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Saturday, 5 November 2011

5 November 2011. If This Be a “Million Dollar” Piece of Art… What DOES it Say About Western Society?

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The above is an “art work”. I shit you not. The experts all say so…


Read this. THIS is “art”… all the “right people” say so! All the experts, curators, and critics go ape-shit over such stuff. I observe that an average four-year-old could run up something better… but that makes me a “Philistine“, doesn’t it? THIS is what contemporary society values… it speaks volumes, does it not? I speak as someone who’s fond of Korovin, Schnittke, Pärt, and Larionov… I’m no unwashed hick from the backwoods. However, this is many things, but it isn’t a “work of art”. Those who think such should go back to class and look at some Van Gogh, Goncharova, Cezanne, or Levitan… now, THAT’S art!


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