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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

24 October 2017. Porn Sites are Full of Malware and Viruses… Cybercriminals Know that Most Men Think With Their Balls, Not Their Brains


Last night, I came home to a computer with all sorts of dire messages posted on it. A geekly friend had warned me about such, and about how to get rid of them without paying off cybercriminals. Firstly, they have all sorts of warnings about calling a phone number, where a Microsoft-approved wallah would take of your problem (you get someone from Bangalore telling you that they’ll solve your problem for a “nominal fee of 100 bucks”). Of course, it’s a scam. I ran my defence software… it warned me to get off the page ASAP. This happened because my Nicky was cruising porn sites. Criminals like to attach malware, viruses, and Trojans to porn because they know that most men think with their balls, not their brains (as for me, I simply find porn boring and don’t access it… like most other women out there).

So, if your man gets you into this pickle, “control-alt-delete” and bring up the task manager. “End Process” on the browser. It normally ends your problem. You won’t be able to get him to stop cruising porn. That’s a given. What men find so pleasing about it is a mystery to me. However, be aware that most computer malware comes attached to porn. Have a good anti-virus/anti-malware software setup; it’ll normally foil most of the plug-uglies. Don’t be fooled by the messages. Criminals are liars… of course, they’re “approved by Microsoft” (in a pig’s arse). Keep vigilant… not only are there rum sorts about, your man won’t stop accessing porn. It’s a hazard of modern life…



Monday, 31 December 2012

Hollywood Russian Orthodox Parish’s Altar Artefacts Stolen

Transfiguration Cathedral. Los Angeles CA


Members of a Russian Orthodox parish in Hollywood pray that the suspect that stole dozens of religious artefacts from their church altar, including the communion chalice, will return the sacred items before they celebrate traditional Christmas services on 7 January. Detectives with the LAPD’s Hollywood station are asking for the public’s help in providing any information that will lead to the arrest of the suspect who burglarised the church at 5432 Fernwood Avenue on 22 December. A police statement said, “An unknown individual entered Holy Transfiguration Russian Orthodox Church, gained access to the altar room, and stole numerous religious artefacts”. Police said that the perps stole 37 items, including ornate crosses and chalices for communion.

A member of the church, who gave her name only as Lebedeff, said, “The community’s very upset. We’re praying for the man who did it. We’re praying for this man, that he’ll feel guilt and bring them back”. This Russian Orthodox parish follows the Julian calendar, which means that it celebrates Christmas on 7 January. Holy Transfiguration has been in LA for more than 70 years, Ms Lebedeff said, noting, “We really never had any kind of theft. It was a complete shock to us, to know that someone had come onto an altar, where no one should be walking. It’s intimidating. It’s like someone coming into your home”. Lebedeff said the congregation came to church 23 December and noticed that the altar appeared desecrated, stating, “This person has no conscience. We’re just hoping he realises that, for his soul’s sake, he’s hurt so many people”. Detectives with the LAPD’s Hollywood station are requesting that anyone with information related to this incident contact them at (213) 972 2931. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call Crimestoppers at (1-800) 222 8477.

Susan Abram

Los Angeles Daily News

30 December 2012


Editor’s Note:

Ms Abrams obviously had no clue that she was talking to a member of the rector’s clan, who’s Alexander Lebedeff. As no age for the interlocutor was given, we don’t know if it was Lebedeff’s wife or a younger family member. Nonetheless, Lebedeff saw to it that the reporter got a “reliable” story… that is, he saw to it that the reporter only heard what he wanted her to hear. It’s just another normal day in the life of a First Family apparatchik…


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