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Sunday, 14 October 2012

14 October 2012. Sergei Yolkin’s World. Formula for a Holiday

Formula for a Holiday

Sergei Yolkin



The British newspaper Daily Mail reported that a scientist from the University of Sussex discoverd a formula for the ideal holiday. In his view, the meaning of holidays is to give the human body an energy boost and to help people return home refreshed and invigorated. For those residents of Moscow who can’t get out of town, we’ve prepared a list of the ten most exciting events of the summer in the parks.

2 August 2012

Sergei Yolkin




Friday, 13 January 2012

Children of the Euro Crisis


The problems engendered by the current financial crisis forces Greek parents to abandon their own children. Many compare the current situation in Greece the devastation of the Civil War that tore apart the country after World War II

A teacher at an Athens nursery found a note from a four-year-old girl’s mother in the girl’s jacket… “Today, I didn’t come to pick up Anna, because I can’t afford to raise her. Please, take care of her. I’m sorry”. The local media made this story well-known. Not only local Greek media outlets cover such dramatic events, even British outlets cover them. According to the Daily Mail, the situation that’s arisen in the social sphere is “the most tragic consequence of the Euro zone crisis”. Staff of charities reported several somewhat similar incidents, where parents literally “surrendered” their own young children. According to the BBC, one of these organisations in Athens, SOS Children’s Villages, reported “hundreds of cases” in the last year when parents tried to abandon their children “for economic reasons”.

The last time the Greeks faced a similar situation was in the second half of the 1940s, in the post-war chaos and Civil War. The Daily Mail reported on another serious problem in Greece sparked off by the crisis, exacerbated by the economic steps taken by the government, a shortage of essential drugs. In other “problem” states, the situation is only marginally better. The new prime minister of Italy, Mario Monti, told German Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel that the government of his country has already done what it can in terms of budgetary reductions, and now have to rely on “specific assistance” from EU institutions. He pointed up that if such aid weren’t forthcoming there’d be a real threat of “a powerful anti-European turn” in the minds of the masses. Sr Monti said, “Europe isn’t only a fiscal construct. It’s very important to start putting forth constructive political energy”. According to experts at the European Central Bank, for instance, Spain could have even more serious socio-economic problems.

However, Bundeskanzlerin Merkel made it clear that she’s opposed to an “Upload” in the budgets of Greece and Italy from German taxpayers. Yelena Ponomarevna, an expert in comparative politics at the RF MID MGIMO spoke to VOR, saying, “It makes little sense in this situation to invoke a sense of collective responsibility and, moreover, to attempt to use criteria based on humanistic values. These values ​​are absent in today’s market. Therefore, socio-economic development is treated in like fashion. If there’s an increase in the market, if dislocation or humanitarian disasters occur, it doesn’t matter. Therefore, EU enlargement and the advent of a single currency zone didn’t eliminate social and economic problems and imbalances. It’s even more difficult to do so at the peak of a crisis. So, perhaps, that’s what happened to the Greeks, and to all the other people suffering from the crisis… the worst is yet to come”.

13 January 2012

Pyotr Iskenderov

Voice of Russia World Service


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sergei Yolkin’s World: Cussin’ Kills the Pain

Cussin’ Kills the Pain

Sergei Yolkin



Profanity may work as a painkiller, according to British scientists, The Daily Mail reported. Dr Richard Stephens, the lead researcher, said, “Swearing provokes an emotional fight-or-flight response in the face of stress. It generates pain-killing endorphins and releases them into the bloodstream. This study shows that if people want to benefit from swearing they should save it up for when it really matters… when they are in genuine pain. While I wouldn’t advocate the prescription of swearing as part of a medicalised pain management strategy, our research suggests that we should be tolerant of people who swear while experiencing acute pain. I occasionally receive letters from members of the public recounting episodes in which they, as adults, were chastised for swearing during a painful episode. They feel that my research findings vindicate their actions”. Dr Stephens went on to say, “People have used profanity over the centuries, it’s an almost universal phenomenon in linguistics. Profanities affect the centres of emotions in the brain, which are located in the right hemisphere, whereas the literal meaning of language is processed by the left hemisphere in humans. Our research shows why profanity in expression appeared and why it proved turned out to have such power”.

20 April 2011



Editor’s Note:

EUREKA! There’s a scientific explanation for shouting “shit” when you stub your toe… it makes you feel better! My Nicky claims that I can peel the paint off the walls when I’m frustrated… he says that my tombstone will have two things on it (besides my name and dates, of course):

  • SHIT!

This is legit science… why didn’t you and I think up such a racket? This guy gets PAID for writing that people get a sense of satisfaction from the use of the “dirty seven” when times are tough… I thought that EVERYBODY knew that one (at the risk of a BAD pun, “a real no-brainer”). Well… that’s academe for ya…


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