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Thursday, 10 May 2012

10 May 2012. You Can’t Make Shit Like This Up… Michele Bachmann’s Swiss Citizenship: The Best Jokes

In case you forgot, here’s her political stance…


The former presidential candidate, Tea Party favourite, and socialism-hater is officially a European… triggering a celebration in Irony Land. US Representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN), the former presidential candidate and conservative darling, is officially a Swiss citizen. Bachmann’s husband Marcus has long been eligible for dual citizenship due to his parents’ Swiss origins, and he went through with it in March, automatically making his wife and three of their young children dual citizens as well. Bachmann is even eligible to run for office in the Swiss Canton (Province) of Thurgau. The improbable development was sure to strike the funny bones of bloggers everywhere, given that Bachmann suggested that President Obama holds “anti-American views” and often rails against government-run, European-style healthcare systems. Here are some of the best jokes:

Just Nuts

Ilya Gerner at Indecision Forever wrote, “Congratulations, Switzerland! Elaborate clocks are no longer the only kind of cuckoos your scenic confederacy will be known for.

A Blow to Freedom Lovers

Noah Kristula-Green at The Daily Beast wrote, “Don’t tell Bachmann, but all Swiss citizens are required to purchase basic health insurance under the country’s tyrannical healthcare system. Worse still, the system has transparent costs, its consumer driven, and it provides near-universal coverage”.

Ulterior Motives

Gerner wrote, “This is part of a transparent ploy to qualify Bachmann for the position of IRS Commissioner in a Mitt Romney administration. What better way to learn the ropes of promoting tax avoidance than to visit Romney’s money?

Good Riddance

Cassie Murdoch at Jezebel wrote, “With her fancy new dual citizenship, she’s now eligible to run for office in Switzerland. Let’s hope she goes for it ASAP”.

History Lesson

Noreen Malone at New York wrote, “I can’t wait to hear the factually-challenged congresswoman’s version of Swiss history, in which, we assume, the founding battle of Thurgau was fought by the Von Trapp Family, aided by General Swiss Miss”.

9 May 2012

This Week

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Saturday, 27 August 2011

27 August 2011. Tea Party’s Lustre Fades… GOP Wants to Shift Burden of Taxation to the Middle Class and Poor to Spare the Five Percenters…

Here’s the GOP’s wet dream… they want the VAT model without rebates. That is, the lower your income, the higher the proportion of your income that you pay in taxes! This is Satan’s own economic policy, and we must state it as such and fight all those who attempt to bring such demonic shit into the Church…


Read this:


Note this:

Still, the results are dramatic. On average, such a levy would raise the share of taxes paid for all but the highest-income households, who would pay far less than they do today. A consumption tax without any rebate to protect low-income people (the red bar in the graph) would be extremely regressive. In other words, the more you make, the lower your tax burden, and the less you make, the higher… a mirror image of today’s moderately progressive tax system.

THIS is why all progressive forces should come together to defeat the rightwingers. All major religious leaders (such as Patriarch Kirill and Pope Benedict) condemn the specifics contained in the GOP programme as evil. We Orthodox have to fight such rightwing sludge as Paffhausen, Dreher, Webster, Potapov, and Mattingly. They’re attempting to bring this demonic imposture into our midst, and we can’t allow that to happen! I’d join forces with an honest atheist before I’d defend a dishonest Christian, and that’s that. I’d stand by a pro-choice person who’s for justice before I’d stand with a “pro-lifer” who wants to stamp their boot-heel maniacally into the faces of the poor. We CAN do something about it…

Read this:


Note this:

But if Graham’s [US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)] job depends on winning over the Tea Party entirely, he didn’t act like it. He told the Charleston group that he still wants to work to pass comprehensive immigration reform and defiantly declared that he’s “for clean air and clean water”… a position that hardly seems radical among mainstream voters, but triggers alarm among conservatives who want to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency and dispute the science behind climate change. Graham also told The Daily Beast that Tea Party activists must do more than simply oppose ideas to if they want their movement to last. Graham said, “The question for the Tea Party is, ‘What’s your vision?’ I buy into their vision of limiting the size and scope of government. I’ve been doing that for years. The problem that parties have, Tea Party, Republican Party, Democratic Party, is you can disconnect yourself from the people. The Tea Party has got to convince people that you can find common ground”.

The Tea Party WON’T find any common ground with anyone. Their only goal is to act as a stalking horse for the Five Percenters… and we must work hard to defeat them next year. Their ideology is evil and their programme is nasty… all decent people must fight it, or the lights WILL go out for our generation, at the least.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 27 August 2011

Albany NY

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