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Sunday, 27 November 2016

27 November 2016. Rod Dreher Attacks Our Holy Patriarch… Shouldn’t He Find a Church More to His Liking?

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Rod Dreher is up to his usual antics again. This time, he used his soapbox at Buchanan’s Far Right rag to attack our holy Patriarch. It’s no secret that Kirill Gundyaev is LEFT of centre. Everyone knows this. Rightwing filth like Potapov and Dreher are actually swimming against the tide; they’re not in the mind of the Church at all. Our Patriarch wrote a nice letter of condolences to the Castro family and to the Cuban people. It’s quite in his style to do so… Dreher KNOWS that HH is leftist in orientation. For instance, look at the image below:




This was HH laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Aleksandrovsky Sad, on 22 June. HH ORDERS the Church to serve Pannikhida for the fallen of the Red Army and for the many civilian victims of the VOV. I’ll bet you that Dreher’s parish is rebellious, and refuses to do so. HH has blessed clerics to offer Pannikhida at the Kremlin Wall, before the niche of G K Zhukov, as Georgi Konstantinovich was a believer. HH blessed and approved clerics to offer Pannikhida for the Soviet war dead of the Spanish Civil War. All this is publicised on patriarchia.ru. It’s no secret and the Church isn’t ashamed of it, either. Other Local Churches do likewise… here is a laying to rest of the remains of two Soviet pilots in Czechia… the Local Church there sent a priest to serve Pannikhida, as is proper.


00 russia czecha funeral red army 05 300816


In fact, HH does likewise… here he is in Cuba, laying a wreath at a memorial to the Cuban soldiers who died defending Angola from South African and American aggression.


00 kirill. cuba. havana. 140216


In short, Rod Dreher is out of step with the Church (but not with elements in the ROCOR who’ve long sold-out to Langley and received its dirty money). If Mr Dreher doesn’t like our holy patriarch, he should leave and go elsewhere… perhaps, to any one of the many Evangelical conventicles in his state. He’s more in tune with them than he is with us. After all, he voted for Trump the Chump, who’s LESS of a Christian than Comrade Fidel was… Comrade Fidel didn’t dump wives right and left… nor did he run whorehouses, sweat-shops, and plantations, like so many of those in Little Havana in Miami. They’re natural Republicans… they oppressed their employees and used the state to kill those who opposed them. They’re far from being “innocents”… their hands are drenched in the blood of their compatriots.


00 zyuganov and patr kirill guryanov 041015

HH with Comrade Zyuganov at the Danilov Monastery in Moscow… they’re friends and not ashamed of it either!


We have a HOLY patriarch. GOD BLESS AND KEEP HIM. 

Go to hell, Rod… you’re not of us… you never have been and never will, until you drop your arrogance and drop your rightwing fancies. I don’t see that happening. I’d love to see it happen, but I don’t think that it will. God can work miracles… we mere humans can’t…



Saturday, 26 November 2016

OFFICIAL Condolences of Patriarch Kirill on the death of Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz

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To the Chairman of the Council of State and Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, General Raúl Castro Ruz

Your Excellency!

I learned of the death of your older brother, Fidel Castro Ruz, with deep sorrow. I express to you, to the families and relatives of the deceased, as well as all the people of Cuba, my sincere condolences. Comandante Fidel was one of the most famous and prominent public figures of our time, he won international prestige, and he was a legend even during his own lifetime. As the embodiment of the Cuban people, he expended all his strength to attain his country’s genuine independence to ensure that it took its rightful place in the global family of nations. The Russian Orthodox Church will always say Fidel Castro’s name with respect and gratitude. With his personal involvement, we erected a parish church in Havana dedicated to the Wonderworking Icon of the Mother of God “of Kazan” , and Fidel, in his own words, made himself the “building inspector”. I have fond memories of my meetings with Comandante Fidel. The scale and acuteness of his mind always amazed me, as did his ability to speak with knowledge on a variety of topics. Our last conversation took place on 13 February of this year at his home, the day after my meeting with Pope Francisco. In my heart, I’ll always enshrine a good memory of this courageous and charismatic person, a man who was a sincere friend of the Russian Orthodox Church. In these mournful days, may the Lord bestow upon you and the whole family of Comandante Fidel Castro solace and composure to carry on.

With deepest sympathy,

Castro and Metropolitan Kirill Gundyaev+ Kirill

Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias

26 November 2016


MP official website



Will Potapov allow this to appear on the ROCOR main website? Or, shall he be a rebellious rightwing pig, as always? We’ll just have to see…


Vladimir Putin: “His Memory Will Forever Remain Within the Hearts of Russian Citizens”



I express to you and to all the Cuban people our deepest condolences over the death of the revolutionary leader, your brother Fidel Castro. The name of this outstanding statesman is a symbol of an entire era in the modern history of the world. He and his colleagues built a free and independent Cuba; it became an influential member of the international community, serving as an inspiring example for many countries and peoples. This strong and wise man always looked to the future with confidence. He personified the high ideals of a politician, citizen, and patriot, sincerely believing in the righteousness of what he did, and to which he devoted his entire life. His memory will forever remain within the hearts of Russian citizens. I wish Castro’s family bravery and firmness in the face of this grievous loss.

V V Putin

President of the Russian Federation

26 November 2016

Sputnik International


Moscow and Havana to Remain Strategic Partners Despite Death of Fidel Castro



Russia and Cuba were strategic partners historically, they were such during Fidel Castro’s rule, and we’ll maintain this after his death. Castro’s death marked the end of an epoch. President Raúl Castro continued his brother’s policies, including those involving the relationship with Moscow.

Vadim Tyulpanov

Chairman of the RF Federation Council Committee on the House Rules and Parliamentary Performance Management

26 November 2016

Sputnik International


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