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Thursday, 18 October 2018

18 October 2018. Our People and Our Planet Before Their Profits



Saturday, 26 March 2016

26 March 2016. If You’re a LEFT Person… ALL Lives Matter… ALL Injustice Matters… ALL Cry Equally to Heaven for Redress

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All of us have heard of “Black Lives Matter”. All leftists should shy away from this “liberal” and “progressive” chimera. It’s really another (very subtle) way of dividing the oppressed. Remember, the “liberals” and “progressives” are NOT our friends. In their eyes, we’re “objects”… we’re not smart enough to think things through on our own… we need these “superior” affluent people to do such for us! The “conservatives” are bad enough… but they’re honest in their desire to rule over and profit from others. Never forget… the “liberal”… the “progressive”… the “conservative”… they’re all forms of Liberal (in its modern recension, Neoliberalism). That’s why the Left and Conservatives often find common ground… they see reality for what it is, without Liberal blinkers. Note well that there are no Conservatives on the American political scene… all so-called “conservatives” are neoliberals (that is, both Rich Lowry and Rod Dreher are Liberals, of the most noxious and filthy sort). We have no analogue of Viktor Orbán or Marine le Pen. Keep this always in mind… the Liberal is the enemy of Justice… the Liberal is the enemy of the Truth… the Liberal champions the unbridled freedom of the rich to oppress the rest of us. The “conservative” lauds the rich… the “liberal” sucks up to the rich… the “progressive” accepts the rich and their wealth (so, implicitly, their right to oppress). Only the Leftist and the Conservative are willing to fight the Affluent Effluent. Chilly Hilly and Donald Trump are both Liberals, of the most extreme sort… Thomas Friedman and Sean Hannity are also Liberals (interestingly, both are soulless shills for Liberalism… fancy that).

Take note… only one politician in this election cycle signs himself “In Solidarity”… that’s why the CPUSA recommends that Left people vote for Bernie. No… he’s not a Classical Leftist… but he does bring Socialism to the High Table. In a Popular Front sense, he’s the best of the lot… Left people should unite behind him. Now isn’t the time to parse minutiae or split hairs… we can defeat Liberalism, both “liberal” and “conservative”. #Feel the Bern and get out there and vote!


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Good Sense on Bernie from the Commies

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Overall, there’ve been two distinct trends of response by the political left to [Bernie Sanders]… cautious embrace and open hostility. The dividing line seems to put all the usual suspects on their respective sides, with Communists using the campaign as another opportunity for anti-monopoly coalition-building with soft-socialist groups like the DSA (Sanders’s most closely associated “socialist” organization) tagging along, while ultra-left microparties stand on the sidelines denouncing the CPUSA for its revisionism and liberalism in staining its hands with the filth of bourgeois politics. All of this was very predictable.

2 December 2015

Communist Party of Texas


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