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Sunday, 16 September 2012

16 September 2012. Perhaps, A Reason Why the Konvertsy are so Acridly Anti-Gay in Their Public Remarks

Doesn’t this sum up the konvertsy attitude succinctly?


I heard this buzz from a Cabinet member:

All roads lead to Dallas or St Nicholas in DC for gays in the OCA.

I don’t know how true it is, but I know from experience that some of the most vocal anti-gays were unmasked as closeted gays. Also, note well that Fathausen kept up a guru-disciple relationship with Gleb Podmoshensky even after GP got le sabot from the ROCOR Holy Synod for nasty doings. So did Gerasim Eliel and Damascene Christiansen. Fathusen’s tried desperately to hide the fact that he went to Russia under GP’s auspices… he did NOT go there under the aegis of the MP, nor he was a regular member of the brotherhood in Valaam. Once one considers this, I’d say that if one hears someone scream loudly about homosexuality, the greater the chance that the screamer either is a closeted gay or has closeted gays in their entourage and/or background. Therefore, the chance that the allegations circulating about certain hierarchs and senior clergy may be true is very high. After all, Seraphim Storhiem does have a court date in Winnipeg, and he did refuse a plea (which the Crown only offers if they’ve got substantial evidence).

Lately, the konvertsy have been running about, telling all and sundry “how to be Orthodox”. Trust me, what they’re passing off as “the teaching of the Church” isn’t such, and that’s all that there’s to be said on the matter. After all, do secular courts ALWAYS impose the max on criminals? No… they don’t. Ergo, if the Church shows forbearance and leniency towards individual sinners, that’s only Christian and decent, in my book. I look to the immemorial practise of the Church, not the literalistic reading of the Canons by neophytes. After all, as Fr Alexander Lebedeff put it so well, “They don’t know an ecclesiastical court from a tennis court”. It’s time to muzzle these wayward and unruly toddlers… but shall we?

The Scripture tells us that what’s hidden will be shouted from the rooftops… I think that time is coming, and coming soon. I’m not looking forward to it… it won’t be pleasant and people will be hurt. However, if we’re to heal, unite, and move forward, do it we must. Take my hand… it’s rather dark at this juncture, isn’t it?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 16 September 2012

Albany NY


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22 May 2012. Gerasim Eliel’s A SCHOLAR… SVS Sez So… Get a Load of the Konvertsy Twaddle Concerning Dmitri Royster


Read this. Aren’t we SO lucky! To think that Gerasim Eliel is SO brilliant. He flunked out or dropped out of GTU in Berkeley (so did Fathausen… birds of a feather, ya know). However, SVS was able to coax out his “inner scholar”… yes, siree… no doubt, aided by the knowledge that their time upon the earth would be short if they graded Fathausen’s pal objectively. What else do you expect from the likes of Vanya Behr, Paul Meyendorff, Seraphim Sigrist, John Erickson, and Peter Bouteneff? Nevertheless, “triple honours?” From a dropout at a recognised legit school to a sterling scholar at SVS? Please, do spare me. Lil’ Mizz Ginny didn’t disappoint either… her gushing “coverage” proved, once again, that Suslov didn’t die in vain, and that tendentious ideologues still walk the earth. In short, this is NO surprise, but the very vacuity of this is only going to accelerate the OCA’s death spiral.

If that wasn’t all… look at this. Sickening, isn’t it? Let’s just say that Royster’s an equivocal figure at best, and an immoral one at worst. It depends on whom you believe… his murky past in one of the woollier Ukrainian outfits didn’t give him a good start… then, well, he didn’t get the white hat in the ‘70s because of “stories that wouldn’t die”. He did build his cathedral in the gay neighbourhood in Dallas… that’s a fact. Take it from there…

God help us all.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Albany NY  

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

16 May 2012. Konvertsy Faction Raising Unauthorised Cultus Around the Person of the Late Archbishop Dmitri

No, Dmitri was NOT a saint… and all the caterwauling by all the konvertsy can’t make it so…


Got this from another Kitchen Cabinet member:

Ground was broken at St Seraphim Cathedral in Dallas TX to build the mausoleum to be the final resting place for the corpus {“corpus” was in the original, I’d NEVER be that vacuous and fatuous: editor} of Archbishop Dmitri. Metropolitan Jonah, Subdeacon Jeff Wynn, Milos Konjevich, diocesan treasurer, and Subdeacon Vladimir Gregorenko have met with the architect Nick Unich and his associate to design the new chapel. According to Michael Smith, task force member and parish council member, “We couldn’t be more excited. This is a positive uplifting experience for the entire Diocese of the South to have Vladyka back with us”.

With the pouring of the foundation scheduled for week of 14 May, Archbishop Dmitri could arrive back at the cathedral as early as 1 July. The chapel construction should start shortly thereafter and take nine to 12 months. Approximately 40 percent of the funds needed to complete construction of the chapel are now available. A new website at AbpDmitri.org (under construction) will follow the progress of construction.


The OCA’s out of bloody gelt (so much so that JP’s reaching into local DC funds to pay his rent), yet, there’s money being spent on this. It does make one wonder if Dickie Wood got the drop because his crook starosta was skimming funds for JP… it’s not inconceivable, given the murky history of Bobby with the Moscow OCA representation (and JP’s Bobby’s Boy… make no mistake on it). Furthermore, sources tell me that konvertsy nutters are painting Royster’s icon… just as some SVS oddbods have painted Schmemann’s icon (like the crew at New Skete… AARGH). All in all, Dmitri was a equivocal figure at best… but it does give one a handle on the mentality of the konvertsy… scary, ain’t it? Well, there’ll probably be another tempest in a teacup amongst the unrepresentative nutjob lot at Monomakhos… remember this… anyone who posts under a “username” AUTOMATICALLY forfeits credibility… ponder that. You wonder what they’re scared of…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Albany NY

This Just In Department:

Apparently, Gregory Burke and a fellow named Gantt are listed as clergy on the OCA Diocese of the South website, but not on the main OCA website. A Kitchen Cabinet member opined:

What’s going on? Is Burke a cleric in good standing or not? Is Gantt an OCA cleric or not? As you say, Fathausen’s more secretive (actually downright sneakier!) than Herman ever was…

Quite. That’s why rumour walks abroad… if the Metropolitan and his claque are secretive, what does that do? Would Metropolitan Leonty Turkevich have acted in such a way? Answer me that one…


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

9 May 2012. Whispers From Dallas… Is JP Shitcanning Justin Frederick for Opposing His Fair-haired Boy Maymon?


The loggia’s full of “this and that”… the grapevine’s busy, kids. I’ve heard that Nikon Liolin removed Justin Frederick as Dean of Dallas supposedly because of the letter Frederick wrote opposing Bishop Mark Maymon as ruling bishop of the OCA Diocese of the South. If this is so, it’s proof that JP’s gone around the bend. Up to now, he hasn’t monkeyed with konvertsy, as they’re his base. Now, JP’s proving himself an equal-opportunity nutter… he’s going after everybody that he considers an “enemy”. Will this be the “last straw?” I’ll speak frankly… I believe that some of the First Family apparatchiki are ready to “pull a Bennigsen” (Graf Leonty Bennigsen strangled Tsar Pavel Petrovich as part of a noble’s plot against the throne)… but here’s the problem… the OCA’s cred is shredded beyond repair. Note well that there’s a “Holy Synod meeting” going on at present… AND IT’S TAKING FOUR DAYS. At the Centre, a Holy Synod meeting takes one day, and the zhurnali (decrees) go out that very evening. In short, some are trying to prop up the decomposing corpse known as the OCA… and it’s not succeeding.

That’s what I’ve heard so far… if I receive more buzz, you’ll get it. This is NOT official, but it’s what’s “out there”…


This Just In Department:

A friend of mine told me:

Interesting… if JP supports Maymon, the convert crowd’s going to be very upset. Frederick’s been replaced on an interim basis by a Basil Zebrun.

Nothing need be added to that…


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