correspond with the Ukrainian constitution, then, it would’ve easily seen that in both Ukrainian constitutions, whether it be the 2010 version or the earlier 2004 version, whether it stipulated a presidential republic or a mixed parliamentary-presidential republic, just as in the constitutions of most other states, there exists a certain procedure for removing the head of state from power. That is, there are three options… the president can die, he can resign, or the legislature can impeach him. As far as it involves Yanukovich, none of the above applies. The only way that one can claim that the current authorities in Kiev are legitimate is if one turns a blind eye to the facts”.

7 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service





Editor’s Note:

I hate to spoil the party, but I see a facet of the aid bill that the US government is ramming through the US Congress. You see, Republicans want to ease environmental restrictions on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage and transit, if not abolish them completely. They’re claiming that if the EPA eases or eliminates such restrictions, then, the USA would be able to supply all the Ukraine’s natural gas needs. That’s a crock… such moves wouldn’t be in time to save the junta… but the Republicans are cynically using this situation to advance this ploy (an old congressional trick, isn’t it? The US Congress isn’t the world standard for corruption and chicanery for nothing). It’s getting no play in the lamestream media, either Fox or CNN. I’ll betcha that Sir Rush won’t say a word about this either! He loves his Koch Brothers millions too much, doesn’t he? Pass this around… it’s the most important takeaway from the vote.

By the way, the aid package and the one proposed by the EU are shams. From the top, over 75 percent of the money must go to pay off the Ukraine’s foreign debt. That is, Western banks get their pound of flesh… the Ukrainian junta gets no real cash infusion… but they’re stuck with the bill and the interest. That’s low, kids… its crapitalist Three Card Monte at its finest… no one EVER wins at that game… except for the dealer. Reflect on that.


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