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Friday, 21 June 2013

Storheim Sex-Abuse Trial Adjourned to September



The trial of an Orthodox archbishop charged with sexually assaulting two 11-year-old brothers during the summer of 1985 was adjourned to September. Defence counsel for Seraphim Storheim requested additional time to prepare a defence after Justice Christopher Mainella ruled earlier this week that the testimony of the two brothers could be used in weighing each other’s allegations. Defence counsel Jeff Gindin told court that he’s considering bringing in an expert witness in the fall, and possibly other witnesses. It’s possible Storheim could also take the stand.

20 June 2013

Aldo Santin

Brandon Sun


Editor’s Note:

This sets up the worst-of-all-possible worlds for the OCA. Now, the entire summer will be full of festering speculation… and charges, counter-charges, and avoidable controversy. It’s clear that Gindin didn’t expect the judge’s ruling. He doesn’t sound like the most-competent barrister out there, to speak frankly. He didn’t plan for the judge ruling against him. You see, if he were a competent barrister, he’d know that the best course for his client and for the OCA would be to end this clattering soap opera as soon as possible. No matter what happens, Storheim’s cred is in the shitter, and it’s there irretrievably. Storheim can never again serve as a bishop… that’s that. The only thing that Gindin can do for Storheim is to keep his arse out of the slam.

No matter what, the OCA’s cred is in tatters (worse than before). This adjournment is inane. I’ll say this… it isn’t Lyonyo’s doing. Lyonyo wants this over. He’s a nasty mofo, but he’s not utterly stupid like JP nor is he placidly empty-headed like Mollard. The OCA will still have to bite the shit sandwich… postponement won’t help matters. Shall we have to drain the cup to the last bitter dregs? I hope not…


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Decision in Storheim Trial Goes Badly for Syosset

01 Canadian gavel


A Manitoba judge ruled Tuesday that two brothers who say that an Orthodox priest sexually abused them would have their testimony considered jointly. The decision by Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Christopher Mainella at the trial of Seraphim Storheim isn’t what the defence had hoped to hear. It means that the court could use each brother’s testimony about separate alleged sexual encounters with Storheim in considering the other’s allegations. Mainella said, “The probative value of the evidence … outweighs its potential prejudice”.

The two complainants were preteens in the summer of 1985 when they were sent, on separate occasions, to live and work as altar boys with Storheim in Winnipeg. A publication ban mandates that the brothers, now in their 30s, must remain anonymous. The men have already told the trial Storheim walked around naked and asked them to touch him sexually. One brother’s memory was vague and sometimes contradictory. He testified he suffers from mental illness and is on several medications. The other brother’s testimony was much clearer. He told the trial that Storheim would sometimes lie on the floor and touch himself. He also testified Storheim once combed through his pelvic area, searching for pubic hairs, as he sat naked on a bed.

Normally, testimony about separate alleged incidents remains separate, so as not to prejudice a judge or jury. However, the judge granted a similar-fact evidence application from the Crown to have each brother’s testimony used in the other’s case. Mainella ruled that the court needs the move because the complaints stem from the same time and bear similar characteristics about Storheim’s alleged actions. The judge alone is trying the case. Earlier, defence lawyer Jeff Gindin hinted that he’d consider moving that the court dismiss one of the charges… the one involving the brother with the vague memory. Tuesday’s ruling makes that unlikely.

The next step is to set dates for the defence to present its case. Outside court, Gindin said it is “quite likely” that he’d call witnesses, but he wouldn’t say whether Storheim would testify. Storheim, now in his 60s, worked as an OCA priest in Alberta, North Carolina, London ON, and other areas. He became the church’s top cleric in Canada in 2007. The OCA has 700 churches and other facilities across North America and is separate from other Orthodox religions such as the Greek Orthodox Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

18 June 2013

Steve Lambert

The Canadian Press

As quoted in Brandon Sun


Corroborating articles are here and here

Editor’s Note:

One of the Cabinet observed:

The Crown Court made a ruling. It’s getting bad for Storheim; I’ll bet they’re burning files in Syosset.

Quite. This will shred not only the OCA’s cred, but also that of Jillions and Lyonyo. Will Lyonyo throw Jillions under the bus? After all, he has more stones than Mollard does. However, even if Lyonyo deep-sixes Jillions, his failure to contain the fire still stains him. After all, he had the duty to see to it that Mollard did SOMETHING… and Lyonyo sat stunned in the headlights whilst Mollard drooled away merrily (as per usual). Lyonyo has too many enemies… Jillions has too few friends. Someone will pay for this mess… and Lyonyo will do his best to see that it isn’t him.

Perspirin’ minds wanna know… what’ll happen to Pihach? Is he suddenly going to receive a hankering to remain in the Rodina? Will he get the itch to get a canonical release to become a clergyman of the Mother Church? Interesting, no?

Oh… one last thing… there’s NOTHING on oca.org on this matter. What did you expect from Lil’ Mizz Ginny anyway? She’s a PR flack, not a true journalist. That’s clear even to the feebleminded…


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Storheim Pleads Not Guilty in Winnipeg Court

01 the judge


Let’s keep this one short n’ sweet. Click here for all the gory detail on Seraphim Storheim’s first day in court. Note well that the GOAA made a similar case go away tout suite by making the plug-ugly cop a plea. This is another sign of the malaise at the centre of the OCA… both Fathausen and Mollard couldn’t make Storheim cop in order to spare the Church a long, ugly, expensive, and unedifying spectacle. This is one case where Mollard’s passivity and timidity is going to cause grievous wounds to the OCA structure. At present, the OCA needs time to heal after shitcanning El Gordo. This will ensure that won’t happen. However, Sobor participants assure me that this is actually the least-harmful outcome. That’s something to ponder… Mollard’s no prize, but he’s no Dahulich or Peterson either… what times we live in, no?



Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Money Makes the World Go Around… Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada Shitcans Squiddley-Diddley Priest for Exploiting Polish Illegal Immigrants… Good on Them


An Alberta company owned by an Orthodox priest received a $215,000 (6.86 million Roubles. 220,000 USD. 170,000 Euros. 140,000 UK Pounds) fine for bringing in foreign welders and machinists from Europe and exploiting them for profit. On Tuesday, Kihew Energy Services Ltd pleaded guilty to breaching the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in what police are calling a human trafficking case. Kihew shall pay the fine to northern Alberta’s Lakeland College, which the court said was unknowingly utilised by Kihew in the commission of the offence. The guilty plea came in exchange for withdrawing individual charges against the owners of Kihew, including Fr John Lipinski, 43, of St Paul AB, his wife, Angela, 42, and Calvin Steinhauer, 38, of Goodfish Lake AB.

The investigation found that Kihew placed ads in a Polish newspaper and on a website to recruit European welders and machinists to come to work in Canada. Kihew arranged a deal with a college employee, who has since been fired, to pass the workers off as students training in welding and English as a second language. The first group of 60 foreign workers arrived in December 2005. A few of them attended some ESL classes but none attended the welding classes they were required to under their student visas.

The court found that Kihew contracted out the foreign workers to several businesses at a high hourly rate of pay, but the workers themselves made very little. Kihew made about one million dollars through the scheme. RCMP Sergeant Patrick Webb said that, at the time, Kihew promised the workers that they could legally work in Canada and, after six months, bring their families here. He said that they signed work contracts stating that Kihew could fine them $25,000 (800,000 Roubles. 25,600 USD. 20,000 Euros. 16,000 UK Pounds) and deport them if they didn’t follow the rules, saying, “They were also told, very explicitly, not to discuss their wages or the arrangements of how they came to be in Canada. They didn’t speak and read English, so they were going on what they had been told. It was simply a case of being exploited”. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada relieved Lipinski of his duties at parishes in St Paul and Bonnyville in Alberta.

9 October 2012

The Canadian Press

As quoted in the Brandon Sun



Today, an Alberta company owned by a Ukrainian Orthodox priest admitted it brought in dozens of Polish workers to Alberta under false pretences and skimmed their pay. Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada priest John Lipinski helped bring in foreign workers illegally. Fr John Lipinski of St Paul AB, along with his wife Angela and business partner Calvin Steinhauer, faced charges for bringing foreign welders and machinists into the province illegally on student visas. Under a deal revealed in an Edmonton court room Tuesday, the Crown dropped all charges against the three and the company owned by Lipinski and his partner pleaded guilty to one count under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The court fined their company, Kihew Energy Services, $215,000. That money will go to foreign worker training at Lakeland College in northeast Alberta, the school Lipinski used fraudulently to bring in the workers beginning back in December 2005.

Investigators said that the tradesmen ended up working for Lipinski’s company, which managed to pocket more than a million dollars (32 million Roubles. 1.023 million USD. 800,000 Euros. 640,000 UK Pounds) in less than two years by skimming their pay. The company contracted out the workers for $24 (770 Roubles. 24.50 USD. 19 Euros. 15.40 UK Pounds) per hour, but only paid them between $10 and $12 (320-385 Roubles. 10.25-12.25 USD. 8-9.50 Euros. 6.40-7.70 UK Pounds) per hour, said an agreed statement of facts. The company also charged the workers for rent and transportation, allowing it to profit $20 (640 Roubles. 20.50 USD. 16 Euros. 12.80 UK Pounds) per hour from each worker. Only some workers ever attended ESL classes at the college, however, none attended welding classes as indicated on the visas. Most of the welders went home to Poland, but some are still in Alberta hoping to become residents.

RCMP Staff Sergeant Jim Gamlin said although this is the first conviction under this act in Alberta, the case is not unique, noting, “Unfortunately, with the status of our labour force here and temporary foreign workers being used here in Alberta, we’re seeing this more and more in Alberta”. The UOCC suspended Lipinski as priest in the Bonnyville AB area until the court resolved the case. His involvement shocked the community, leaving many feeling betrayed.

9 October 2012

CBC News


Click on the above link and the webpage has a PDF of the actual court charges

Editor’s Note:

This case has been in the system for a year or so. However, the UOCC didn’t fart around. It suspended Lipinski last year, and a Ukie friend of mine up in Canada says that he’s going to get le sabot for shitting on the Church’s rep and cred. That’s what the OCA should’ve done with Ray Velencia. To think that the OCA Holy Synod under Fathausen sat supinely as a priest in good standing got sued by a disgraced suspended priest (who had the brass balls to call himself “Fr” in court documents that I have in my possession). Ray had the OBLIGATION under the canons to go through Church channels first with his complaint against Fr Mike. As he didn’t, he showed disrespect to the Church and its bishops, so, he deserves to be defrocked and shitcanned tout suite for pissing on the Church’s rules. Who’s protecting Sir Ray and why? Why won’t the OCA bishops stand up for Mike Regan and slap Ray down hard, as they should? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


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