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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

9 May 2012. Whispers From Dallas… Is JP Shitcanning Justin Frederick for Opposing His Fair-haired Boy Maymon?


The loggia’s full of “this and that”… the grapevine’s busy, kids. I’ve heard that Nikon Liolin removed Justin Frederick as Dean of Dallas supposedly because of the letter Frederick wrote opposing Bishop Mark Maymon as ruling bishop of the OCA Diocese of the South. If this is so, it’s proof that JP’s gone around the bend. Up to now, he hasn’t monkeyed with konvertsy, as they’re his base. Now, JP’s proving himself an equal-opportunity nutter… he’s going after everybody that he considers an “enemy”. Will this be the “last straw?” I’ll speak frankly… I believe that some of the First Family apparatchiki are ready to “pull a Bennigsen” (Graf Leonty Bennigsen strangled Tsar Pavel Petrovich as part of a noble’s plot against the throne)… but here’s the problem… the OCA’s cred is shredded beyond repair. Note well that there’s a “Holy Synod meeting” going on at present… AND IT’S TAKING FOUR DAYS. At the Centre, a Holy Synod meeting takes one day, and the zhurnali (decrees) go out that very evening. In short, some are trying to prop up the decomposing corpse known as the OCA… and it’s not succeeding.

That’s what I’ve heard so far… if I receive more buzz, you’ll get it. This is NOT official, but it’s what’s “out there”…


This Just In Department:

A friend of mine told me:

Interesting… if JP supports Maymon, the convert crowd’s going to be very upset. Frederick’s been replaced on an interim basis by a Basil Zebrun.

Nothing need be added to that…


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

25 January 2012. Jensen’s On His Way to Texas…


A friend of mine told me the following:

Gregory Jensen is going to St Seraphim Cathedral in Dallas… they’re circling the wagons.

Of course, we all know how forthcoming Ginny Nieuwsma is, so, I’m posting this, which’ll provoke a post on her part. I’ve figured out her MO… she’s a spoilt lazy brat who does nothing unless she’s forced to (one wonders if she ate her peas as a kid). Perspirin’ minds wanna know… is Jensen going to live in the gay neighbourhood around the Cathedral or is he going to live elsewhere?


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